Steemit Community Question - When Will Bear Market End Do You Think ?

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We have longest bear market period in BTC history now. When do you guys think it will end?


Write in comments, why and when. Of course also write if you believe crypto and BTC will keep tanking.

Lets see the community Hive Mind in Action!


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may be when indian government remove ban on cryptocurrencies..

I guess no more bear or bull market will happen.
The market will start to stabilize as its final destination.
But we will be as usual experiencing a usual little ups and downs in the market. Maybe some big highs and lows, but bear and bull are slowly backing out and returning to their habitat.

When do you guys think it will end?

In the next couple of months(July tops) we will head further down(2.2k-1.8k), the reversal will probably happen Q1 of 2020, when the reversal happens shit will go crazy, last time it happened we pumped 40% in a couple of days, I'm expecting this to happen a lot quicker, the money will rush in like crazy, traders will long on bitfinex and bitmex, the whole market will go crazy, and where will we stop? Really don't know... 70k is my first target, 100k the second, if it goes past that I would be really surprised, but who knows... maybe we will finally have a multi-halving bull market...

Hi kingscrown, it is the million dollar question. I think few years ago when bitocin was in downtrend at that time, lot of people know about Bitcoin but only few traders trade Bitcoin. Then strong bullish rise appear and everyone came to know about this Big Giant. So lot of Big players are involved right now. When 90 per cent of the traders assume that now Bitcoin will not rise. That will be the start of rise. I think in few months Bitcoin is going to be bullish. In my point of view only one Strong bearish move will occur and 90 per cent trader start to think that Bitcoin will not rise now for few years and then it will start to rise. I suggest to traders they should not wait for the next bearish move. They should get in right now.


Agreed dollar cost avg rn I think 3,125 was the bottom at mid December. We will have a sideways action for cpl months and slowly start going up around end of May and peak about 100k around end of 2020 then drop back down again to 20k in my opinion.

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According to previous history approximately 36 to 39 months bullish wave and then about 12 to 13 months bearish wave. Current bearish wave starts at 8 February 2018 and 12 months passed. So you are right it will slowly increased

I think they will end in July 2019.

Crypto markets act in a strange way. No one is certain when it's going to end but I think that with the ETF's approval from the SEC and institutions jumping in to the cryptos, governments might try to regulate it.
So probably the next bull run is coming this December.

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I think the bear market will bottom out sometime in 2019

November 2019... 😏 we are actually still in the bullrun if you think about it lol

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whenever good news comes out

I think 3,125 was the bottom at mid Dec. we’re already transitioning to bull market I believe.

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No clue, but I can tell you this: when the next wave of adoption hits, it will hit big.

Next year😢

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They're already over, the bears are no longer beating the bulls. It will be sideways trading for the next bit then things will start to look good come the spring. Please don't consider this as financial advice it's just a guess based off a feeling.

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When all large trading investors close all trades and stops shorting positions.
When SEC approve Bitcoin ETF's. 3/4 commissioners are agree with ETF approval.
When BAKKT will be launched.
When Fidelity Custody services will be launched.
Then everything will change ;)
@kingscrown thanks for this great article.

I think we are starting to see the beginning of some decoupling among the cryptocurrencies as bitcoin will no longer be the only factor to drive prices. As projects continue to develop and increase adoption, we should start to see winners and losers.

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I am hoping that we might see a turnaround by mid of this year but ......

Nevertheless I am bullish in the longrun

PS: Tribe Tribe!

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