How to turn $1000 into $50,000



Simple. Here's what you'll need

1- $1000
2- A Bitmex account
3- A year or so
4- Balls

Take your $1000.
Transfer it to your Bitmex wallet.
Purchase $10,000 of BTC at $4000 or less using 10x leverage. You now own 2.5 BTC.
Your liquidation point is around $3600
Hope to God that BTC doesn't go below $3600.
BTC is likely to rise to 20-50k in the next 1-2 year.
Sell 2.5 BTC at $20k = 50k.
Even better... sell half at 20k and half at 40k= 75k

n.b. always sell below major price points. e.g. Don't sell at 20k, but at 19 for instance.

That was fucken easy. Time for the disclaimers. It's not quite that simple... I mean it could be, and if you had real balls theres a chance (I'd say about 50%) that it would work fine. I personally have less balls and more risk management. To take less risk (less risk=less potential profit) I would sell small amounts at $9600 with a buy order at 8k after the $9600 sell order is filled. Same at $19,000 with a buy order at $16,000. I would also have another $1000 left for backup in case BTC falls below $3500.That is very unlikely that it will in my belief, I think we have seen the lowest BTC price ever personally, and it will never reach below $3600... That being said, anything is possible.

Onward to victory motherfuckers

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In fact, there's quite a big probability that BTC will revisit the lower ranges, below 3500$. I made this comparison article last month, showing a possible continuation for Bitcoin, based on the 2014 movement.
Long story short, 3200$-ish, COULD be our lowest.

I'm out of money at the moment and can't make any further buys, but my strategy would be to set some margin limit orders at key levels, for certain altcoins. (This for swing trading!)
E.g NEO at 6.5$, 5.6$ etc. Leverage buying NEO at around 6$ and taking in consideration that it will 10x for sure from this point, will bring some good money.

Cheers and safe trading!


Mm will check out your article bro... Are there any exchanges that offer leverage trading for Neo? Definitely I have longs on a bunch of alts in place also, Daddy BTC is just the easiest to analyse.


I'm using Bitfinex for leverage trading top alts, like NEO, EOS, IOTA, XRP, DASH, XMR, OMG and so on.


What is the maximum leverage available? I thought it was only like x2?

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There's a real big emphasis on the "you need balls" part of that list. That's a huge gamble right now, though long term, the odds could be in your favor...

Just make sure you're comfortable with losing $1000


For sure there is, but the point is, long term the odds ARE in your favour. Look at it this way.
Let's say there is a 50% chance that BTC goes to 20k in the next couple of years without dropping low enough to liquidate our position. So we have a 1 in 2 chance of making 49k, and a 1 in 2 chance of losing 1k. If we could repeat this scenario over and over again, (which of course we can't,) you would see that in the long run our gains would far outweigh our losses, by 49 fold in fact. You don't see this risk reward ration very often in trading... It's a fucking no-brainer. Yes ofc you can and maybe should trade with less leverage, but my point remains the same- assuming there is a half-half chance BTC either dies or shoots up again, you are worth taking the risk of losing 1k to make 50k.

I mean fuck... people go to the casino and play with 1k in the hope of winning merely 1k more...

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