Crypto market 1 year ago - 2017 September 25th

3년 전

Market cap : $137B ($209B now)
Bitcoin : $3951 ($6418 now - the best)
Ethereum : $292 ($213 now)
Steem : $1.11 ($0.92 now)

BTC Dominance: 47.7% -> 53.5% now (up from 32% in 2018 January!)
If last year this time BTC was at$3951 and went to $20k, it can do it this year too from current $6418 easily.

Screenshot of

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Hopefully good days coming soon.Thanks for sharing your daily report.


Patience is the key here, continuous improvements are in progress. The same applies :
"The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient." - Warren Buffett

Waiting when you will be posting green for 2018 ;)

It is crazy if you compare the actual development progress with the price development :) I strongly believe that big times are ahead! IMHO it's like a powder keg that's about to explode.

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Yes.. it can go fast up... we see soon what this winter makes for as :)

I waiting Bitcoin : $10000

this month is ghost month, let's see in upcoming months!

I really hope ETH picks up again, can't believe it has fallen so much in value.

Nice snapshot, interesting to see, thanks for the post!