A Sweet Bitcoin Poster I Made Featuring All The Words Of The Whitepaper...

3년 전

So I made this Bitcoin featuring all the words from the Whitepaper in the shape of the logo. I think it's turned out pretty cool!

The words are crystal clear in person, the picture from my phone isn't the best quality, but trust me, it looks pretty sweet in person!

I posted it to Reddit and have had loads of positive feedback and so I'm setting up an Etsy (and OpenBazaar) account to sell this one and others. I haven't started creating others yet, but the plan is to have Bitcoin Cash ready in the next couple of days!

The poster is printed on high-quality white, A3, single sided, exclusive 350gsm silk paper to give the look and feel of a truly quality piece of artwork. And I also sell a digital copy for those for whom postage is incredibly expensive :)

If you have any other suggestions let me know in the comments!

Here's a link to the Etsy store:


And once I've set up a presence on OpenBazaar I'll be posting that too! If you're interested in purchasing one and would rather pay in crypto let me know and we can arrange something, it may take me a few days to get onto OpenBazaar.

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Nicely done, cool idea! And welcome back! It has been awhile since you were posting here :-)


Thanks my friend :) Yeah I always struggle with finding the time and motivation to write! I've just moved and started a new job so unfortunately writing has been on the back-burner for a few months.

It's good to see you're still here posting regularly, and may I say, congratulations on your success!!!


Thanks buddy! I can imagine you need your brain energy for the new job, which city did you move to?

Good luck with the new job and hope you'll find some time to keep on posting at Steemit!

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