Dont Cry.. Just Buy!

4년 전

Remember when all coins were too expensive to buy due to BTC rally on 15-20k USD?

Now you can buy those you always wanted and wait for their time, almost everything is on bargain prices right now.



Can we be sure BTC doesnt dump more or that all coins will pump ? No we cant, so remember about risks as you can lose 100% of investment.

Exchanges to Trade At

All tested for big deposits and withdrawals by me, working at this point. All need no ID to register.

  • Binance - the obvious top vol exchange, has STEEM
  • KuCoin - i would call it younger brother of Binance with many NEO and ETH pairs
  • BiBox - amazing China exchange, similar to other two above with different coins
  • Huobi - used to be top volume BTC exchange, now has many great altcoins
  • CoinExchange - many ETH tokens and anon coins like ZEC XZC EXCL
  • COSS - many deals on ETH tokens for arbitrages
  • Cryptopia - some decent coins that others dont have and nice volumes
  • OpenLedger - decentralized exchange build on BTS, the older brother of STEEM
  • BitMex - Leverage trading of BTC, EOS and many others, superb liquidity
  • SimpleFX - Margin trading of stocks, forex and cryptocurrency

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add in replies the coins you bought or gonna buy


This is great post.


absolutely doing that!


I intend to buy Dash, Nebulas and maybe some STEEM.



As what the expert say: Be nervous when everything is up and be greedy when it dips down!

I keep buying the dip, but it's happened over and over again :(

  ·  4년 전

exactly, i though I was buying the dip months ago, then everything crashes again i've lost huge and have no money to buy when it went lower

I wonder if they will add Bitcoin Private...they said support of bitcoin forks and bitcoin private has some very good privacy tech behind it
Apparently good enough for satoshi to move his coins for sure if he is still alive/has his keys/waits for a safe exchange to add it

on my mama

That Cryptonex coin has such a cringy name, every time I see it it reminds me of Crypto Nick, the Bitconnect scammer.

Bitshares, Bitshares, Steem and EOS...

Just bought a bunch of ether classics (ETC) about half an hour ago


perfect just got added to coinbase ;)


Heard the news in the nick of time and rounded of my total ETC coins to a nice number :-)


that good timing

Completely agree!!!

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agreed still a great buyers market

Good job @kingscrown! I hope that investment decisions, effective with profit, is the goal! Thanks for sharing!

Not sure the right timing. We'll see in the next three days.

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Thanks for the beautiful post.

You nailed it! There's no better time to buy than now!

Excellent point about people wanting to buy at a lower price back when BTC hit $20,000. It's funny that we always do the opposite of what we should. We should buy big when its down, but people only get interested when it seems everyone else confirms value by bidding up prices. It's kind of screwed up:)

you are soooo correct ... people should not cry , the should buy

let's make progress together,here on steemit,thanks for upvotes :-)


there are many coins which are worth buying now

Cryptocurrencies are more affordable now

I am buying and crying. There is no good news of Cryptocurrency. But, trying and seeing what happens next.

I bought ethereum at 530. Im even for now. Hope it doesnt go below 500

Buy on dip guys

Yeah this is such an opportunity for everyone.

I know a bunch of folks who were sad when prices were skyrocketing and didn’t jump in, but now that the prices have come so low, they’re so excited.

But there’s the ones who seen it come down and say, I’m not getting in.

it's going to crash

Hahhaa, yes, well said. Just buy or just mine :)

You know a flush is coming. Buy the puke!

Nice post with good information.
Is it a right time to buy HYDRO coin, which is trading at around 44 satoshi??

I know I'm just a nobody that knows nothing but the daily low of bitcoin yesterday is no accident and I believe it is the signal that this may very well be the final bitcoin low for the rest of this year.
GDax Low close was 6666.66 USD this low value was no accident and this is a signal from the bitcoin price manipulators that this is possibly the final low they will be able to manifest.

Watch bit coin closely and you will see why all of this tech analysis has just been bull shit and has not worked. Bitcoin has been under total price control since December 2017. Now That the Trumpster has sicked the** CTFC** on them.

Price manipulation maybe over.

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Yes I agree but the local bitcoinATM broke down when I got there.... Oh well tomorrow I will go again.

Hahaha, that's so true :D

  ·  4년 전

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ETH is still a good choice to buy so I am buying !

Been buying the dips and it wont stop dipping.

Fearful when others are greedy AND greedy when others are fearful!!


Fearful when others
Are greedy AND greedy when
Others are fearful!!

                 - elysium-renegade

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Wohooooo Been thinking about this a lot actually. Need to figure out what coins to buy.


Doubt full the miners will stop mining at that price and your BTC blockchain will grind to a halt if even 25% stop mining. You could have 4 to 10 hour random coins. They wont let it fall that low its to risky for the entire BTC chain. All btc miners are now dependent on each others survival as the difficulty factor is to high to even loose 15 % of the mining pool. The miners have the money and coin to dictate price.

You know we use more electricity to mine btc than most countries use. BTC is now big business with big investors .They will no more let it die than they would Microsoft. The price must stay above 5 k to keep all miners mining. The difficulty factor is now to high to mine for under 5k and the electric cost must be paid as you go at the large farms and even more so in the small ones.


All of the miners know exactly what it cost to mine a block you guys think the you can find the bottom with chart analysis but its always been a cost analysis.

The miners have kept the price down to keep the number of miners down. If the price goes up you automatically get more miners. So who benefits from 6666.66 Usd? The big miners do. It keeps the little miners out. This whole price thing is about mining not about charts. The price is absolutely controlled by the miners. They want the price to stay low while they stack coin. But stay high enough to pay the bills and overhead while keeping the public interested.

If the price goes to high you have an immediate influx of new miners. That forces the old miners to buy more equipment. The big miners want the price exactly where it is.

The way I see it it BLACK TUESDAY!!!!!

Cardano and Steem. Very cheap now :). I am gonna buy more.

Buy the dips! If STEEM goes under a buck I am going to buy, buy, buy.

Very impressive post and very good info include.
Ya..this is time to buy and keep it as much.
Thumbs up and Good Job @kingscrown.

좋은 정보 감사합니당^^

좋은 정보 감사합니당 잘읽고갑니당

  ·  4년 전

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I picked up more ETH and ZIL today. Im super bullish on both. Great post

The only way to look at it. Buy your crypto at the "sale" price!


You are right on the buy part. I do find the prices are only low to the Fiat priced to BTC the Altcoins I am interested in are holding their value. For someone with fiat this is a great buying opportunity for one holding cryptos just okay.

Great advice. Kind of has a familiar ring. When everybody says buy, run for the hills. Dot com bubble, real estate bubble. Although it's a great buy. Digits in a computer at a discount lol. I have dirt in my back yard on sale today only.

I bought more #Steem yesterday on Binance, I also have to confess I bought some EOS - not sure when this replay delivers - bought some ETH. The rising star is #Beercoin though - currently ICO stage but sure soon on some exchanges - Germans, you can trust them - hit me on discord for more details

Prices being so low makes it harder to buy, because most of people who are interested are not experienced investors and they are afraid, which indirectly costs them money. The lowest the prices are, the better (bigger is the potential growth).

With prices down like this, there are no more excuses to say that the prices are to expensive to buy, just make a small research and you will immediatly find out that this prices are super undervalued.

This is the right attitude. If you truly believe in crypto then this shouldn't be seen as btc falling, but as a way to get in crypto for a cheap price.
Nobody knows what will happen to bitcoin and the altcoins. But I rather lose $1000 in bitcoin than not being invested at all. It's not only about making money, but supporting new technologies.
For me Bitcoin - representing cryptocoins in general - is a way to get rid of banks. We don't need them anymore. Bitcoin will cause new problems, but I rather deal with these new ones than with the problems banks cause(d).

Bitcoins can be used to buy merchandise anonymously. In addition, international payments are easy and cheap because bitcoins are not tied to any country or subject to regulation. Small businesses may like them because there are no credit card fees. Some people just buy bitcoins as an investment, hoping that they’ll go up in value.

you aint never lied bro bro, right now is the time to cop these coins!!

Going for Polymath, thekey, neo and sbd

Icon(icx) is super discount price right now. Good for everyone who had usd(their own country's fiat currency) waiting on the sidelines. =']

Excellent opportunity for buying excellent information my friend!!

I've been moving a lot into BNB as of late over Tether when I want to get out of a position. It seems to be holding it's price very well with all the news coming out for it.

Plus with the community coin vote coming up soon it should be an incentive for more people to buy coins.

Just a matter of months before it returns to its previous all time high.

Ah, I love the smell of cryptocurrencies marking green in the morning.


I bought more steem this week