How To Copy Successful Stock Traders on 1broker io

2년 전

Myself and @vaderiffic teamed up for an informative video on how to find, rate and copy successful traders on 1BROKER.IO

With thousands of traders and several year track record, the trading platform uses bitcoin to trade Stocks, Commodities and Forex.

Options to trade with leverage, and options to copy the trades of successful trades, make this a unique and valuable trading platform.

Rather than limiting your bitcoin trading to a cryptocurrency exchange, you can strive to increase your bitcoin holdings by correctly trading world markets.

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Hi, Doug
Your website does not work - massive red alert by the browser pops up - Your connection is not private.

Just wanted to check what is your current strategy with altcoins? Are you expecting more downside or are you placing any positions? Would love to see a new video and your perspective on the markets, even though it is probably not yet a time to use your 1-2-3 strategy..