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​Trade Pharma Network is an EU-authorized business stage and a worldwide pharma-driven commercial center of decision for purchasers and venders performing routine exchanges of meds. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven stage utilizes ground-breaking AI calculations to empower productive hunt and advanced matchmaking between our key partners yet additionally Blockchain as we imagine a future where each physical prescription has a computerized history, enabling our clients to follow and check its beginnings, ascribes and proprietorship to battle effectively against fake drugs, in Europe and Worldwide. Therefore, our plan of action depend on the 3 following significant standards:


Our hidden innovation is based on private, open and half and half Blockchain systems that bring straightforwardness into this multi-billion industry. To be sure, Trade Pharma Network through its front line decentralized applications that empower our clients to upset the trust business with the point of improving the world through an appropriated record innovation without being obliged by restricted contribution from outside our system.


Our stage utilizes AI-driven innovation that comprise in great calculations requiring cutting edge Machine Learning system and quality datasets contrasted with the more conventional Machine Learning calculations of today. This AI innovation empowers automatic focusing on and computerized matchmaking between the supply and the interest, with an individual touch.


Our primary administration is committed to the pharmaceutical exchange and the stage is connecting together, shippers and expoorters merchants, medicate creators, wholesalers, doctor’s facility and administering drug stores, non-benefits and our corporate accomplices in Europe and around the world. Online exchanges between all gatherings are made in a straightforward and productive way.

For more subtle elements, if you don’t mind see our Technologies .


Pharmaceuticals Trade and User Experience

Exchange Pharma Network will give a multi-benefit stage and another exchange related understanding for customers by incorporating Blockchain and AI into the Marketplace to make helpful, proficient site route and furnish purchasers with more point by point portrayal and representation of items.

​Preventing duplicating of pharmaceuticals

Empowering human services organizations to construct straightforwardness and trust in their products and inventory network, making greater consistency for fabricates to deal with their supply of drugs all the more effectively to avoid prescriptions deficiencies and duplicating of pharmaceuticals and parallel imports.

​Interconnected “Things”

A worldwide system of little, great sensors permitting physical items from overwhelming types of gear, to versatile and wearable gadgets, to vehicles, physical structures, and apparatuses to associate, collaborate and share information with each other utilizing the Blockchain and ​IoT and IIoT.

​Scalable Blockchain Payment and Cryptocurrency Exchange

​A second layer answer for versatility empowering 1 billion exchanges for each second and profoundly secure Blockchain/off-chain that immeasurably enhances the comfort of installments and trade in digital money performing Atomic Swaps in decentralized and non-custodial way. Clients will be able to uninhibitedly change over to whichever token they want, including the Trade Pharma Network token (TXP), to take out expenses and buy benefits, all in a basic and proficient way.

Pharma and Healthcare Staffing

Building an ability network and solid association with specialty hopefuls that a portion of our clients can’t get themselves. Aiding the go betweens free position of elusive temporary workers, consultants and changeless staff inside the social insurance and pharma businesses, utilizing savvy contracts.

Advancing Charity

Engaging individuals to more readily interface with the causes they care about by utilizing Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. With the assistance of bleeding edge plat-frame, we empower the algorithmically coordinating of Organizations and Donors and a decentralized installment framework with the most reduced charges accessible, internationally.

Added substance Manufacturing

We trust we will have the capacity to market printed tablets inside the following 2-3 years. The greatest test for 3D printing isn’t simply the innovation, but instead the administrative condition. We have begun, nearby our accomplices (drug specialists, the scholarly community,… ), laying the basis for the 3D printing of redid medicine at a couple of administering focuses.


Exchange Pharma Network helps pharmaceutical and social insurance organizations to exchange pharmaceuticals securely and productively yet in addition to construct straightforwardness and trust innate in the process in their merchandise and store network to avert duplicating of meds.



Develop your business by contending on the things that issue. We bolster high caliber bona fide items made with worry for your clients.

Medication MAKERS


Our business is intended to give you an edge with your clients for greater proactivity from fare and import point of view.



Connect with your clients as well as providers with ongoing data and information accumulated cooperatively from key partners up and down the inventory network.



Exchange Pharma Network stage underpins high caliber legitimate items made with worry for your patients.



Do you try to strengthen your work with our AI and Blockchain driven arrangements, key associations are at the center of our arrangement to develop.



Our business is additionally intended to give inventive non-benefits associations an edge for their prescription based philanthropy and humanitarian work.

Without a doubt, we endeavor towards decrease in fake items, assurance of patients, end of protection cheats, realness and traceability all through the inventory network and in addition ongoing incorporation with Internet of Things (IoT) and other shrewd gadgets.


Our group firmly trusts that development and innovativeness in pharmaceuticals exchanging and pharma administrations have the effect for all gatherings, with the plan to make a reliable and inventive pharma-driven commercial center empowering pharma and medicinal services experts to exchange and utilize proficiently our full suite of administrations, for the best enthusiasm of patients. And furthermore to get ready tomorrow with an alternate vision dependent on front line advancements, for example, AI, Blockchain, 3D printing and IoT.

Our business is intended to give imaginative merchants and merchants, sedate creators, wholesalers, healing facility and administering drug stores, non-benefits and our corporate accomplices an edge with their clients and additionally providers. We enable them to lessen the multifaceted nature and the expense of the exchange process, guaranteeing that every one of these exercises happen in a domain of trust and man-made brainpower. Our group dependably ensures everything is running easily and all gatherings fulfilled.


Man-made intelligence and Blockchain :

Exchange Pharma Network is a bleeding edge stage fueled by AI-driven calculations (web indexes, watchwords based matchmaking,…) that require Deep Learning procedures and quality datasets and additionally a few decentralized applications (dApps) that relie on open, private and cross breed Blockchains and in addition a second layer arrangements (off-chain).

This innovation concerns associated hardware, men and material following, example lifecycle administration, keen bundling, and chilly chain checking are among the IoT applications that are especially appropriate to medicinal services associations and pharmaceuticals organization. With the assistance of our accomplices, here is our offer to our clients :

Expanding Manufacturing Efficiency

Smart hardware that gathers operational information and status (run time, temperature, stack, prepared to use/in task/under
cleaning/under support)

Add sensor packs to gather gadget information and assemble a back-end stage utilizing modern IoT stages
Run investigation on the information to foresee when a bit of hardware may close down
Automate episode demands activated by joining with ticket administration frameworks
Sensors that gather metadata for investigation to recognize and diminish reasons for process changeability and enhance creation yield
Visibility into human and material development over the workshop through following and checking advances.
Following Products in the Warehouse

Increment Operational Efficiency in the Warehouse

Sensors on item/holding things transmit data on item area, stock and irregularities specifically to the
stockroom administrator’s handheld gadget/dashboard

The gadget utilizes sensor information to recreate a constant, 3-D perspective of the distribution center
Embedded sensor packs on forklifts track their area and usage
A remote peruser catches information (volume, measurements) transmitted from beds as they arrive
​Maintain Desired Storage Conditions

Environmental sensors gather information in temperature-controlled territories of the distribution center to track medications’ natural conditions

Active and latent lumberjack information is contrasted with thermo strength tables with create alarms in case of temperature

​​Align Production and Demand

Sensors gather and investigate information on shipment developments – from the stockroom, to circulation, to generation arranging.
Following Products at Every Point

Guarantee Product Integrity and Traceability Across the Supply Chain

2-D standardized tags, RFID labels and savvy names for bundling
NFC sensors for medication and immunizations bundling
Electronic circuit/chip for bundling material
Packaging information transmitted all through the vehicle of medications and amid medication apportioning
Data gathered in the focal framework transmitted over private or open cloud to

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