Magnus Capital Center, whats possible to earn?

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Magnus Capital Center is a "REAL" Forex Trading company, that does Forex Trading with the use of their state of the art Forex Trading Robot software based on Artificial Intelligence.

More info:

Now Magnus Capital Center has a total of 10 Licenses. Once purchased, you will receive your profits every saturday.

The licenses available:
$25 – Earns 120% – $30 – 6 months
$50 – Eearns 120% – $60 – 6 months
$125 – Earns 160% – $200 – 8 months
$250 – Earns 160% – $400 – 8 months
$500 – Earns 160% – $800 – 8 months
$1000 – Earns 200% – $2000 – 10 months
$2500 – Earns 200% – $5000 – 10 months
$5000 – Earns 200% – $10000 – 10 months
$10000 – Earns 240% – $24000 – 12 months
$25000 – Earns 240% – $60000 – 12 months

Once you own the $25000 license, the AI Forex Trading robot will be linked to your personal broker account.

Once you own a license, and want to upgrade to a higher license before your license has expired, you only pay the remaining ammount needed. That if you earned $250 with a $250 license, you can use that to upgrade to the $500 license straight away. As you already own the $250 license, you only pay the remaining ammount, and your new license starts fresh again.

So if you start with $250, in 20 months you can reach $2000 (800%), simply by upgrading your license 2 times with the earnings you made so far with Magnus Capital Center.

On top of that there is a binary tree. You can earn 10% direct referral commission, and 10% binary commission on your weaker side.

As of today, I have a team of 253 people, here is a screenshot of what that looks like:

See the latest company results here:

Now I am constantly building my magnus business, so once you join under me, know that I will be building 1 of your lines in time, and you only have to build your other line to generate those awesome binary commissions!

Find out more about Magnus Capital Center:

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thats my own post @cheetah ! Your system seems broken..........

Investasi yang sangat menguntukan, masa depan Anda akan jauh lebih terjamin bila Anda mau berinvestasi. Sayangnya saya tidak punya uang untuk investasi, jadi saya cukup menyimak saja.


bro @davidrian , any chance you can write this comment on English language :) ?


No, saya tidak bisa bahasa Inggris..


Well buddy, nobody here has any idea what you talk about! If you want us to read your comment, translate it in to english, and post it here!

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