FOMO on Bitcoin... and altcoins?

2년 전


Trading is a lovely part time job!! seriously, it has excitement and the positive gain out of your expertise and knowledge is very enjoyable.

If you do wrong, which I hope you reduce the impact with proper money management and being self disciplined, you still can enjoy the experience and learning new things.

And the last, if you see unexpected events, you understand that your knowledge is scarce and limited and you should study more.

I bought some BTC at dips, around 4300 CAD and sold at 4780 CAD and I was happy! waiting for a correction to buy back in, when this happened:


Do I feel FOMO?

No way! I can't hide that I wish I hold it a bit more and now I could have 3000 CAD more profit! I could buy something nice now 😁 but this is philosophy of speculation and I have accepted it since I started trading.

I'm still waiting for a correction wave to buy back in. and also I have decided to have a closer eye on some altcoins: Stellar XLM, Ethereum ETH and XRP by Ripple.

Stellar and Ripple are financial platforms for banks, payment companies etc. but I have had always this concern: Ripple owns XRP but it is not using the tech itself for its customers! Maybe an adoption in on the way but till now, the blockchain has nothing with Ripple's core business.

Ethereum is still the most fundamentally right cryptocurrency to me. I hold some from the old days, and no need to say, I have bleeded over them!

the FOMO image is edited from its origin here

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hi @honarparvar

Didn't hear from you in a while buddy. Im glad to see that you're still around.

Do you think that right now anyone still feels anything? FUD and FOMO seem not to mean much in current market condition.



hey buddy, you are right 😁
np, we will grow up stronger after these times... we just need to hold on

Hey, really like your content. What do you think to QTUM as a smart contract platform? They've already taken the best parts of Ethereum and Bitcoin with a proof of stake protocol. They seem well positioned to go into the next bull run, especially with a partnership with Amazon Web Services in China.


i like any erc20 idea, but don't know about qtum specifically. thanks for your comment

volume of trading on STEEM seems to be up this past 24 hours, correct?


870k $ in last 24 hours... it's too little but i don't have the record. where do you check that?


I just remembering that over the last month it's been at about 200-300K per 24, per my recollection


what bothers me the most, is STEEM rank down to 52 from 27 😒


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DGB is also a best altcoin for hodling


regretfully it's out of my radar. maybe I can study about it more

Looking forward to the fomo equivalent of last year!


i dont think so 🤓

Trading without knowledge not possible you are right it's part time job Good thought but experience is very important for trading.

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thanks for comment 👍

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!! I've given you an upvote and left you this amazing automated comment!!


merry xmas!

thanks for sharing. Btw i saw this post from kucoin about their ONOT competition saying that they are distributing the rewards right now. If you joined then you might have some.

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You think BTC or ETH are advertised to replace future currency? But I see #Nexty seems to outperform XRP in terms of speed and transaction fees.
I think nexty will grow very strong. #blockchain #eth

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I agree with you trading is a lovely part time job and speaking of trading, I'm currently trading on AERGO and still hoping to be one of those top traders to win its prizes!

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BTC & ETH are good coin with good platforms but cannot be compared to #nexty which has
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