Is your cryptocurrecy safe ? Beware of this software

3년 전

Hello Steemians ,
Today I would like to share a recent vulnerability found in winrar .



What is WINRAR

It is software which everyone is using and trusted by everyone all over the globe. Therefore it becomes very important to discuss recent vulnerability found in winrar , millions of desktops all over the world may be vulnerable.
All of us know we shouldn't run any s/w/. exe file randomly which we don't trust.
We will discuss if your system is vulnerable how you can be safe, what preventive measures you can take.
Before that let's discuss

How your crypto can be stolen?

There can be several ways by which hackers can steal any crucial data or crypto from your pc.
a)hackers can install a keylogger on your system
A keylogger (keystroke logging) is a software that is surveilling your system once installed, has the capability to record every keystroke made on that system and saved in a log file.

How to Tell if a Keystroke Logger is Installed
Usually, an anti-virus or spyware program will detect and report any keystroke logging software on the system.
We should be aware of any unfamiliar program running in the background that could be checked by viewing TaskManager(Crt+shift+Esc) and search online if found.
Imagine a scenario keylogger is installed, it tracks your crypto wallet password, seed phrase.
Seed pharase:- A seed phrase, seed recovery phrase or backup seed phrase is a list of words which store all the information needed to recover a Bitcoin wallet which are used in case of any hardware /software problem occurred on the system.
b)by installing a malicious software which can replace information in your click board(temporary storage for copied content) for example if you copy receiver bitcoin address and it saves to the clipboard, s/w will replace that BTC address with hacker address then a ctrl+v will paste hacker address, not yours.
Now a question arises
How hackers can install malicious software in your pc?
There are many ways but most popular method is by sending a link in your email, in today's world there are still persons who are not aware that we shouldn't click random/unknown links, the amount of that persons are getting fewer day by day so hackers find out new way by including a malicious software in mostly used popular software which everyone trust like winrar. All of us in once in a while used winrar to decompress a rar/zip files and compress files, so this becomes a perfect target for hackers.
Vulrebality is now have patched but many pcs may still be vulnerable, these programs save to startup folder mean that next time when you start your pc, malicious s/w also running background and doing its job.



Now what is the solution

Well, there is no sure way that we can be safe completely but we can be protective by being aware.
a) install good antivirus
b) patch winrar right now, make sure you have 5.7v or higher
c)Never click random links which you don't trust.
Thanks for reading!

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