Trading anonymously is hard, but not impossible. (See the Options!)

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The blockchain industry is just as characteristically known for cryptocurrencies as it is for exchanges. Major exchanges like Coinbase and Bithumb are well-known in their respective countries; arguably, leading exchanges are better known than some leading blockchain projects even, and justifiably so.

Exchanges are an essential part of the Crypto market and they provide a great facility to this market: access. Exchanges unlock access to cryptocurrencies and tokens. Without this service, the only way to acquire coins would be to mine them and the only means to acquire ICO tokens would be to partake in the ICO. Certainly, such acquisition means are not possible for many.

Mining is very expensive and has a high entry barrier so most people cannot participate in it; ICOs do not last forever and it is impossible to participate in every ICO. Thus, in a nutshell, exchanges provide a convenient and reliable means to access the world of Crypto.

However, there's one caveat.

Contrary to popular belief, exchanges are not the only way to access Crypto. There are networks that allow us to have p2p trades without even making a single account. A part of the Crypto community is cautious when it keeps to disclosing privacy and for this portion of the market, there are solutions that involve trade without accounts, without KYCs. While Shapeshift was the pioneer of this form of trade, it has folded and is now exerting great effort to get its users to make accounts.

New services have arrived to compete against Shapeshift and to fill the gap created by the change in Shapeshift's true mission.

Changing Model

Shapeshift had been founded to provide easy, anonymous trading opportunities. It had intended to provide access to a vast menu of tokens and it was well laid on this path. Somewhere along the way, though, it had become apparent that becoming a more traditional trade provider would be more profitable. This set the path for the shift in Shapeshift's service provision.

However, Shapeshift's users aren't to be dismayed as the Crypto market does not remain static. New competitors to Shapeshift's previous services have arrived.


The closest continuation of Shapeshift's services are carried by Ethershift.

Ethershift is a service that allows easy and convenient conversion of tokens/Ethereum to and from other tokens. It allows users to do so without ever making an account. Users simply transfer tokens to a target address and the system finds a buyer. The best available price is conveyed at the time of the trade.

As Ethershift doesn't have any set trading pairs, there's no limit of which tokens can be traded between themselves. Ethershift intends to actively list every as many tokens as possible, the options will constantly increase. This ensures that people can access liquidity with ease without giving away their private information. And as the service makes the user experience as simple as possible, there's no sacrifice of convenience for the sake of security.

An interesting aspect of Ethershift is that the it aims to become a primarily community-owned platform. It's currently undergoing an ICO and is issuing ESH tokens. These tokens will deliver a portion of the earnings to the tokenholders. Thus, not only can users access a secure means to trade, but they can also share in the success of the service.


Some services intend to specialize, and Airswap specializes in the ability to provide an incredible UI when doing p2p, anonymous trades.

Unlike Ethershift, Airswap has a goal of making the p2p trade experience familiar to the average user. While the menu is very limited, the trade is easy to manage and broken into simple, welcoming steps. Airswap is not like a traditional exchange as it allows wallet-wallet transactions. Thus, like Ethershift, it allows users to trade with each other without handing over private information.

Airswap successfully continues a portion of Shapeshift's mission. Rather, it greatly excels at part of it: easy, anonynous trading. This has made the platform limit the menu of tokens that it covers. Nonetheless, it is an easy platform for anyone seeking to do p2p trades of the most popular tokens.


Changelly is a platform that used to be a provider of anonymous services, but not anymore.

Now, Changelly is an exchange aggregator that used to provide a service similar to Shapeshift but quickly folded to account requirements. While Changelly has dedicated to considerable UI and UX improvements, it is no longer an anonymous trade servicer. It is now just an exchange aggregator that requires an account set-up to access other exchanges.

Hopefully Ethershift and Airswap continue to provide their service and do not fold like Shapeshift and Changelly. There's a portion of the Crypto community that desires to trade anonymously and this portion of the community should always have access to a service that provides them with the anonymity they seek.

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How about blocktrades?

I used Changelly before! Nowdays they require KYC before I can trade. I will try the other three exchanges as an alternative to changelly!

Thank you for the information

  ·  2년 전

You're welcome :)


Ethershift is also very anti corruption and took great intiative in returning stolen tokens to clearpoll a few months back.

  ·  2년 전

That's quite interesting!
Thank you for pointing that out.

There is no space for spamming on this type of transection I hope. Those are great initiative with out any doubt.

Bt is it the safe way to trade? because in p2p trade both people should be trusted. otherwise it may cause loss of money.

  ·  2년 전

The smart contract handles the trade. You are not trusting anyone; both parties are given the funds at the same time.

You forgot about Etherdelta/Forkdelta and Bisq

  ·  2년 전

I didn't.
The founder is having legal issues as I type this so I'm unsure of those exchanges' future. So, I skipped those.


Etherdelta/Forkdelta is an unstoppable smart contract, as such the legal status of its creator is irrelevant to its continuity.

Bisq founders are not in any legal troubles that I know of and IMHO is a great way to trade anonymously.

Please be wary that although Shapeshift and Changelly are anonymous services they can engage in browser tracking and chain analysis so they are not privacy friendly.

If we are not trading anonymously then ?

  ·  2년 전

Low fees. Privacy. Access to liquidity for uncommon tokens.

Great write up. That is what i always tell my friend that although the steem price sutuation may makes it hard and fustrating to still continue blogging on steemit but it does not mean it is impossible. Likewise trading also, it may be hard just as you have said but it is not impossible. I still even believe there will still be a turn around in the situation price of various cryptocurrency majorly bitcoin


When do you believe the turn around will happen?? I'm finger crossed.

Why do you need that? What are the benefits?

  ·  2년 전

Low fees. Privacy. Access to liquidity for uncommon tokens.


I agree with the first. But the other two... Privacy is illusion and if you had traded crypto on these exchanges you should know that liquidity is also a big myth.

Are there any feeless exchanges?

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  ·  2년 전

What do you want to trade?


I mean what exchanges are feeless for which crypto?

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Good post. I recommended Challenger, good option.

  ·  2년 전

Some other commenters mentioned that you should be careful with that service.

Here are much complains in bitcointalk for Ghangelly. They locked 100BCH and waiting for verification. This is against their TOS. I never will used them, generally.

  ·  2년 전

Thank you.
That's another point against them.

The problem with these anonymous services is that they have bigger margins, sometimes 10%, most of them >5%.

Thank you for pointing that out...

I think even blocktrades should be on this list because I have traded there before without creating account or KYC.

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bt there are no want her trader loss her trade
see more reading


Really fentastic site

Very interesting information. As a newbie I'm always looking to learn more. Thanks.

Nice post @hatu keep this effort going.

Perhaps, after some of this/these, fewer people will have to go on Hunger Strikes.

thank for shearing this information bro........

Thanks for the info!

Thanks for this updates... We hope to see more significant changes in the crptocurrency.


Hey @oppongk was an accident on your comment sorry having trouble removing it

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Have a nice Weekend ...

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Thank you for awesome information

Nice post

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Despite their relatively more lax KYC requirements, they are still in essence a centralized exchange. Personally I feel like a better solution already exist for those that really wants to stay anonymous.

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Myself? Hypothetically i'd do it like this...

  1. Start with p2p markets if i want to convert my fiat money into BTC/ETH. It helps to be in a local crypto supporter's community. I am in a few here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia so it's just a matter of DMing someone "Hey you looking to sell?" (trust bothways is required of course, that is why i make sure it's one of my bros) and then it's just a matter of passing cash money to him during a coffee session or something like that.

  2. Once i have the BTC, it's a matter of trading under the radar with non-KYC exchanges.

  3. ETH is better since I can use Kyber or Bancor.

Of course, that is IF i want to trade anonymously.. I do have a few KYC exchanges for easy trades.. But for anonymity and privacy? Nothing beats p2p cash.

As you said, Trading anonymously is hard, but not impossible.

Good opportunity, good idea. Thanks for this post.

you are great friend congratulations

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I am new bee here... I just started following your blog and I got some knowledge about cryptocurrency by you. Thank you so much for that... Well, tell us something about to get more Steem powers? @hatu

I think crypto trading is impossible becouse of down trend.

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We are building a new p2p exchange for Steem blockchain at! Please check it out and let us know how we can improve.

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nice post.

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thank for shearing this information its seem little easier ...

interesting topic. but currently crypto trading is more profitable than crypto mining

Wow good content

Un excelente articulo amigo Hatu..!!

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Excelente tema

changelly is slow and customer service is terrible read them at bitcointalk. i had my first 2 transaction and both of them gave me headaches! never again just my experience

Wow, good job!👍

Interesting... Thanks for the information