Separating crypto camps, is the worst way to run the cryptocurrency industry.

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..that just creates division, animosity, competition, and dilutes everyone! SYNERGY IS CRYPTO 3.0


It's been 6 days since my last post. I only post when I have something important to say.

...this is important...

There are 2,095+ cryptocurrencies out there


Now imagine...

WHAT IF there were 2,095+ operating systems, like Windows, Linux, Mac out there?

...that would be horrible!! How can a user choose? 2,095 operating systems could never work!

  • But we expect that to be plausible in cryptocurrency

Which means, the industry as you currently see it on coinmarketcap, is dead wrong.

Computer software, since it's creation, had to be able to be run on multiple operating systems and platforms. More than that, the files software created had to be transportable to any operating system and opened up and used.

Key point: What use would it be, to create a Word document, if you sent it to someone, and required them to have the exact same computer, operating system, and software version to open it?

Can you open Word documents on MAC? YES! on Linux? YES!

Somehow, in the rush to create cryptocurrency, we've forgotten that fundamental principle.

Synergy in cryptocurrency projects. Ease of transportability of tokens that hold value, is a key "must" if you want the cryptocurrency empire to succeed.

In simple terms, why is Microsoft Windows this massive empire we see today?

  • Because every hardware manufacturer wanted to be compatible with Microsoft systems

  • Because every software developer wanted to have a Windows version

...Microsoft capitalized on that aspect, and that is why it is the huge corporation it is today.

Now we look at cryptocurrency. Everyone has a better idea on how to re-invent the Satoshi Nakamoto wheel.

Very few have taken the time, to create a system that allows synergistic relationships to exist between competing blockchains. You are either "invited to their party" or you are "excluded from their party"

...a large, successful party, is one that is inclusive of everyone.

...a widely adopted operating system like Microsoft Windows, is inclusive of all hardware manufacturers and software publishers... who want to reach the widest user base.

So how is the cryptocurrency industry different that the fundamentals of how Microsoft won the operating system war?

  • Cryptocurrency developers haven't realized their mistake yet.
  • The war is still on
  • One day, people will stop fighting, and realize, a cooperation effort, and synergistic relationships must be built, in order for any of them to survive.

There are only 3 projects I know of... that do exactly that ...

  • Bitshares

  • Whaleshares

  • EOS

...and most of you haven't learned about any of them. You may have heard about them... but only a tiny few are an expert in what they offer, why they exist, and why they continue to survive.

So my message to those of you, who are promoting, developing, or building other cryptocurrency projects...

If you don't build synergistic "ease of flow" into, and out of... your platform, with competing tokens -- and you are exclusionary to competing technologies...

All you've done is precipitate today's problem with cryptocurrency and sign your own death warrant.

Cryptocurrency 3.0 is inclusionary - not exclusionary.

The sooner we realize this, and employ the model that created the Microsoft Empire is when the Cryptocurrency 3.0 industry will gain wide spread adoption. ...and until then...

We're dogs chasing our tails.


Your comments are appreciated.

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All that is missing is some cross-chain integration / middleware between some of the main chains. Whaleshares and BTS have it already but I'm not aware of any EOS integration with them to date.

This is starting to happen now though on other chains and projects. Have a look at what Bancor is doing for token exchange between ETH and EOS. In time I can see all the main chains kind of "meshed" together in some way.

great post @intelliguy, and very much true to point. there are orders of magnitude greater synergies to be unleashed by finding ways of bringing multiple ecosystems closer together, versus splitting them even further apart, each down their own separate windy paths.


The cryptocurrency populace is a shared resource. :) Let's not force people to choose all the time.

Imagine a retailer, that would only allow people to come in that had a certain type of debit or credit card, and ban others... it simply doesn't work.

Hell yeah! Awesome points here buddy, I have long since wondered why they are battling ove places instead of working together to build a form of agreeable cryptocurrency that works everywhere, for everyone. Many start ups have tried, but I imagine during this massive testing phase, people will be secretive with their work. It was a long time before microsoft adopted these techniques you mention, but that is in no way to say it is not something we should strive towards.

I would love to see this a reality one day.

As an analogy, people globally speak thousands of languages. Google Translate, getting better all the time, intermediates with about 100 of them. Similarly, Changelly and Shapeshift intermediate between roughly 100 cryptos out of the 2000+. I think the Lightning Network is going to wipe out -- or reduce to meaninglessness -- most of those 2000+ once it really gets going, but in the meantime . . . .