Like the Honey Badger, Bitcoin don't care!

5년 전

It seems everywhere we look, there is some bad press coming out about Bitcoin.

Whether it be China banning it, or Russia talking about possibly banning payments made in it, to more recently South Korea banning ICOs and looking very closely into better regulating Bitcoin.

But guess what, even with all of that, Bitcoin is sitting over $4300 per coin right now. Within striking distance of its all time high.

Just like the Honey Badger, which is able to shake off just about any adversary, Bitcoin seems to be able to shake off any bad news.

If you don't believe me about the Honey Badger, check out this clip:

Bitcoin and Honey Badger don't give a sh*t.

By the way, perhaps we can get this guy on Steemit, his video has over 84,000 views.

I think I will drop him a comment about how he can make a lot more here on than he currently is making over there on YouTube. ;)

Now back to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency...

Why is Bitcoin so resilient?

The underlying faith in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is strong.

The reason Bitcoin hasn't broken yet from all this bad news is because the belief in it is unwavering. Prices are most closely related to people's confidence in the underlying.

Lately, confidence has been shaken slightly, which is why we saw the pullback, but the price action currently shows that it hasn't shaken people's confidence in the coin and the sector long term even in the slightest.

This is likely for several reasons but a big part of that is due to the fact that people are fed up with our current banking system:

  • They are fed up with big banks getting bailed out when they cheat their clients.
  • They are fed up with governments and big banks telling people how they can spend their money.
  • They are fed up with all the rules and regulations that come along with monitoring "their money".
  • They are fed up that it take days/weeks to transfer "their money".

To sum it up, people are angry, and Bitcoin was born out of that anger. 

A revolution is under way.

No news out of China, or Russia, or South Korea is going to thwart this revolution.

In fact it reminds me very strongly of a quote I read a while back. It goes something like this:

"It is impossible to stop an idea whose time has come."

Bitcoin's time has come.

Steem's time has come.

Cryptocurrency's time has come.

The genie is out of the bottle and it's not going back in.

Stay informed my friends.

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Hi ,
Nice work sir

Love This^

upvoted & resteemed with pleasure!

Cryptocurrencies are taking off because they are revolutionary in nature. The underlying blockchains are were the real value lies. It is, quite frankly, changing the world. When we look at a site like Steemit and see how people can get paid for doing similar things they do on Reddit and Facebook, it is obvious this technology is going to change society.

Power is being put back in the hands of the individual person. Instead of having to go through a trusted third party, a role the banks got rich fulfilling, we can now let the blockchain handle it. With the advent of Atomic Swaps, we are also going to eliminate the need for exchanges to facilitate trades between currencies (a costly endeavor).

While none of us can say if Bitcoin will be an eventual winner, it is almost a certainty that cyrptos are here to stay. How it looks exactly in the future is still unknown but what we experienced the last 100 years in terms of our financial structures will be changed.

It is very exciting and Bitcoin reflects these facts.


Yep. They are currently entrenched in that leadership position, but it doesn't mean it will always be that way...


We are in an era which is experiencing never seen before technological change. Those in leadership or power are not certain to be there in 5 or 10 years. We saw Kodak and Blockbuster both enter bankruptcy in about a decade due to technological change.

Bitcoin is being attacked simply because is scares the pants off the establishment. The banksters know their value is diminishing. Technology will replace many of them.


I sure hope people get mad enough to move money away from banks and fiat currencies. I am certainly doing that... but I didn't have many dollars to begin with.

I think that even my small contribution helps. I don't have much in Bitcoin, but quite a bit (at least for me) in Steem and Bitshares.

LOL! Amazing! The honey badger of money completely epitomizes Bitcoin! Long live the Bitcoin!

whilst I agree bitcoin and the block chain represent the future, I disagree with why people are joining. People are not sick of fiat currency (although they should be) and they haven’t suddenly realised crypto is the future. People see bitcoin going up 100% in a few months and think they can get rich quick. Although the establishment is taking notice, most people just want easy money not smart money. Look at most of the posts oh here regarding crypto, all trading tips or bitconnect type posts offering easy money. Bitcoin was not designed as a get rich quick scheme but that’s what much of the community seems to have turned into.

  ·  5년 전

Lets hope that is just temporary

I don't know enough to predict the future with any confidence. I don't think anyone can really. But I do see a trendline and feel like blockchain is the new Facebook in terms of being a revolutionary technology that will impact the lives of millions. Where does steemit fit into that trendline? Hopefully steemit will be front and center. The recent SMT announcement seems in line with steem moving in that direction but only time will tell.


Great comment. I have some similar thoughts!

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrence, but digital money is the most important. And I understand why internet money with a funny name looks clean and futuristic. But the unregulated global virtual currency, realized by nothing or stabilized by market forces / government agencies, brings back the biggest and worst problems of pure money. The uncontrolled instability of Bitcoin allowed him to return to this setback, but also a seemingly deadly case in the first place. Fluctuations in violent values are back! It's like the Great Depression in a microcosm. Bitcoin is created by the people , run by the people and it can be destroyed only by the people.

I think this is good, it shows confidence in crypto. I just hope it's not mislead, misinformed confidence. More and more I think BTC may fall, giving way to another dominant crypto. I'm diversifying.

Nice caption
Like your title

The only way is UP, there will be some countries which act as the badger, but there will always be enough btc-food which will grow!

hopefully bitcoin always be the best @jrcornel

Bitcoin is antifragile:)

Badass Honey Badger
sun divider.png
That video is hilarious! LOL!! Thanks for the update. "So nastyy... so nastyyyy!!"

Nothing can really stop Bitcoin.

"It is impossible to stop an idea whose time has come."

Also another quote that might be closely related(if Bitcoin had a mind!) is

Nothing can stop a made up mind.

Indeed people have made up their minds to believe in Bitcoin no matter the resistance.

All blockchain technology will lead us to the utopia

Bitcoin's time has come. After years of being shunned and spat on its finally showing its might and there's no stopping it. Mainstream financial institutions will have to adopt cryptocurrencies or they'll experience
a slow painful death.

Thanks for the inform Jrconel. What gives me confidence in bitcoin is whenever I do my analysis for it I see strong support for it. When you have a baby and he Or she is going through teething promblem, the baby survives it and moves on to there next obstacle. Bitcoin will grow and move on.

Bitcoin has taken over ... The more they hate the more it rises... I am loving this

For now, the majority of people buying digital currencies are speculators and investors but the future will bring more practical day-to-day applications for commercial transactions. Some Wall Street experts are predicting Bitcoin to go to $20,000 or even as high at $50,000 in the next 5 – 10 years. I think the future is looking good.....

Hold, hold, hold, hold...

Let 'em talk... Back over $4200 again today. Actions may speak louder than words- but so does BTC!!!

LOL I made a post yesterday that said exactly this! "If Bitcoin were an animal it would be a honey badger..."

Great post, glad we are all on the same page ROFL :P

@jrcornel, informative detail and update a bout Bitcoin, I only know that no one can stop it and we should hope for the best that next world is only and only of cryptocurrency.

  ·  5년 전

Ace! Fantastish

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You are awesome sir . Thank you
Thanks a lot for share this

The badger always cares where is the honey

I like that... Bitcoin don't care! Ha!

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The idea centralised states can 'regulate' something that only exists through consensus is laughable. Government is being made redundant by decentralised ledgers and the reaction is anger, I can see why but this is nothing more than protests in the face of redundancy.


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good post good friends.

It really seems like from what you illustrated almost no matter what happens bitcoin will find a way to survive and I think that is amazing!

One more time! I love this post!

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