5 Cryptos About To Lambo?

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5 Cryptos That Are About To Run Up?

Hobo.Media Predictions Report*

5. Vechain

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Why does it look like this coin could make like a compass and send its hodlers north?

Today this coin is priced at just $0.004735, which is extremely low compared to its all time high of $9.55. Although this huge drop in price could indicate that it is not a stable currency to hold, the $9.55 range does allow us a reasonable gauge of where it could again go to in a more optimistic market. If the price ever returns to its ATH level, a small $50 investment could yield a $100,844 return. That's some cheddar right there! Who can't afford a $50 risk?

Vechain is not a coin I like, I don't agree with its consensus method and I believe it will ultimately result in being a government owned coin under the control of the Chinese government and eventually lead to a zombie apocalypse. So this is clearly not a fundamentals assessment, but the coin could make people a lot of money on a bull run.

If I had my way it would go to $0.000000000000000000, however, the market doesn't care about what I want. There are many people in crypto these days that are in it for the profit of speculative investments and not the core values of blockchain design. Such is life, free will and personal value systems...

I'm not buying any out of principles, but it might be a huge mistake. Then again, buying in could lead to a zombie apocalypse, no one really knows. So I'll stick to my principles for a non-flesh-eater future.



SALT is being watched carefully by the US government and is facing legal trouble, as this is occurring US residents are not currently allowed to trade this Ethereum-based token on exchanges. Wow, that all sounds pretty doom and gloom if you ask me. However, that's not stopping the team behind SALT, and they keep building up infrastructure despite an invasive review from the US government.

The price of SALT drastically took a dive, and right now its a much cheaper buy for non-US hodlers than it was earlier this year. Could it resolve its legal entanglements and bounce back? Ultimately, I see it as one of the more solid projects in the crypto space with a very rational real world use. The world runs on loans, and cryptocurrency-backed loans is the inevitable future, that or a zombie apocalypse.

The price for it right now is only $0.244421 and its all time high was $17.74 on December 29th of 2017. If we use its ATH price range as an indication of its future potential, a $50 investment today could turn into a cool $3,628. Now that's an ROI dream that can warm your heart during the cold of Crypto Winter...

Disclaimer: The author of this post actively buys cryptocurrencies and happens to be invested in this particular coin.

3. Ethereum


Watching the price of Ethereum in 2018 has been rough for hodlers of the smart contract pioneer as its valuation continued dropping to unfathomable lows dip after dip. However, on a more positive side, many reports have suggested that it has been showing indications of having bottomed out and that its about to rebound. Is it true?

Its difficult for any of us to truly know where the bottom is for any given coin, but it does seem Ethereum is giving some strong resistance against a lower price and it wants to shoot up. Recently, its been outperforming most of the other top coins, and with an exception for the BTC-only extremists, most everyone recognizes that Ethereum has true value. It is a battle tested, proven secure blockchain, and that's a major edge over the many coins that are merely speculative projects.

Significantly, on January 16th of this month Constantinople is suppose to launch. This is a very important change, as something people are calling the "thirdening" will occur, reducing drastically the inflation rate on the Ethereum blockchain. This could bring on a major rise in the price of ether as the sense of scarcity sets in. Additionally, this move will have an effect on GPU miners, narrowing even further the possibilities for obtaining ethers.

Disclaimer: The author of this post actively buys cryptocurrencies and happens to be invested in this particular coin.

2. Bitcoin Cash

bitcoin cashy.jpeg

Is there any cryptocurrency more controversial than Bitcoin Cash? The fork that didn't just fork BTC, but really changed all forking history. Although Ethereum was created as an objection to developers refusing to allow smart contracts on BTC, one can truly say it was BCH that changed the forking culture. At the time, BCH had broken a record for the most dynamic and eventful fork.

Despite the many Bitcoin forks, BCH was unique, standing alone as the sole fork that actually had a chance of being significant. In a way, you could say BCH forked the whole world, because it brought BTC and other blockchains to consider carefully how to prevent fork offs, even in some cases by refusing to hardfork all together.

But that would not be the end of BCH's unforgettable forks. In 2018 Bitcoin Cash stole the show for the crypto space with what may prove to be the most fascinating contentious fork in the history of blockchain. Dubbed the Hash Wars (often depicted in images all over the internet with a logo resembling the famous Star Wars lettering design), this fork intrigued every cryptocurrency-oriented social media darling in the space.

BTC what? At the time, BCH was all anyone could talk about as the handful of crypto-tycoons threatened to sell off their BTC supply to fund the war and redirect all their miners exclusively to BCH for the sake of total victory. Even Tone Vays, the BTC maximalist that openly declares every single other coin in crypto a scam jumped at a chance to cover the story and interview the notorious Craig Wright, a man not-so-affectionately nicknamed Faketoshi by many vocal members of the crypto community, including me!

So, why is Bitcoin Cash primed for a glorious bull run? Like the coin or not, the fundamentals are there. Very few coins are as well supported by as many experienced developers, entrepreneurs and investors as BCH. When you see under the hood of most projects you find that operations are less than impressive, this is not true with BCH. This contentious fork of Bitcoin is spoken about with more pent up rage by the BTC maximalist community than any other forked coin. Its for a very simple reason: its the only fork with the prowess to merit concern.

Although sharing the name Bitcoin and the UTXO set with the giant can provide immediate access to circulation and volume for your coin, it comes at the cost of contending with said giant in a rather direct way. Its a dangerous game to play, but if any coin can pull it off, BCH seems to be the one most poised to do it.

BCH has suffered from the second contentious fork and drastically dropped in price, but that doesn't mean it will stay down. At one time enjoying a $4,355.62 dollar price tag per coin, Bitcoin Cash achieved a much higher valuation than Ethereum's all time high of $1,432.88, yet today they can both be purchased for around the same low price that fluctuates around $140-$160. This becomes an even more significant detail to take note of when you recall that there are currently 104,290,181 ethers but only 17,557,925 coins for BCH in circulation.

1. Ethereum Classic

ETC 11.jpeg

Another contentious for-, wait a minute, Ethereum Classic is not actually a fork of Ethereum, its ETH that forked. We know about the DAO hack, but let's not go over all that again. The horse is dead, so we won't beat it.

Ethereum Classic is not that horse, it has widely been acclaimed as the dark horse of crypto and its very much alive. However, it has not gone without its struggles. Recently, ETCDEV a key part of its development has disbanded, DFG tried to take the blockchain over in a traditional corporate way, believing they could buy, deceive and manipulate others into giving them centralized control. The archaic mentality of hostile takeovers discovered failure in the modern world of decentralized systems as it contended with what just might be the most decentralization-oriented blockchain in the space.

The troubles did not end there, now ETC is also being changed by a 51% attack on its Proof of Work consensus protocol. A backlash of bad publicity spread through Twitter and other social medias as many people reported the death of ETC with inaccurate information.

Wow, considering everything just mentioned, it sounds like a terrible coin to fill your bags. If that's your line of thinking, hodl that thought, because that thinking just might prove to be wrong. ETC has good fundamentals, a solid roadmap for being the most effective blockchain for IoT projects, and with its SputnikVM and Emerald Wallet additions, its nothing to sneer at.

Another important aspect to keep in mind when assessing the value of the classic ether is what is going on with Ethereum. The move to Constantinople and eventually to POS entirely will likely cause miners to run, not walk, over to the other Ethereum that warmly welcomes them. This month, on January 16th, Ethereum's progress toward its ultimate goal will reject many GPU miners, and in so doing likely send them Ethereum Classic's way.

The little blockchain that could with an already rather impressive daily volume rate will very possibly see an incredible rise in activity. And while ETC's lack of security is the current talk of the town, that undoubtedly will go silent with the swarm of miners finding their new home with their old home.

Disclaimer: The author of this post actively buys cryptocurrencies and happens to be invested in this particular coin.

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*This content is for educational purposes only, not financial advice, do your research before buying anything.

Author: Blake Letras

If you like content from Blake Letras stay tuned for his upcoming book:

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