What Coin Should I Buy First?

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If you are a beginner there is one coin I can recommend that I don't think you will regret; Bitcoin. Don't get me wrong there are some wonderful projects to join like EOS, Cardano and Monero but Bitcoin is where you should start.

  • It's been around the longest.
  • It is stable and respected.
  • It controls the crypto market.
  • You can buy any other crypto with it.
  • There are thousands of vendors who accept it as payment.

Other people will point out their pet ICO and some of these projects are winners but I would not start with any of them. ICO's are much riskier, are more likely to be overvalued and some are scams! Until you understand crypto stay out of them. Buy a hardware wallet, a little Bitcoin and learn more about blockchain. Once you understand how Bitcoin works expand your horizons.

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I hold a strong position in Cardano. They have a great team!