Bitcoin to 10k USD This Year? What if I Told You This already Happened Worldwide ?

2년 전

People know (ie from my post about this) that due to situation BTC price is a huge premium on Zimbabwe's exchange. Today it was almost 14k USD.

But what if i told you that actually BTC of many of you is already at 10 000 USD today ?

This statement is about you if you held BTC in your wallet to which you have private keys of or on exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, BitFinex and few others.

So we are missing just 2k USD to the target. Currently: $8035.82

Luckily there was BCH/Bitcoin Cash fork and chain split.

Now we are at $1721.86 extra so, $8035.82 + $1721.86 = $9757.68
Nice but still missing.

We are lucky again, there was BTG split chain.

We now have $289 more.

$9757.68 + $289 = $10046.68

We did it guys on the thanksgiving!

There is also 1 more fork coming but we dont know how many exchanges (if any) will support it.

If you trade leverage, the only exchange (accepts USA people and needs no docs!) that gave BCH is SimpleFX.

If your BTC is not worth 10 000 USD then you got a lesson now...

Use good exchanges that are fair to their users but mostly keep coins in your own wallets!

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yes damn, my btc does not worth 10k now xD lesson learned.

cool, but what i dont understand is all these damn forks!
are they just gonna keep forking all the bitcoin and bitcoin affiliates down to the smallest degree or what?
also who is deciding to do these forks and why? is there a commitee of people that say lets fork, all in favour all oppose? i dont get it


Yep, and there's also bitcoin diamond which no one knows much about yet, brand new ...well whoever does it gets a ton of "free money" so whatever their supposed reasons for doing it, whch
is always somehow improving on the original BTC in some way, let's not forget that the ulterior motive or let's say "side benefit" is they make an instant profit.


BitCoin Diamond sounds like a scam coin.

good point. It has also reached well over $10k in some countries, especially those with huge inflation.

Regarding keys, if you don’t control your own private keys, you don’t control your crypto! Hardware wallets (or paper wallets) are the only real way to secure funds.

  ·  2년 전

My steemit wallet is the only wallet I trust!


I would much rather trust a hardware wallet where I control the keys!


True...also there are some secure online wallets...


I would not trust any wallet where I do not control my private keys, or the wallet operator has any control. There are too many opportunities for fraud, theft or bankruptcy to make it secure. Definitely a hardware wallet for me!


I hope BTC up to $10 000 on desember
Woowww !!
That's GREAT !!?


Time will show!
Soon we will see it

Assuming this is right case there are the coins forked from the origin.
I do hope the legacy goes up 10k before Christmas.
Nice post too.


I hope too. Don't call bitcoin the legacy. It has nothing of legacy. No crypto is more used than bitcoin, with $5,000,000,000 volume.


What if its not that Bitcoin is worth $10,000...

... It's that $10,000 is worth one Bitcoin?!?! #mindblown


what's a "$" ? im not familiar with the symbol…

plz enlighten me.... what is it's worth backed up by? and why do the people of your planet use it as the metric to measure the value of goods and services currently?

I remember the last Zimbabwe push to over $8000 when everywhere else bitcoin was about $5000 ... we will see $13,000 bitcoin price very soon.. if history repeats itself..

Bitcoin itself should reach 10k. Then it's really so!

Here in Brazil, the bitcoin core itself is a bit overvalued also, currently quoted at ~9039USD

this happens mostly because of taxes the brazilian exchanges charges.


yup..try xapo they have a R$80 fee for bank transfer but a fair rate to exchange. For small amounts dogecoins at mercado livre are an option too

in future btc price touches to the sky.


BTC would be $10k officially by December 31st and by February 2018= $12k.


+100 for the lulz!

Calculation is 100% correct.. who was holding 1 btc, now he is the owner of 10K USD.. And btc a lot to go within this year!

Bitcoin will shake the worlds fiat in 2018. I cant wait to see the excitement.


Already is shaking them up.
All the big governments are planning to go crypto.

Thing is they will all be centralized government fraud all over again.

Bitcoin is going to shine through it all, because central government has no control on Bitcoin.


are you sure?


But, you don't have those extra coins if you buy now.


Love the breakdown! That's especially helpful for those who held before the August fork. It's also worth noting that people without access to banking or those perhaps seeking a bit more privacy use ATM's and other ways to acquire bitcoin and there is usually a 15 to 20 percent premium for these customers.

And also Bitcoin Diamond, there are two of them BCD and BID (Bitcoin fork)

Again Thanks for Toadys good info and news @kingscrown

It's 9k on
Shady business going on there

That's true my friend bitcoin and other crypto currency are rising very fast even in last weak it gain a lot of up. That's simple means that more and more people are knowing about this and investing in it. That's good as in my prediction it will be 10000 $ on or before 25 december.


probably by the end of the year and above, as the boom is growing

Litecoin isn't looking too bad either compared to where it started from. There have been some incredible increases in many cryptocurrencies as of late.

Thats great the way is it a good idea to buy some btc now?

I think $10000 not possible in this year. .:(

Not today it's not. Besides, it's showing its age. ETH has all the functionality.

Prepare yourself when Bitcoin hits 10K!

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cause more people investing on crypto currency... Value will increase quickly....That's Good news.. :)

So just to clarify cuz I’m sure tons of new investors are unclear on this; do you receive or gain any value in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and/or Bitcoin Gold (BTG) by purchasing regular Bitcoin (BTC)?


No you do not. Only way that happens is if you owned BTC when the fork happened that split into BTC and BCH if you had any BTC in a wallet or exchange that supported it. Dont know if that was the case for BTG.

The only similarity currently between BTC, BCH and BTG now is that they are offshoots from BTC. And BCH a direct fork off BTC. Meaning they have some similar functionalitys.

As he writes, there is 1 more fork comming, so that then can give owners of BTC value in what that forks into if the exchange or wallet supports it.

But simply put; BTC and BCH is seperate crypto currencys just like BTC and ETH is.

Should invest in bitcoin.

But if told u

$15k in 2018

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I want start bitcoin.What can i do?

I want to start bitcoin.What can i do?

Hey bro I always vote your post and already I had followed you and added that please don"t forget to follow, vote & comment my post & profile. Thank you.

I hope the btc price goes up to $ 10,000 by the end of the year, and I try to stay hold my btc :-D

Yes but would you trust a Zimbabwan exchange in theese circumstances to hold your money!

thanks alot for this. very educational

Thanks for the easy smile and the maths! Have a wonderful day and I sure look forward to seeing BTC up there passing the $10K, soon...

Namaste :)

The way it is surging it can surpass 10k easily

I think BTC will be morthan 10000$ after only 6 month...

is almost 10000 and we don't know how much will be next year in the same Month

I wonder what else do they trade there if the btc volume for 24hrs is 2.47 btc


The entire GDP for Zimbabwe is only $16 billion.
Daily GDP is about $4.5 million.
At $8200 per BTC, that puts 2.47 daily BTC volume at half of a percent of the entire Zimbabwean GDP.

In contrast, the U.S. GDP is $18.5 trillion.
Daily GDP is about $50 billion.
Daily BTC volume is 65,000 BTC
That puts BTC volume at roughly 1 percent of GDP.


Almost sounds like a few people with a few thousands dollars wanted to make sure their money didn't tank and bought bitcoin at an inflated rate to avoid risking total loss.

Hahah yes sir ,true bro! Have you checked out other currency that have gain a lot of value too ?

Damn it, reading the heading,i thought it was btc alone. But anyways hoping for it to hit $10,000 by the end of December 2017. Go, go btc :)

9k maybe but 10k kinda of hard for this...

Yeah all the more reason these forks need to not happen

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Yes it can be happened Bitcoin is increasing day by day so it can be reached 10k one day it's not an Impossible world.

It's only begining... I think we all will be surprised by the bitcoin rate in the next year

Nice to read about your valuable post.
I'm stjons from bangladesh.I also steemit members.
I also followed you, so i requested you to follow me.
Thanks a loot

Good point of view there. I live in South Africa and watch the Zimbabwean price of bitcoin closely. Insane how Bitcoin can be so different in price in different places!

Thats great..! I hope BTC up to more..

Use good exchanges that are fair to their users but mostly keep coins in your own wallets!

Interesting. I really need to grow my portfolio. Cheers bud. Big eye opener

Well said.............keep calm and lets do some math.....

Amazing insights brother thanks for this. I just closed all my alt and btc positions they are all very high now and I sense a retracement short term at least for the next two weeks. Trading is stressful and I just hope I wasn't premature in selling too soon? I want to buy on the next dips across the board what are your feelings on this? Cheer$;)


I sold 1 btc today for just over 10K, just another perk of being a Canadian I guess.

....the winter is coming! ....

thank you for information

wow if btc to 10k it will be helpful for us

I have been following the price of Bitcoin on the Zimbabwean exchange they have. It's insane how demand can drive prices! But you are right 10k has been reached, will be interesting to see whether exchanges like Coinbase etc. will get there as well....

I don't want to sound bitter just because I already sold all my remaining satoshi on my wallet. But truth be told, BTC has done nothing good to the small users lately. If there is one thing that's been soaring to the moon indefinitely, it would be the ridiculous TX fee. #makesteemitgreatagain

nice my friend

only BTC will get to 10k this year, very nice post again. Did you see my post what my kids made for me?

Yes it will be touch easily to 10000$

  ·  2년 전

Good content and quite interesting.

I really hope that December is up and up - it would really help me - thank you for your post.

Thank you so much for this information.

The bitcoin price will go even higher , my opinion is that it can grow up to 15K until the end of the year !

Nice perspective, thanks. I did an article summing up all the price speculation that is going on right now, maybe you want to check it out:

i wish i would earn too

I do hope the legacy goes up 10k before Christmas.There is also 1 more fork coming but we dont know how many exchanges

Thanks for this information

I would think it might be possible bitcoin on that Zimbabwe exchange could in some cases be bought with dollars existing in peoples' bank accounts which are difficult to withdraw, even in bond notes,not to mention real dollars


I still think it might be we'll have 10000 USD/bitcoin by year's end

Bitcoin was established as a decentralized medium of exchange and evolved into a store of value, similar to gold. When fiat currency loses the support and faith of the people, they will shift to things that have a more defensible value. Gold, Silver, and precious metals/stones were the traditional route since the supply was scarce and finite, and valued globally. Bitcoin is becoming digital gold. A finite global store of value. Regional exchanges will definitely see a surge in value if the regional fiat currencies lose backing. The big question is, which country/region will be hit next?

Great reasoning on this matter!! Awesome work!!

Really we are very happy for bitcoin and day by day bitcoin price increase😊

Hey guys look out for Neo and Power Ledger during the rest of this year. There should be good growth in both during December.

Im new to steemit so please follow me and ill return the favor. Thabks guys enjoy your Friday.

I hope BTC up to $10 000 on desember
Woowww !!
That's GREAT !!?

The most underrated coin right now is $POWR $POWR $POWR

I hope these put a stop to the many forks knowing we are just splitting value not creating any more.

As of today not just 8k, BTC core is over 9k USD now!

Well my research says 13500$ guaranteed in less than 6 months.

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3 forks in 1 year is too much.

You forgot Bitcoin diamond... Which is the latest hardfork...

BUY LTC and hold my lucky pandas

Can't agree more and this trend shall continue well into 2018...

Ha! Okay, so how do I sell my BTC in Zimbabwe?

The price on (the Zimbabwe exchange) is so high because you can't cash out except into a Zimbabwean bank account. All other cryptos traded there also have a similar mark-up which is due to the black market costs of scarce $$$ in Zimbabwe, so you can't arbitrage either.

BCH and BTG aren't BTC so your addition doesn't work, at all. Why not add DASH there as well, it's also a bitcoin fork.

Makes sense,
divide and conquer?

Nice post 👍 Thanks for sharing and and very useful information. Congratulations ✌ @kingscrown

Seems reasonable enough, just goes to show the true effect of hard forks... simply leeches value from the original chain


Or was BTC's value being held back by technical limitations, and the hard forks opened up new demand and boosted the overall value for holders of the coin?


also valid, i just wish we could innovate without splintering the OG chain


Imagine if you could hardfork your steemit account into two accounts that both have all the same followers, plus some fraction of your reputation and PS.

Compare that to starting a second new steemit account from scratch and trying to build from nothing, among tremendous competition of other new users.

There is just so much of a benefit to a chain split from a major coin compared with building a new community from zero, and no way to impose regulations or restrictions on hard forks. I think all the biggest coins will continue to see chain splits indefinitely.

I am not concerned about splintering the mining community, because we are way over-saturated already; new miners do not increase network capacity -- they just increase difficulty and electricity consumption, and that's been the case for a long time. Until Bitcoin reaches a point where the rate of transactions is actually going to be affected by the loss or gain of mining capacity (by, for example, adopting the changes that BCH represented), then chain splits should not dilute the value of the original chain.

It's like using an already lighted candle to light another; the first loses nothing, although the second gains enormously from the association.

Lol, love the rick and morty meme.

I had some of my bitcoin on bittrex and received BCH when it came out and then received BCG when it came out just recently.

BitCoin is flood of money !!! We are lucky to hold BTC. In few years people can buys only bits and santhoshi's.

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Hi, I RESteem your post on my feed with my follower... Best Regards

  ·  2년 전

I've been saying BTC will hit 10k by or near new years 2018 for a couple months now. im still sticking to it and its looking more and more likely every day!

It's great. But isn't it a problem, that the size of the blockchain gets larger and larger with every transaction? Someone said, that it grows exponentially.

  ·  2년 전

If I buy a portion of one BTC does it come with the forked proportions or does that only apply to the pre fork coins?


Only the ones you held prior to the fork AND have access to the private keys to. If both of those aren't true, yo only have BTC.

For example, if you had your coins on Coinbase, they have your BTG and BCH right now. They have promised to release them eventually, but that's really up to them, and there is no regulation in place to force their behavior. They just want to maintain a good reputation. Other less scrupulous places may not be so magnanimous or concerned with reputation, and might just have kept all the split coins for themselves.

Great post! Keep up the good work.
With best regards from the Bitcoin for Beginners-communty

Great advice! upvoted and subscribed, thank you!

I think that by now , there is no point in focusing on the value of the coin. But more in it's daily use. This is the only way it can go truly mainstream

Great information and exciting times! I don't fully understand the forks, but this helps explain. Thank you for posting!

Check out my post for more information on OmesiGo!

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