Get Accounts on As Many Exchanges As Possible - The Arbitrage Method

2년 전

People often ask me - what is the easiest way to trade. I say - arbitrage. Buy cheap on one exchange, sell more expensive SAME amount on the other.

Rinse n repeat.

If you lose money in the middle - move funds between. This is the only tricky moment as before funds come prices may change.

This is why you should always have loads of exchange accounts, preferably with some BTC or ETH inside or at least have some ETH/LTC in wallet ready to deposit when theres action (way faster than BTC).
Then you deposit them, sell for BTC and go.


There is loads of bitcoin exchanges but when people ask me what i suggest is bitcoin exchanges with no kyc 2019 list

Notice crossed out ones - those were on list but are not suggested anymore. Its important.

For example yesterday arbitrage on ENJ run for hours on Binance and KuCoin.


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we had nice pumps yesterday ;)

I think you must have big resources though in order to make significant money with Arbitrage. Otherwise it's absolutely frustrating.

I've tried doing Arbitrage but transferring between exchanges has always been the tricky part which makes it less profitable. I'm excited for more exchanges to accept nano which in theory would make transfers between exchanges free (minus withdrawal fees) and instant and arbitrage more profitable

wouldnt it be easier to do this using ARB?

excelente información yo soy nuevo con respeto a la moneda virtual y encontrar esta tipo de información para mejor desarrollo durante el proceso

i have nice pumps yesterday ;)

if it works for bithumb too more premium

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I also want to start arbitrage trading. Whats the approximate minimum amount to trade in order to be profitable?

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Buy low sell high :D BASIC


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Rialto does it automatically. So buy Rialto to be exposed to this opportunity

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Sorry to ask..How and is it true


Taking into account, the fees, what is the minimum amount needed in say BTC or DASH to make arbitrage possible?

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What about people like me who are cautious about how many exchanges have our personal info? I already use 3-4 different exchanges, and it still feels like too many.

Is it really possible? How does it goes?

Any explanation for this thing please. Im so confuse.

Good info and at your links. Thanks!



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Very helpful post. Thanks for this post.

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useful informations ... all the best for you

Thanks for the trading tip. That’s definitely a good way to do things

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It's a headache keeping track of a whole bunch of exchanges.

Would you happen to have any pointers for arbitrage trading? I know its been a thing, but I typically like to trade on one exchange and can average 8-12% swings at least depending on the coin. However, I'd love to take the opportunity to learn new methods.

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