The Crypto Market Bull May Be Back, Beware the Scammers!

10개월 전


When the Crypto Good Times Come Back, So Will the Scams.

Bitcoin and the whole crypto market added almost $20 Billion to the Market Cap within 24 hours. Like many of you, I have been waiting patiently for a reversal of the market. It seems the Bulls have finally made a move. Is the bear market over? I sure hope so but I will never disregard the bear.

One of the most common things I have heard during the bear market was this, “We don’t want to launch our project until the Bull market returns”. I have personally spoken to over 20 crypto projects over the last year and believe me a wave is coming that even I can’t fathom.

This does not mean that every project is a scam. Take care with your Bitcoin and do not hand it over unless you have done your due diligence.

Real Garbage is Out There.

There are some types of so-called investments that warrant even more attention. Do you remember the scene from, “The Wolf of Wall St”? I sure do and this is exactly how it goes down. In the movie, they talked about “pink sheets” crypto is similar to them. You probably don’t know the team behind many of the projects. You click on an ad, listen to a sponsored Youtube video then get drawn in by a well-constructed website.

The Pitch Scene from “The Wolf of Wall St”.

Don’t Be Fooled By These New Terms.

STO- Security Token Offering
IEO- Initial Exchange Offering

If We Thought the ICO Market Was Huge, The Next Phase Will Dwarf It.

“Initial coin offerings (ICOs) were all the rage in 2017, raising a massive US$5.6 billion, but this year saw the emergence of the security token offerings (STOs), a market that’s predicted to be worth some US$10 trillion by 2020.”

Guard Your Bitcoin.

It is time to educate yourself about the crypto market, security offernings and how to protect yourself from the bad players out there. The next crypto bubble will blow our minds. This time around, I vow to not get caught up in the excitement and stay focused on my goals. Just because your buddy says he found the next best STO, does not mean you need to buy some tokens.

It is not easy to build a Bitcoin stack so why give it away easily? Do your own research on each project that interests you but dig deep into each one. There is Bitcoin to be made but just like the ICO market, the STO market will also be full of stinkers.

Get Ready, Good Times, are Just Around the Corner for the Crypto Market.

I am thrilled that I am able to be part of this world-changing technology. Crypto and blockchain are going to change the world as we know it. As an entrepreneur this makes me smile from ear to ear. Just like the ICO market, the good projects will find their way to the top.

See the Original Article, "The Crypto Market Bull May Be Back, Beware the Scammers!"

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In the future cryptos will be remembered as one of the most revolutionary human ideas.

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The image is perfect and made me chuckle. Having a little crypto is a great hedge, but I still caution people to not get in over their heads. Consider it gambling money, and only invest what you can afford to lose. Make sure the amount you commit doesn't keep you awake at night either.


I don't sleep much. 95% crypto is insane but I love the action.

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Speaking of sleep, I keep tossing and turning lately. I'm not sure why, but it isn't stress, I exercise, don't eat late, etc. A lot of people have been that way from what I've heard too. Anticipation? Something on the horizon? I'm not sure. I just have a bad feeling about the economic situation and what is about to happen.


What is going keep me awake at night is that I probably was too slow and conservative.


Yes, I was watching BCH when it was around 130, and I knew for a fact it was a good time to buy. I just didn't have the extra liquid cash at the time, and my hard fast rule is no crypto buying on credit. Now it is at 260 a week later!

You are too interesting man, everything you said there are correct, I have also picked good informations from your blog post. Everyone must be wise with their decisions concerning crypto currencies.Thank you.

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@hilarski, Wave is reflecting but definitely no matter individuals or projects vigilant move is needed whenever particular Economy covered with full of Speculations.

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this allows us to always be aware of fraudulent activities on crypto

now a lot of crypto markets are wrongly used, sometimes many feel disadvantaged

I hope all things can be prevented fraud in every crypto market

Indeed be wary...very very wary. We have all heard this familiar scammers before. Thanks @hilarski

But, but what do we do with our non top ten (bit)coins?! XD :)
Good points.. always do your research!

Indeed, the bull also bring it's lice with them. And this lice are the scammer...

More shitcoins will appear and more people will ask which coin will produce x100 return. ;)

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It's so easy to see who are the shills and which are the shit coins.
I almost don't feel bad for the people getting scammed.

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Worry is useless.
Just celebrate the initial bulls!

It's so true and some of the scammers never left. It is embarrassing.

I just really hope the bull market returns very soon. I am tired of the bear market

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Crypto market bull may be back, it also may be gone.. Maybe this bull market is only for a while, so I would strongly suggest to find a cheap project when this happens! Try out this TurtleCoin, this is very cheap, fast and secured! Also many beginners are getting the hang of using this project so I suggest that other may try it out.

Loved your post @hilarski Also loved that Movie, Go Bulls! upped and resteemed!🐂🐂🐂❤
I am feeling Bullish these days!

Love the bears and enjoy the winters, spring and summer will be more bountiful then ever.

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