Bitcoin Price Poll

3년 전

I am running a 7 day poll on bitcoin price by the end of September 2017, please vote on twitter if you have an account.

I will update the results daily for the next seven days.

Please use the comments section to tell us your choice and the reason behind it.

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Time to have polls on Steemit. We have a hot post here which is driving the traffic away to twitter ;)
BTW when is Zapplr coming out?


Agree....bring polls to steemit!


yes, I don't have a twitter account. Steemit should have its own

Hope everything goes well with segwit than its mooning

The real question is what will STEEM's price be in September ?

I think bitcoin stays on the moon..
Will steem rise in september?


we need to pray cuz ill really wish it to grow by then too


Will wanna know too...keep me posted ...wish steem will rise fast!

It can be huge up to $7000, then correction to $6200


I like that :D


Segwit Bitcoin will be worthless. Bitcoin Cash will be Bitcoin.

Check out how cheap and fast it is to send Bitcoin Cash!


50/50 chance :/

  ·  3년 전

I've had the BCH transactions take 2x as long as BTC transactions. Maybe this is because of less miners?


BCH is completely an unthoughtful fork created by these big mining units and selfish businessmen without considering any impact on original Bitcoin's image. Though let's see what it brings to the future.
BTC was and is the KING for now. The community is vast and BCH holders got the same community for free due to the fork and not because of its credibility. For me it doesn't matter because I have almost similar amount of BTC and BCH coins due to the fork. Until the intent is good let the better coin prosper.


Possibly right after the fork or during the latest difficulty reset, you might have had to wait to be included in a block, but the rest of the time its been as fast as any crypto.

Bitcoin will be $0

Bitcoin Cash will be $10,000


BCH is a miners coin. They stop mining reducing the difficulty and then start mining it again. God bless you if you believe that. I am not a biased person because which ever performs the best with good intent I would divert my investment accordingly. I have my free BCH received from BTC. But what you stated is baseless.
Just an advice, don't convert your BTC into BCH without doing any research. Good luck to you my friend...


Good Luck to you if you're not buying the REAL Bitcoin.


If the intent is good the community will start following the better one. Everyone has free coins already as bonus. Only time will decide who's gonna replace whom. I don't know on what basis you are stating that but the community is smart enough and highly technical enough to conclude what's happening in the space.
Of course I need the luck to take calculative decisions ahead than blindly following a coin. Cheers mate! Good luck to you too. Invest wisely my friend!!!


I just saw your posts which I think are biased favoring BCH which is bad for the new people joining this space. Favoring a coin is not bad but promoting it with baseless statements demeaning the original Bitcoin looks fishy.
I am a neutral unbiased person open to a debate and believer in facts and information I collect rather than promoting a coin blindly. I rather try to help the community and specifically the new comers with correct info I posses. If I have limited or no knowledge about a particular topic then I refer them to do their own research rather than misguiding them to rip benefits out of it. This is not a multi-level marketing scheme, this a technology which could change the lives across the globe.


I think Bitcoin will be $3250 and Bitcoin Cash will be $1500, but eventually I agree with you.

Steem rise steem rise like a bitcoin 😁

  ·  3년 전

I really wish you were right.

I think bitcoin stays on the moon..
Will steem rise more in octobre

I am forecasting a $10k+ bitcoin by end of year. This would project a $7500 bitcoin by 9/30/17.

Steeming up. That's the only way to go based on a lot of views out there. Especially the speculators on various trading platforms.


Yeah...once steem joins and gets to $10 per steem...i promise to cook 4u @cookin4u !

i like your post plz always inform aboit prize of bitcoin thankyou verymuchj

I don't use Twitter anymore . After introduced myself to steemit. @joseph sir
Anyways Bitcoin seems to jump higher than 5000$ coz of many reasons but the major reason is the split that happen. People still showed their strong support towards bitcoins. While bitcoin cash is part of network but can't beat the Bitcoin in terms of gains.
I mean who forgot that ethereum split . We can clearly see the rise comparison in ethereum and etereum classic.
Hope I explained my point of view.
Upvoted the post.

$4.600. Too much uncertainty to go all in on Bitcoin with the potential fork in November.
I kind of hope that the alt coins will benefit if Bitcoin stagnates although that is far from likely...

Thanks @joseph for sharing so important information.

But what if Bitcoin downs to like 10 bucks and rise to 5000 for one month? Then I might become a millionaire


No that won't happen because Bitcoin has seen worse and have become matured over time. At 4.5k where it stands now, fluctuations upto 300 to 400 both ways is expected. Currently strategist are saying that it may come down drastically as FOMO being kicked it, chances of that happening seems rare as many people are getting on board too. Though it won't ever hit as low as you have jotted. Keep investing in chunks to reduce losses.
Becoming millionaire overnight could happen but in dreams. Though crypto can still make it happen if we have patience and research put in for our investments. Invest wisely and carefully...


Yeah I know, just dreams :D

hmm i have no idea am not good at prediction

I think bitcoin will reach to 5000$

it will be close to that $5k mark not beyond that i guess


Is there any negative trajectory if btc goes beyong $5k... @blazing ...well its high enof at the current standing

Nice one... Good job keeping us infirmed on this... @joseph ...keep it up

Ok...will follow up...tks @joseph for ur effort in keeping us updated

Interesting information. Thank you.

Great idea
Please share that on steemit also

the expectation for bitcoin price is to go high in 2018 and 2019

thanks bro nice informative....

o my goodness Your post is very good, may be useful for all of us

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It will move in the current range till that Segwit2X event. Same as it did before. After that second hardfork it probably will go over 5000$, not before.

Whether the Twitter account is yours, I want to follow you and comment there.

Wow. so 50% of people believe BTC will rise over $5k... Looked at it this morning and it is hovering around $4.4k. Looks like it is time to dive further in.

Great post! I upvoted and im following you!
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JStuhlman Joseph Stuhlman tweeted @ 25 Aug 2017 - 12:45 UTC

What will Bitcoin price be on September 30 2017? 📈

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nice post and every time i see your post.i always feel happy and happy.and i follow you and you follow me.

wtf is happening with btc xD i think after 10 years he will be 50000 m xD

You forgot to add the 5th option: _I don't have a crystal ball, and neither does anyone else. I intend to profit off the market regardless of BTC's price in September. _

Bitcoin is future .So in my view it will exceed $5001 . Buy bitcoin :p

Done! It's always good to hype it up, right! I hope I'll be able to celebrate with a beer!

Bitcoin is an indispensable digital currency in the present, thanks for the bitcoin article, I am learning more about bitcoin, I am also a beginner so I want to continue, for bitcoin knowledge, with your article at least help me learn bitcoin,


Yeah for new comers it is very important to learn and understand the technology before investing. Of course steemit and users like @joseph helps a lot.
You could also follow and watch Andreas Antonopoulos videos to learn more about Bitcoin. He is one of the great crypto celebs spreading the awareness about Bitcoin and block chain. Hope you do well in this space, on steemit and with your investments. Cheers!!!

I'm no economist but I'd say at the end of September bitcoin will hopefully be around $5000
I guess we will have to wait and see @joseph

I think a correction back down a bit is somewhat likely, but if that happens, I'm jumping at the chance to buy more.

Long-term, I think Bitcoin is only going up, so any pullbacks and corrections I'm tossing more fiat into the mix

Only 3% for option A aint good

Just Saying...

I voted for the tweet.

But I can not even imagine what a forecast can be. Bitcoin can both fly up to 10000, and crash to a thousand.

Can Mcafee vote also ?
He will probably say half million dollar :p

Bitcoin will be $6750 or above in 5 weeks and BCH is of no interest to me.

Bitcoin will reach 10k and then fall down to 6-7k by year end. Expect a huge bull run in January.

Everybody is crazy about bitcoin, since it's decentralized im speculating it will be in a long trend going up to around 4000-5000 USD

Interesting! Nice! I upvoted you!

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I'm loving the bitcoin wave as I see it has unlimited potential as long as it continues to develop. More and more people are joining the wave while others are either cashing out some profits or jumping off the ship when the prices drops. One thing is for sure, bitcoin is here to stay and will hit $6400 mid September then inch it way up to 10k by April 2018. Best thing to do is buy in the dips and enjoy the profits.


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