Watch This Scam Unfold

3년 전


There’s no better way to warn about scammers than to show you a real example of how one particular scam went down.

Things to take note of:

  • This happened on Telegram, a place that should be viewed as an ocean full of scammers attempting to imitate influential people in an effort to get paid for promises of what will ultimately be nonexistent reviews and exposure.
  • I will not reveal the identity of the individual who ended up sending Bitcoin to the scammer.
  • You better believe I’m going to show the telegram account name of the individual imitating me for their benefit.

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Security is a huge concern anytime there is money at stake. Sorry to hear your good reputation was tarnished by impersonators. Thanks for taking the time to showcase the recent scam, using your name. The more we educate users the more secure we make our digital world. Keep up the good fight.


Education is the key; people have to stop looking for shortcuts and get rich 'quick' - that's where scammers live

Thanks for the warnings. Have to always be on guard.

  ·  3년 전

Thanks for useful info!...:)...

Great heads up! @heiditravels
Thank you.

Telegram is definitely full of them scammers.
Be careful out there

I have been dealing on the internet more or less fulltime since 2004 and it has always been full of scammers... The best strategy to avoid being scammed, is to always keep your crypto in a wallet you trust on a device your trust (I say this and right now I have EOS on Binance, which is only until I find a good wallet) and if you want to trade with other people, only trade with people that have a public reputation, like being on Steemit with their full identity, then if they scam you, then you can make it public and punish them this way.

Other then that, avoid all kinds of shady deals.


hahaha i saw you posted and tried to propose her 😂😂


Yes I did. :)

Wow, didn't know this could happen.

Scammers are everywhere now and everyone of us have to make sure of things before taking any step. But it is very sad :(

screw scammers!

scammers always seek to be ahead in the ways of getting money illegally and unfortunately there are always naive people who manage to fall into their trap.
He has to be very careful and not believe everything in what the new communication platforms say.
Greetings from Venezuela

This post is a polite Request.. Nice.

the twitter scams are getting out of hand

Totally agree with your views on Telegram - an ocean of scammers to the core! Just use it in hope and expectation that we can get some free tokens after running bots and join communities (that we never participate in) and that's it. In and out!

Sorry to hear that this experience has happened to you and hopefully, it hasn't caused too much harm. Keep safe both on and offline.

What a shame that there are people who rely on scamming as a way of making money. Smh. We all have to remain aware!

Crypto is filled with chancers and scammers from the little guy on telegram pretending to be an Admin, to the Big outlandish schemes like bitconnect and P3D. There are plenty of corners being cut in crypto and companies are in it for short term gains, just look at how Hash Flare nailed its subscribers this week and ive personally been hacked on one of my exchange accounts and the exchange did bugger all even though it was an issue with their 2FA tech that allowed the hacker access to my account!

All we can do is warn people and make sure they are well educated and know the risks before they dive into anything crypto related

Wherever money is to be made, scammers will be there too; Education is always our Friend when it comes to these matters

good expample - hope my channel comes into this position some time - seems you are relevant. I might dub this vid in German. Good luck and steem on!

Bye the way - will you attend @steemfest 3? (it is not close to the beach :D)

Hey @heiditravels I often see you on instagram