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The project that I want to convey to you today is called BAMBU. The name of the project was chosen not by accident, because bamboo is the identification of natural forces that are very natural, where there is endurance and growth rates, as well as resistance to external indicators and other factors. Therefore, the name BAMBU is entirely consistent with the subject of the project that will be discussed now


Bamboo is a blockchain ecosystem created for the health industry sector where they will create a multifunctional platform that combines various technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and IoT to provide full control over health data and provide insurance recommendations to its users and also simultaneously provide incentives to users. With a multifunctional platform that combines various technologies, this will produce a platform that provides transparency and security. As we know that the health industry is very vulnerable to various scams, so they try to change everything by utilizing technology and becoming a game changer in the health industry.

Their platform will be based on blockchain technology, utilizing smart contracts on ethereum blockchain technology to make integrated processes easier and more efficient. With a platform that has various features such as food inspection, health monitor, etc. This will give users complete control over their health data. When this platform will be launched, they will focus on the Asean Market where there is still a lot of fraud in the health care industry which is certainly detrimental to many users. With the solutions offered by them are certainly very interesting to learn, I suggest you read their official whitepaper here: ''


ACEAH Health intends to ensure the structure of this action, thanks to the integrity of a quality lifestyle for all BAMBU participants to be formed, as well as a number of deficiencies in the current health care system will be eliminated. Naturally, to achieve the maximum effectiveness of your ideas, it is necessary to take concrete actions, the implementation of which will immediately produce positive results. Therefore, the BAMBU founders and the accompanying structure, ACEAH's health, highlight a number of issues that concern them.

the first thing they started was the general accessibility of health insurance to all its members;

The second action is aimed at implementing a reliable and transparent security structure, whose main purpose is to provide an unchanging database based on blockchain technology. The presence of such a structure will enable all insurance companies to make high-quality policies based on flexible data systems;

The third action, which will make it possible to fully form the BAMBU ecosystem, includes the unification of all service providers, namely health insurance, various medical specialists, as well as ordinary users of the community. All of this in the final perspective intends to bear fruit, as a result everyone will benefit;

The fourth action, which also had an impact on the reorganization of the BAMBOO system, was to eliminate the old and ineffective health insurance and health care structures in general. _


BAMBOO has a variety of visual advantages and all of them lie in the availability of services provided by the system. However, the main principle of the BAMBOO system is that its business model interacts directly with health care providers, as well as public databases with analysis of available data. In addition, the continuous interaction of the system with insured users makes it possible to eliminate the contradictory and wrong relationships, also to eliminate the increasing health insurance costs, as well as offering better and more beneficial food. Use, which directly affects the user's condition and quality. Thus preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and many others.

And for this system to work more effectively, a kind of biometric testing center will be created. Where every user of the BAMBU system will be able to receive timely medical examinations and to reveal all points on current health conditions. I feel very comfortable and very necessary today. Because the emergence of these service centers will reduce the level of risk of various diseases, identifying their origin at an early stage.


Undoubtedly, to provide quality assistance, ecosystems must be endowed with an internal sign - BBO, where all transactions and purchases of affordable services will take place. The token itself is developed based on the Ethereum blockchain and is representative of the standard ERC-20 token. In total, the supply of 1 billion BBO tokens will be issued. Half of what will be allocated for sale.

What is BBO Token?

BBO is the original token issued by them to be used on the Bamboo platform, where this token will act as a "currency" of the main currencies for various transaction processes found on their platform, for example, such as paying for services contained on their platform. This token will use Blockchain technology, an Ethereum smart contract (ERC-20) that meets various criteria needed for various transaction processes available on their platform. Holders also get various benefits when holding this token such as getting discounts when shopping at retail stores in the ecosystem, discounting payments for services or goods in the ecosystem and also getting dividends from the profits obtained by this platform. For more details about this token, you can visit their official website here:

The BBO token will be based on ERC-20 and there are some details you need to know, the total supply is 1,000,000,000 BBO and the price range is around $ 0.04 - $ 0.20 (Depending on the phase) with Softcap around $ 2,000,000 and A hardcap of $ 10,000,000 is very reasonable for starting initial development and various partnerships. You can see the distribution of tokens and the allocation of funds below.

To summarize, I would like to once again note the high level of preparation of this project, as well as a strong team, which is able to develop its plans and tasks fully. At the same time, support its application with strong and modern technology, with the help of high-quality breakthroughs to be made in the health care and insurance industries in particular. In addition, a large number of medical partners will work with BAMBOO, which in turn will meet the demands of its users in all areas of health care.

But to evaluate precisely the quality of all that was written above, there is no doubt to try all this directly. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you take a closer look at BAMBOO and study its structure in more detail. Indeed, in my review, I only touched the "tip of the iceberg" where there was still a ton of information. To find out what you can do now, for this you must proceed to the end of this article. Where, in principle, all official BAMBOO resources await you. Regarding this I might end up, I'm happy to be able to serve and be healthy!

For more detailed information about the project we are doing, contact the link below:


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