MCC Weekly Earnings : 5.2%

4개월 전

Weekly earnings just popped in to our backoffices, a dominating 5.2%!

Thank you Magnus Capital Center!

Get paid every saturday too:


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Highest earnings so far!


Yup, im curious about next week!


A real Forex Trading company that is doing real trading with a AI Forex Trading Robot. Company is alive since October 2018, and paying 20% monthly without a glitch. All you have to do to start earning up to 5% weekly, 20% monthly, is signing up and purchasing a license. Minimum investment is $25, but I recommend to start with $250, and follow my 20 month plan.

Knowing that you would earn 20% monthly, it would take 5 months to earn $250. With that $250 you can upgrade to the $500 license (as you upgrade to the next license, you only have to pay the remaining ammount, as you already own a license you will only need to pay the remaining ammount for another license).

Now after another 5 months, 20% monthly, that $500 license earned you a $500. With that $500 you upgrade to the $1000 license. A $1000 license will earn you 200%. That means 10 months and you have $2000. Thats 800% profit.

Now you have to minus the membership, which would be 16 months = $160. That means $1840 pure profit without having a single referral.

I have a quite big team (over 200 people), I invite you to sign up and try it out, Magnus Capital Center is as real as it can get @cloudspyder !

Also know that I will be building 1 side, that means you only have to build your other side to get 10% referral + 10% binary commission for 1 sale.

Do you have to have referrals to get ROI? How exactly how do you earn money ?


No need to have referrals to earn. All you do, you purchase a license, and Magnus Capital Center will use that investment to generate weekly profits (up to 5% weekly / 20% monthly). If you ask how, they do real trading with their AI Forex Trading Robot software to create income for you.

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