Brave Passes 3 Million Monthly Active Users

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I have been promoting this browser since its secure, fast and cryptofriendly. Dont have it yet? Install from this link

I was invited to their program early and my site is also promoted in their directory.

Brave now has over 3 million monthly active users (over 3.1 million as of July 1st) and is currently growing at a pace to pass the 5 million mark before the end of 2018.
Brave has also reached the Top 10 category in “free communication apps” for its Android browser in the Google Play Store in the United States as well 20 countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. This includes #8 in the U.S., #7 in Canada, #8 in France, #4 in Portugal, #6 in Spain, #5 in Ireland, as well as #3 in Indonesia, #7 in Singapore, #10 in South Korea, and #5 in Argentina.
Last week we issued BAT grants to Brave users as part of our monthly $500,000 BAT giveaway, so be sure to claim yours to then support your favorite sites, YouTube channels, and Twitch streamers. Monthly grants to users give approximately 5 USD in promotional BAT, and Brave users can claim them via the in-browser notification or by checking the status of the integrated Payments settings in the latest Brave desktop browser.
There are currently over 18,000 Brave verified publishers (over 4,500 websites and 13,500 YouTube and Twitch streamers), and last week they received their monthly BAT payments as well.
The Brave Creator Referral Program is ongoing, with over 11,700 creators currently participating. If you have a website, YouTube channel, or Twitch stream, simply click here to join. Refer your audience to Brave and earn $5 per referral to further support your content. If you have 100,000 followers and 1% of them switch to Brave, that could mean $5,000 in your account!

So if you believe in Brave you should also check their base token - BAT.


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Not much for new browsers, but i sure wish netscape was as big as it was back in the day, i miss the alt. new


It was so popular people used to say " I'll see you on Netscape when I get home!"


i am hoping it gets a re-launch some day, if it had newsgroups and email built in, i would give it a try. I rather have a classic bbs from pre internet days.

I am using Brave for a while and it is awesome it already has paid me, I am a newbie YouTube creator and it's wonderful.
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The Trinity of the Blockchain.

It's my main browser in mobile. For mobile phone I find it very suitable. Slowly trying to move to brave in desktop version. Experience is better than chrome but some times when I work with UI development or cloud consoles, I face problem in brave. So, I would shift the moment they have it comparable to chrome.

I use Brave for the last 6 month and it´s awesome. Buildin AdBlocker, always TOR access, if you wish and less tracking. Thank you for your advice - Cheers!

The BAT token should have a bright future! Upvoted! Love your posts!


upvoted! very good post!

Thanks for the tip. It's always good to keep up with new technologies and new applications. I think that even though we don't use it, it is important to handle the information first hand. Greetings

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Security by default is very important cause not everybody is willing to deal with the setting of apps or extentions of the browsers. Brave does all by default. Just install and run approach is what the most people are seeking for.

really interesting one .. another best opportunity to earn some amount of money.

Thank you for the post I will definitely try the browser out maybe leave effect that I think it's always good to have some additional security features directly integrated because there are so you have to be aware of the fact that the cryptocurrency can be very easy check everything in very detail even double-check by your own because you are so cold your own master situation

Get Uphold which is a wallet affiliated to BAT or Mozilla The creator has some great options on the Uphold Wallet from Bulion to exchange to almost every currency known to man.

nice earning way....thanks for valuable information..

BAT token capturing the crypto market and try to removing the big coins

Brave is a great browser. it does not censor content ("fake news") like Firefox wants
Been using it for some months already, no looking back, it is open source so it can be improved, just need to add a video downloader he he

I think ive claimed the free bats from the giveaway, but i disabled the wallet, now that i enabled it again, it created a wallet, when i click on claim my free tokens it said the promotion was ended :P


@kingscrown this browser is looking good as how you have told in this blog . i will try and use it and will try to know more about this.

The BAT token have a bright future. Love this post.

good to hear one browser , however i will use it as you have described and let you know the experience