Magnus Capital Center has reached 55 000 Members!

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Magnus Capital Center (MCC) has reached 55000 members! A huge congratulations to all Magnus marketers!

Magnus Capital Center has developed EAs « Expert Advisors » Software based on artificial Intelligence. These EAs consist of very complex algorithms that have the most advanced technological capabilities available on the market. In real time, it is possible to analyze market trends, identify the best opportunities and moments to make the purchase and sale to generate profits.

Our softwares are installed on the broker’s server and makes transactions every minute, every hour and every day. Forex Brokers substantially increase their turnover and revenues.

Start earning Passive Income with Magnus Capital Center too! Just purchase a license, and you will get paid every saturday up to 5% weekly, no experience needed!

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@steemcleaners I am a magnus capital center affiliate, you have no idea what you are talking about now...