what is Steemit ?


Steemit.com is a social network that is run on a blockchain. It is like reddit and facebook all rolled into one. The neat thing though is like bitcoin needs no bank, steem needs no corporation or central servers. No one is collection and selling your data. You get to keep that. To make it even better you get paid to post. You do not get paid a few penny's you gat paid in steem and in amounts that can be thousands of dollars if you have a popular post. People make a living on here. Since there is no moderation you have a grade. You start a 25 that can go up or down. So behave, lol.
When you get steem it is not powered up. If you keep it and don't move it it becomes steem power, which increase the power of you up and down votes on steem it and the many other applications that are offered, Dsound is like soundcloud. Dtube is like YouTube, dMAnia is like Instagram, but on steem the things you post remain yours. You no longer are giving the rights to your intellectual property away. In fact when people like it you get paid for you contribution. $600 for a good MEME! Yes really. You have to get on steem. There is a bit of a wait but not too bad 7 days tops. or you can pay $20 and get right in, they will give you half that $20 back in steem so it gives you some clout right off the bat.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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