Binance Community Coin per Month Voting Live Again!

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Every month there is a community action where based on numbers of votes. Based on this you can predict what will get added to exchange aka get pumped. You can also help coins that you own to get there.

To vote you need at 0.1 BNB and actually since its no1 exchange i really suggest to have BNBs in account anyways. You can buy it on Binance with loads of pairs not just BTC or ETH.

BNB Markets

Current Round

DENT WPR are head to head but this stuff on votes often changes within hours. Communities just need to catch up and do it.
My heart is with ZIL and SMART so that what i will be voting. The latter you can buy at Cryptopia, ZIL on some DEXes and Huobi.

Remember that STEEM is on this exchange too!

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Good post,I've seen it and followed you on twitter

Awesome voting is live again...


That's why I love Binance.

I voted for Smartcash! Wish it was doing better..

Great new!!

people have been talking about DENT for sometime now, I see that as the next coin. I know its in the lead so its easy to say that, but people have been trying to get this coin added for sometime now.


I had Dent until my Google Auth started spitting out the wrong numbers and I lost access to my Kucoin account. Google Auth is great until its not and you lose money.


always backup your Google Auth key.


I have DENT as well, i have a portfolio of over 20 coins now. loving crypto

Would really love to see Selfkey and WePower on there. Cant wait to buy them up


I hope they add SmartCash.


Hope SmartCash will make it but hard to compete with dirty bot tactics from some other coins.

Binance is the only exchange i use - my only thoughts is that I hope we could deposit USD to buy BTC or ETH on it as well


Apart from Kraken I use Binance as well. Yeah it's bit difficult for the users who prefer to trade with fiat currencies and Binance doesn't have such facility. But you can check Top 10 Fait-To-Crypto currency exchange for the beginners which supports fiat currency. It's nice list of exchanges you can consider depending your requirement. Thanks!

Thanks for providing info about crypto currency, this was helpful indeed.

SMART surely will win here. I'll definitely be casting my vote there too.

Also you said that you can buy SMART on Cryptopia, but they've had a lot of problems and recently frozen the market. Might be worth mentioning to avoid buying SMART over there.

Like your post and it's true

Great one!

Thank you for sharing!

This has always seemed like a bit of a questionable practice... I wonder if you can report Binance to the SEC as an organizer of a pump and dump, haha.


Yes! im voted WPR tokens! We wont trade it!

Wauuhhh.... wonderful. Let me cast me vote direct. I personally do like DENT and planning to buy real coins on it. People let's vote DENT and hope that it will remain on top

I like this post thankyou for information

Again amazing post.

Buenas si gracias chao

Thanks for the information @kingscrown! Didn't even realize you could vote on Binance.

Hopefully i can learn more about crypto currencies from your steemit and fresher information

So they actually add the coins that win, or is it more like a contest to see who predicts it correctly?

Binance has its own token that acts as a trading pair. I think there are certain cryptos that only pair with BNB on binance (not BTC or ETH). Since XRB is on realtively few exchanges, it would drive up the BNB token price because lots of people will need it to buy Rai. Just a prediction.

Very informative blog sir


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Well very good information with excellent graphics and extraordinary explanation friend thanks for sharing learned something new and quality greetings

Great post, very informative and thank you for sharing with us. Please keep us upto date.

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Dent all the way

very good

hoping for zilliqa personally or elastos

Hey, i want to vote but got no bnb, can someone help me out please? 0x6447a4af952ed40472591278aafdc8cb5230d3e5

enjoying & terrific!

True and informative, thx!

Bilgilendirme için teşekkürler.

  ·  3년 전

Who cares? They already have STEEM ;-)

Thank you for the information

Your my hero. I would love to see smartcash on binance!! I'm working on setting up smartnodes as we speak.