List of Dead Coins - My Memories Part 1. BONUS: Civic Added as Scam.

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If you are new to markets you may think any buy is a good buy and coins will go forever. For people thinking that there is a directory of dead coins at link -

I have browsed the list to remind myself of some old days. Im writing this from pure memory if i say something wrong here feel free to write in comments.
The coins i used to have/trade from there are ie:

  • BlakeBitcoin and Photon all made in BlakeCoin ecosystem which was pretty much a fail and everything died.
  • Bones i believe i still have them on Poloniex.
  • Bumbacoin not dead, developer moved to EXCL which is doing amazingly great and is a good buy right now
  • Bytom used to trade on Binance still you can get it on KuCoin imho a troll listning as its alive
  • Cagecoin and CoinyeCoin died due to copyright issues
  • Carpe Diem Coin traded as DIEM on polo, was always crappy to me
  • Confido ETH ico scam not long ago
  • Crypti actual coin that then became LISK
  • CGA was amazing idea, i knew the dev then he disapepared
  • CryptoMeth base on Breaking Bad theme
  • Dragoncoin another scam that got listed on Polo for pnd had nice graphics
  • Elephantcoin was good arbitrage from Cryptsy to China
  • Fck Banks Coin was supposed to be a coin to make people stop using banks
  • FIMKrypto used to trade on CCEDK whic hthen became OpenLedger of BTS

Rest next time.


Seems Civic got listed there as scam. I DO NOT think its scam. I just report what site says.

Surely good to sell at KuCoin right now when buying elsewhere.

And do you remember any of this coins or others from A-F ? Share in comments!

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Civic got listed as a scam? It is most likely because our dear Bitcoin Core supporters asked the site to list is as a scam after Vinny Lingham started thinking about switching over to Bitcoin Cash. The attacks from Core supporters towards BCH supporters will apparently never stop.


Goes both ways things are very bitter in both camps and I think that really is harming the price for both parties, lighting network is here so bitcoin should be exploding in price but it's not.


It is here... but it still is not here. If you get what I mean. Until they have an user friendly GUI for the Lightning network, and simple to use websites and/or mobile applications. It is not really here in my opinion.

You are right, both camps are somewhat bitter. But I find the BCH side more welcoming and friendly.

When those kind of LN apps will release the price of BTC will most likely see an incredible rise. Until then I am not bullish on either Bitcoins. Some of the new alt coins will most likely outperform both of them % wise.


I'm not very bullish about bitcoin either I feel like it's lost it's first movers advantage now as it's so slow and expensive lightning network is a solution that other coins have already solved without having to go off chain. Steemit is already doing over 1million transaction a day at the moment and is nowhere near capacity.


I have seen a lot of market acceptance for Litecoin and I think there will be adoption of "coins" out of the top five marketcap principally. My vps merchant now accepts about a dozen coins but none of them are graphene based coins. Steem may be the rational decision to make, but the market decides more on network effect than anything else.

Steem is even worse to privacy than bitcoin. You do not have to analyse the chain. It is all there on the blockchain. All of our transactions are tied to some identity.

If all of Bitcoin's transactions were put on Steem's we wouldn't even feel it.


Graphene in fact works wonders and I am a big fan of the technology.

For the privacy part.. might want to use services like CashShuffle for Bitcoin Cash or a privacy coin.

I remember early as 2014 there were many pump and dump coins, created to make a quick profit. Pretty sure that's still a thing today, thanks for sharing the site!

this is not encouraging- hopefully we don't see more coins drop off the map


Theire seems to be to many, plus with new ICO's and Tokens. A bunch more will be dumped once the speculators can no longer make a profit in the smaller ones. Add the fact that some never get the push needed to continue after the original luster wears off.

Never heard about any of these

Good thing I didn't invest in any of those.


There are many more shit coins to be added, hoping leading to cannibalization of their values into projects that actually deserve them. :)


Wait, are you a collaborator in this? This is an awesome project. I love to see the rise and fall of ICO's!


People are making money with shit coins too :D

That's why they keep existing


When will SBD join in the fun? Tomorrow in the Late Night Show, we welcome our readers to experience the great haBBening!


How many digital coins did you have, and why those coins have died, although I am different to the steemit community I think this will be a lot to the lead going on to be resolved negotiations once this currency, I think it is a adding to reflect back suggestion to the subject of these digital currencies that are becoming more, your proclamation is intensely enthralling, I would taking into consideration you to visit my publications and explain the subject of them, I'll continue to following this that you shared considering us thank you every one much. @kingscrown


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Wow this is so funny! For as long as I habe been into bitcoin, i just got into the altcoin trading about 2 1/2 yeara or so back... I always smirked when I heard the words "hodl" though. Banks love $$$ almost as much as greed fuels the fires. A means to an exponential ending seems to fit quiet nice in 🤖🌎.

2018 will usher in an era of consolidation in the crypto market. It'll be interesting to see what will be added later in the year!

And the list will grow way bigger....... I'm really curious what the effect of 2nd layers of bitcoin will be.


In the year 3000 the list will be uncountable. There will be a huge-ass blockchain just made for registering dead coins.

Hmmm... I remember that once upon a time (2014? 2015?) there existed a coin called BonusCoin. It was SHA256 and fairly easy to mine. It faded out of existence in a few weeks.

Edit: Oh I just saw it is mentioned in the list (had to look twice!)


gotta watch out for the $hitt coins! its good to always keep an eye on a coins Devs and its platforms feasibility. unless you are adept at the art of Pump and Dump research is key to success.


It's a nice show. At least nowadays, with the boom of cryptocurrencies, there are a lot of very smart people reviewing everything and all we have to do is look for their advice. What a brave new world we live in, it's all amazing.


Gotta love a good-ol' SHA256 coin. I wish I had mined it and sold it right off the bat. Keep the shitcoin-rain coming, guys!

Awesome post, thank you for sharing.

Surely good to sell at KuCoin right now when buying elsewhere. - I think no. Spread is not very big. IMHO.

this make the market down when we see scaming coins and they make the market very shit

New coins are coming daily to markets and only few coins are showing their existace by good business. I am not traded any cryptos in past so i don't have idea about them.


No worries, we've got you. Just follow some of these great info-sharers and you'll have an excellent input of new information every day about the greatest and worst coins in the markets! You'll get some nice holdings in no time, you'll see.

keep on sharing these scams and possible futrure scams also this will help small investors


Hmmm, this curated information is top quality for us lowly investors. I hope he will keep it up so we can invest more safely in the future!

Nice list. Some promising ones like scamcoin had it's groundbreaking pos or " proof of scam" algorithm. The world was never ready.


Lol, love that one! I'm going to create Shitcoin. Just wait and see!

Great reminder that we all should be careful in where we put our money. I may have not reached some of this coins. But even some new ones die or either run when the ICO closes.


Buy shitcoins but sell them just as quickly when any change comes. They're very unstable and risky, and although they may prove to be very beneficial, they may also take your savings if you put too much trust in'em. Diversify and read a lot to be safer!

Thanks for sharing..the more that we need a sort of auditing body for ICO within this space that is also operated by blockchain..similar to what Quanstamp is offering in securing smart contracts..

Thanks for the info. Nice post.


Thanks for the review. Nice comment.

How many digital coins did you have, and why those coins have died, I think it is a post to reflect on these digital currencies that are becoming more, your publication is very interesting, although I am new to the steemit community I think this will be a lot help to be clear negotiations with this currency, I would like you to visit my publications and comment on them, I'll continue to like this that you shared with us thank you very much

very important post thanks for the sharing post

We just started our blog for sharing our crypto investment experiences with you! Join our journey and follow our blog to get an insight!
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Excellent man. No better one. Oof!

I think there are more and more of this kind of coins to be added to that list. I also remember when bitcoin was also dead asf just as this coins, you could only buy pizza those days with bitcoin. nice post though

I have CVC coins. Should I sale them now coz m in profit right now. Some predictions I found that this coin will goto moon soon so I purchased and its booming already. Plz give your opinion. Thank you.

Good reminder, informative too

😯😯 Ohh it might be big lose for someone.

I'm mining with:
-Hashflare (cloud mining bitcoin) (i prefer it )
-Genesis Mining (3% promo with this link)
and trading on Binance for altcoin ! :p
made a lot this year :3

Very cool, a word of caution, a word to the wise ... All that digitally glitters is not gold (-:

Good to know bro, I appreciate the heads up!

thank so much

Guys, anyone here maybe knows something more about Petro Dollar coin:

It does not have any website , but it looks like people are still mining it.
And with the new Petro coin coming, maybe this one will resurect...?

Long term Xirva holder reporting in. At this point I’m holding due to having no other options lol

interesting posts I think is worth following. Thank you for your input

I really like your post

Great job with this list, it is a good to remind people to be careful with their investment even if everything is going up. @kingscrown

Any coins on the top 100 that you think could end up there one day? There are lots of big promises, but at least one or two of them are bound to fall flat.

I was unaware that dragoncoin was a scam? Do you know why? And i thought Civic was legit and still trading?


You're not confusing that with Dragonchain are you? Cause that coin is going places IMO.


Yeah. My mistake lol


Dragon is not dead and actively traded at Kucoin

  ·  2년 전

this is a great article dont forget KanyeCoin!

Im glad my only holding Doge is not on that list as I been holding that since 2014! : )

There was a CLR coin traded on Mcxnow exchange way back when, before they folded for the second and final time. I don't remember what the acronym stood for.
There was also a Devcoin (DVC) which still has a website, although it's not listed on Coinmarketcap.
I have a few more when we get further in the alphabet. These were all ones I had bought back in the day. And they were all going to change the world!

  ·  2년 전

Thanks for this. With the proliferation of altcoins right now, I was wondering if any of them would die off or if we were stuck with an ever-growing jar of demonetized junk.

Dragoncoin is owned by Disney. Do you think Snow White was made to snow us also?

Good information @kingscrown. Thanks for share because very useful for me

Good post I like it and say thanks for sharing good work keep it up

very important post thanks for the sharing post

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Picking up the right shitcoins at the right time can get you some good quick profits.

Sure we are going to see thousands more coins come and go.

this is just glimpse as we know market is growing so more and more shit coins are rolling in

Hello friend, it's a pleasure to say hello, I have a question that gives value to a cryptocurrency, apart from the trust that people put in them, because for example, no cryptocurrency in the world is backed by money or gold! I hope to read you greetings, take your vote, happy new year 2018

Big thanks ! good article.

Interesting to see how many scams there are in unregulated market, but also how people keep on trusting these scams and giving them money without researching the ICOs first. I would add DemiCoin to you collection - it is a recent one, promising something like $20 for each referral to their "ICO". The website had no team (because it was a "secret team")and a very basic white paper. Needles to say, it is now unreachable.. (redirects you straight to the coinmarketcap website instead)

Hay. Nice info by the way kingscrown. Now i get new information from you that different coint thats good or not

very nice a lovely post dear
Nice post dear and it is rewarded so enjoy the reward
i followed you so pls vote back on!/v/pakistan786/8ujelc19

Nice info. ....thanks.
Sir, whai is the defence of coin and tokan

i have learned many things from your blog, thanks for sharing such a nice blog

What happened to dogecoin ? Anyone knows?

I own some Civic, not enough to care though

Don't see Bitcoin :D


Keep waiting and let it rise to the moon! :p

Woah. Thank you for raising awareness. I didn't know that there are cryptocurrency scams out there.

thanks for this info :)

  ·  2년 전

Thanks. This explains why my CoinyeCoin wallet stopped syncing!

ZombieCoin has really become zombie now :3

It is very useful but it is not specify, however many thanks.

Communicated in the past with some Civic coins. They do not bring any special benefits, but time can be spent.

If going by the civic white paper, each person only need one civic token. It's not supposed to rise in value. It's supposed to try to get as many people tagged onto a token.

  ·  2년 전

I am new to steemit and really your information was very valuable, it teaches us how we should learn to manage in this market but also buy and sell here is a matter of luck, but very good your post


Right on. That's why my portfolio is 80 percent BigBoobscoin.

lol no way that Civic is a scam. I disagree with its Orwellian potential, yes, but a scam it is not.

I am new to this. Thank you so much for this info. ;). I have already made a few mistakes. And and I needs no more!! Lol

Lol such a sad list. By the way, Kucoin carries some very different kinds of coins, do they do DD on their listings?

I have only been investing in AltCoins for a short time now but it seems that about 90% of them are backed by nothing with no trajectory and certainly no future. It seems to me, as a novice with fresh eyes, that a sound fundamental technology behind a coin, a solid plan for scaleability well into the future combined with prior business development success on the part of the engineers and founders may be a reasonable recipe for predicting the potential success of a coin. Though there do seem to be trends that are emerging as time unfolds it is probably an embedded characteristic of the market and the disruptive nature of the blockchain that uncertainty will rule the day, month, year, future. Central banking depends on the certainty that money moves ever upwards, decentralized P2P economies will most certainly remain in flux and perhaps indefinitely. Great post:)

interesting, only go with somewhat established currency to start with anyway

nice update. i did invest in NTO, EXN, ATS etc. I guess they are shit coins or scam coins.
tks for sharing

Hey guys , I just made a new post about what to expect next on ethereum , check my page follow and upvote thanks

I'm glad there is a directory for dead coins.

I also have some civic so that's a little disturbing if it's true.

Is there any other source of civic being a scam?

Good information @kingscrown

MAVRO is a scam

Gamecoins(GME) is dead.
A few years ago there were coins with mining during the gameplay (mototrial and turn-based strategy).

How would one conclude a coin is definitely not returning from the dead?

Thanks for such useful list.
It will be useful for newbies as source to check before investing

godd info thanks

Maybe it's a good idea to post the exchange that went rogue, were scams or just disappeared. Like freaking Cryptsy that made me loose a balance, that would be a yearincome right now... The bastards

I'd add Lovecoin, (if I'm not mistakne, one of the first coins that dealed with pornography) , and on the other hand onecoin and swisscoins which were purely scams (pyramid schemes)

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Just checkout out that link to deadcoins. Thanks for posting! I think before looking into any altcoins this may be one of the first places to check. If anything just seeing some of the names is worth checking it out... Hahaha

Hey, you forgot Useless Ethereum Token! If you go to It's advertised as - "The world's first 100% honest Ethereum ICO. No value, no security, and no product. Just me, spending your money."

Looks like it has a market cap. of $134,063 on CoinMarketCap!

Man, I'm in the wrong line of work!

  ·  2년 전

LOL. I bought some of these for fun a few months back. Maybe they'll become a collectors item.


Stranger things have happened. :-)

I just wrote about civic wondering about the same thing!