The best Cryptocurrencies to mine with GPU/CPU right now

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When Bitcoin started it was made so any average person could mine it on their home computer. Currently difficuly is too high but still there are many coins which can be only mined on CPU/GPU or that are at least still worth it.

Lets have a look on whats the best now.


So ZEC and its forks ZCL ZEN are the best. Ethereum on second place. Worth noting that ETH soon will go into PoS mode so mining this might be historical soon.


This guys in their auto app choose XMR for now for GPU and in CPU. Whats cool in latest app version is that you can withdrawal coins mined right from the app, dont need to get on website at all (need to register first HERE).


Their app auto chooses what to mine and currently its XMR algo.

What To Mine

Interestingly it says SUMO is the top coin for payment, then we have XMR (which SUMO is fork of) and then NiceHash.. Possibly people mine SUMO today for payments on those.


If you are very lazy go for MinerGate since they are on iMAC,Linux and Windows. If you are little less lazy and want better profits mine directly ZEC or use NiceHash but windows only or you have to point your miners ot them directly.
in CPU XMR Monero wins, no doubt in this.

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RT Done. But I have my issues with Twitter Fascistbook Google and Youtube. I shared those feelings here >
I love the Steemit post you do. Always helpful always insightful.
Keep up the good work.


LAToken aims to tokenize assets worth $1.2 trillion by2022 It already launched trades of Real Estate LAT backed by ETF, tokenized shares of Apple, Tesla, Google and other blue chips, as well as gold and oil.

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Thanks a lot for your suggestions for mining of future currencies.

Someone needs to create a site that shows real time the changes in profitability mining different cryptos. Or is there one and I have missed it?

I do still like the fact of coins that can only be mined by CPU it seems to be the best in terms of an even playing field for everyone because everyone has a CPU! But not everyone has a GPU.

One thing you can never predict though is a coin that might not be profitable to mine today could actually be easier to mine today and jump in price making it the most profitable. I say mine whatever you believe in and like.


That's true. I believe in mining a fair quantity of variety of coins giving the options in future to get good rewards.
Although CPU mining is possible, but will be much slower that GPU mining. Even if you get one nice card, you will get a lot of profit than CPU mining. So in my case, I bought a nice card to get better profits. Still in testing phase, so lets see how it works out. :)


What GPU are you using, if I may ask?
You didn't seem to have trouble in buying one(?) I'm in Malaysia and GPUs are in short supply. When they are available, sellers would ask for a rather high premium. There's an online business of unoffical `resellers'. These guys would buy as many GPUs as they can with the sole intention of selling these to others.


Its a Zotac GTX 1060. Had to buy a new one. Already lost a bundle trying to purchase them second hand (fraud sellers). Its not exactly great, but good enough to mine newer coins.
Can't mine ETH with this card.

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you can. there is even a claymore dual miner for nvidia. so you can mine ETH and SIA at the same time for example. or any other coin with equihash algorithm. dont want to post the link here... miners are sometimes trojans and i dont want to spread this. never tried the nvidia version, amd works great! cheers


I tried mining with minergate on i7 system with 6 threads, but maximum hash rate it showed was around 40 H/s, and consumed ~98% CPU usage on 6GB RAM. GPU mining might be beneficial.


Thanks for the feedback.
Was toying with the idea of mining something on my i3 8GB RAM desktop. But after reading your comment here, I guess I should be sticking to POS :)


I am able to get the same hash rate on my i5 2520m 8 GB ram. Interestingly my huawei p9 lite is able to mine at 22 H/s.
All using minergate xmr mining.


I use two dell t54oo workstations with dual 3.0 cpu's... which is total 8 cores each which pushes close to 139 h/s each and one t3400 dell at two cores for a total of 455.1H/sStatus:ONLINE
Active workers:3 on minergate. it only brings in about $20-25 a month.
Accessoriesbay: Join me on minergare-


Some of the lesser-known coins do have much lower system requirements. Like Evergreencoin (EGC) which uses a hybrid POW and POS system. One won't make big money from mining like with the popular coins (provided that you discover blocks often enough). And you'd need to also own and stake these coins. But it does provide some reward for those who help support the coin by running a node on their laptop/desktop.

By the way, I'm running EGC and Navcoin nodes on a humble 10-year-old Dell laptop. While using it for browsing and word-processing. Every so often, my laptop would successfully discover a block and I'd get a small reward. But it's being involved and contributing to a coin and its community that's my main objective here.

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Great info, thank you

Help post.All dollar i will earn from this post will be given to help the flood victim share among friends too.

Honest question, how much power my PC does require for some decent mining like this? I think I need a new PC for this and that is investment :)


Try this 2 services mentioned, do benchmarks and they will give you average


Does this mean, we can directly mine even without ASIC using our PC?


Yes. As far as I know all the ASICs out there will only do SHA256 (though some might be even more restricted to only work with BTC). Some hash algorithms would be prohibitively difficult to put into an ASIC. There might be some other algorithms that could go into an ASIC, but that are used on coins that just aren't worth the development effort to do so.

Whatever the reason may be, it puts everyone on much more "even footting" when it comes to mining.


Asic can do scrypt, and some can do x11 too.


Yes Some asic and gridseed miner's do both. This is more for bitcoin, litecoin and Ethereum mainly. If you use EOBOT and tie your miners in than you can mine multiple algorythems providing you use your miners to gain cloud mining power. This is also a great way to get more mining power for a low budget


@markosky just use the nicehash profitability calculator ( ). Select your gpu or the gpu you are looking to buy. It will tell you how much power the gpu will use, what will be it's hash rate, What will be your Return on Investment (RoI), your profit and how much you will be making on daily basis

Hope that helps :)


I tried to look for my hardware....LOL. I don't have anything like those expensive requirements.
I have an I7 950, 12GB ram, 2x amd 5770 in crossfire. It plays my steam games on windows just fine, and linux of course its a beast. So why is it so hard to mine with old hardware ? I would think it would be just the opposite. This is my first post in the community !

Additionally I would like to see a comparison of best POS coins and their returns after investing.

Does this mean I could use an old computer to mine that stuff? Then trade what I mined for something else?


yes you can but electricity may make it not worth ;)


Yes you can but your hash rate may very slow and your earnings not satisfy you. Also you can use minergate mobile app and desktop version same time for up your hashing power.


tell me more about this minergate, why should I trust it? How do I know it's not like Genesis CloudMining?...what's in it for them?


You'll probably have to do some research on it my friend.


2017-07-28 22:02:35


2017-07-26 12:12:54


2017-07-22 17:51:39


2017-07-19 00:38:43


2017-07-07 10:01:10




Actually why i am trust it i don't know and i can't explain you to why should you trust it 😊Just i use it and i know it's not a scam.


@everittdmickey The best bet is to run either minergate or nicehash for a week and review your earnings. That's what I am doing right now. It's my 8th day mining using nicehash and it shows that I have earned $15 so far in bitcoins.


hey mate what gpu are you using and what are you mining?
What is the minimum investment to be made?


It's my almost 1.5yr old pc with a GTX 1070. That's the only gpu I have right now.
I build that pc for around $900 USD for my college work and VR development on Unity3D.
But started mining just a week back using nicehash, I'm also thinking of adding another gpu (GTX 1080 TI maybe) soon.

If you are starting out for mining from scratch I would suggest to stay away from AMD gpus coz they cost same as nvidia ones but use more electric power to run. In comparison my 1070 uses 150W for the same or even better performance than RX480 that uses 250W.

Use the nicehash profitability calculator ( to estimate your daily earnings.

Have fun mining :)


This program Also allows you to buy hashing power to help with the mining expense as of electricity and equipment cost.

Thanks for the info, im thinking start mining, this will help me getting started
Keep up the good work


Start with Minergate or nicehash. Very newbie friendly while also being profitable.


@johnycrypto Hi5 bro, I just started mining a week back using nicehash. It's really simple and newbie friendly. Post your config too. Happy Mining :)


I saw nicehash in Digital Gold youtube mining videos, check it if you dont know. Is very good because calculates de best coin to mine, benchmark the components, all with a simples clicks.
Thanks all for the comments

@kingscrown What do you think about the new D3 Bitmain has been schilling out ? last batch just sold out and delivery is late November.. it mines at 15 GH/s BUT i am worried that by end of November the difficulty on Dash will be so dam high because of this it may not be profitable.. Right now 15 Gh/s on Dash makes i think 150K a year BUT thats before all these D3s are hitting the chain.. So i am not sure to buy one or not


its great but as you noticed hard to buy

Xmr is good for real

  ·  2년 전

What does it mean when ETH goes PoS?
And other question about my mining "rig": I have two rx 480 GPU and ryzen 5 1600 CPU. What should I mine?

In this moment I am mining only ether but should I change to some other currency?

just amazing knowledge by you, I do at present like the reality of coins that must be mined by CPU it is by all accounts the best as far as a notwithstanding playing field for everybody in light of the fact that everybody has a CPU! Be that as it may, not every person has a GPU. best of luck

great! thanks alot for sharing, I used that for some time. Might start again

Would have been awesome to mine BTC back when laptops were useful. Then again BTC was virtually unheard of at that time.

damn i have a laptop, if i try, my pc will explode ahah

thanks for putting it all together.

Nice post ...I just found this post! Thanks!

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The next fork of bitcoin should be for Bitcoin Gold in October or November, we will be able to mine Bitcoin Gold using GPU, and if I understood properly ASIC miners won't work with Bitcoin Gold.


Do you have an article/source of this information?


That's an awesome news for all the home miners. But not so awesome for the gamers looking out for gpus :P


So I can keep using my spondoolies as a door jam.

Thx for sharing

Thanks for suggest

im using minergate. really easy to use. i didnt mine monero.. fees is expensive than the others.

Thanks very much @kingscrown for your generosity to share this information

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Amazinggg, Thank You @kingscrown for information

I downloaded Minergate a week or two ago and currently have mined 0.001 XMR. Not great progress. In fact, not really worthwhile at all. I suppose if I had a better GPU it might be worth it.


What are you mining with?


2017-09-03 13:43:02


total 1month


Great post! It is very certain that NiceHash is treating users very well! Each Nvidia 1070 GPU gives me around $60 per month, which after trading the funds on exchanges can easily go up to $80 - $90 per month.

I really needed this, @kingscrown, thanks tip!

I find cryptocurrencies so confusing but I'm trying to learn!


What specifically do you find confusing?


I'm so confused about them I'm not even sure what I'm confused about. lol There's so many, most feel like a pyramid scheme,, but obviously some are "real". The most common thing I hear is "Ya but how do you cash out, you lose all the profits in the fees".

Cryptocurrency Miners Explained: Why You Really Don’t Want This Junk on Your PC: Are you interesting in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. If yes, I have wrote you for you. It will be helpfull for all stmeemit users.

This is a helpful post kingpost. Been using the , Minergate software app both on my pcs and android. Its a good one.To top on your list, 2 days ago i also made a post on one of the cryptocoins thats easy and best to mine on might find it is my post

Another one would be GridCoin.
You are rewarded for your BOINC computations (not doing proof of work), so you are actually helping out science while you are rewarded with crypto! :)

I have a buddy who uses nicehash he's definitely a fan.

I would rather configure based on difficulty rating and steady incline on a 7 day trend. In my mind getting in before it gets to big to be worth trying.

Thanks this is informative!

Very informative valuable post. Thanks

Nice article, i think i'll try mine with Ryzen and see if it's profitable without make it's lifespan shorter.

I also wrote an article about #Minergate In my opinion there are only 2 currencies that are even worth mining at all with a low power computer or cell.

Thanks for the info, Just picked up a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card , this tutorial will help me get up and running.

Ive started mining using nice hash but it seems like it is a service where people buy hashing power and your rig is what nice hash is selling. Will it be more proffifable for me to join an alternative pool to earn more ???

Wow thats cool! I didnt know you can mine monero easily!

Burstcoin is another easy coin to mine too! and its still very cheap only about 8 cents right now!

What happens to etc when eth is no longer miner profitable?
Could be good for etc price?
Good for zcash, kinda knew it would be a good coin to mine.

ppl look into bitcoin gold. it should be ready to star mining by the time that eth go to pos and it will be asic proof

Useful tips. Thanks if you are have a time to visit and support me back to @maulanailham

Minergate is very slow


But it seems to very dependable and by dependable I mean stable.
I still use Ethos for ETH and ETC GPU mining though.

very educative thanks so much. i will follow for more update.

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I have used both Nicehash and Minergate. Nicehash = more profits but slow to payout. Minergate = slightly less profits but pays out sooner/manually after a predetermined amount of coin has been mined. All in all I believe in XMR's worth going up and would like to be paid in XMR to sit on the coin for now.

Thank you for the update on this crypto. I find this quite useful!

Thanks for the tips. I have recently started with mining and am still in a testing phase. Although my 'rig' only has one graphic card, I am hoping to mine new coins that have less difficulty level. Already have a miner gate account, so hoping to mine coins that will have good value at a later on time.
Will be buying my second card in a month or two. Hoping to get more tips from you in future.


What are the specs of your rig currently, and what do you ideally want?


The motherboard is the sad part actually. Its a very old dual core board compatible with a Zotac GTX 1060. Although I have Windows 7 installed. I will have to install Windows 10 to get more hash rate.
I am searching for a lite version of win 10 64 bit that will have literally nothing installed (no apps, nothing but the actual Windows OS). Any where I can look?

I have experienced ETH Mining to be very hard with little outcome in terms of the amount of coins (not $ value) and then switched to DCR. I believe having more coins will be more profitable / have potentially more upside in the future if you select a cryptocurrency that is pretty stable and nothing completely crazy.

Great post , upvoted and resteemed.

great thank you

Like ur post. How do u feel aboug bytecoin withe the hopes and dreams of it getting bullish soon? Upvoted and following keep postin good content👍

need to look into this thanks for this info.

Thanks for the info, im thinking start mining, this will help me getting started
Keep up the good work

Great info. Thanks.

Question: Can you make money using NiceHash to buy mining and then cloud mine this way instead of using Genesis Mining? Or is there no profit doing it this way?


I did try mining some zcash, but it was not worth it. My computer is intel i5-4440, with no graphics card. So hash rate was pretty low. Between I have been hearing a lot of negative about minergate on bitcointalk. I don't think one should use it. Although nicehash is pretty reputed as far as I know.

It is almost always better to BUY coins instead of invest in mining equipment and MINE.

Very informative valuable post. Upvoted and resteemed! Thanks!

Very Nice Post....I think I should start mining or at least give a try

Definitely helpful as I am unsure of all the coins out there and all the websites that offer cloud mining! Good to know I can do Zec on a mac!!! 💪🏻👍🏻

Hi there, I have ati radeon hd4500 series. What GPU driver should I install so I can use it to mine?

What do you think of GMO’s new mining business? They’re opening a facility in northern Europe - expensive electricity there isn’t it? :) They’re suppose to offer cloud mining services, you can buy hashrate and potentially earn BTC:, maybe an opportunity there...

I have minergate setup on all my machines mining monero.

A couple of years back i could get one or two coins a month from an i7 860 CPU running at around 300h/s.

Now its a bit harder.. but when you calculate future potential profits i think its very worthwhile.

You can also run minergate while running a few GPUS at the same time, doesn't really slow you down.

You can also chuck on a couple of POS coins also to make the box a bit better on the ROI side ;)

I have been using MinerGate, pretty simple and straight forward, but they don't let us withdraw until we mine a certain amount of coins

Thanks for this. Appreciate the round up. Some new sites here for me to try!

zCash still going strong on GPU.

How efficient is i5 4gb ram with Nvidia geforce 740M in terms of mining ethereum? I'm kinda newbie in cryptocurrency and I wanna try stuffs.


Just try the links i gave

I purchased 2 GPU's from Best Buy last week for an Ethereum rig, but decided to return them after reading this type of story regarding Proof of Stake:

I guess there were some other options.



There usually are other options that are either more profitable or equally as profitable.

These are up on my list will be looking to check out which will work best for me thanks for this post

I see you do some affiliate marketing @kingscrown :)

Its good you have created your own redirection URLS.. something i learned over the years was the sponsors always go down.. good to be able to just redirect that traffic to whoever is paying.

I am wondering what you think about this new site i invested into:

I must say i am a bit biased.. as i was half way through designing this exact same system.. so if it does what they say it will.. i think its a winner.

What do you think @kingscrown - having more experience than myself in crypto.. do you think its a ponzi.. or would you invest?

FYI i put $150 in last night, pulled out $8 as a test this morning.. it worked.

ROI is 12 days. My thoughts are to invest what your willing to lose.. pull out your inintial investment ASAP and then earn for as long as possible on the rest.

Would be keen to hear your opinion :)

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for this @kingscrown. I started on MinerGate with my computer and a little while later with my phone. Believe it or not, my two year old LG is keeping pace with my computer.
I am mining Monero and FCN on both. I think I need a new computer though this one is only 6 months old. Or my phone is a boss. One of the two. I hope it was an affiliate link of yours that I clicked. I was so excited I forgot to come back and upvote. Done now and resteemed! Thanks again. I think Monero is in for some good things coming up.

Thank you for sharing kingscrown.
I remember when CoinWarz was the only go to site but whomever runs it has not done a very good job keeping it current with crypto like

Do not use MinerGate. There are complaints about share skimming.

I tried their software and service and found it suspicious that for beginners, who it is targeted at, there is much that is simply not openly explained. For instance, how and when you will be paid.

This is informative!

Great option. I will look them.

What is a good resource to learn step by step process for mining XMR?

Very informative. I've been trading different crypto currency and this one helps a lot. A simple one. Anyway does anyway knows the OMG, I kind a heard and read it.

woah, i think i have to start mining, thanks to @kingscrown

After doing significant research, I've decided to build my own mining rig. This post was very helpful, thank you!

Is there a coin which can still be mined with a normal notebook? Maybe a coin which is now at a low price and is going to be a good one in future?

STEEM still best to mine with CPU.

good one...sir, i am following can follow & vote to me....

Good updates, thanks for sharing.

nice post you got there, i have my own mining rig with only 2 GTX 1070s, before i am mining signatum but the price dive down so i stopped. what coins is profitable to mine now using 1070 gpus?

Thanks a a lot. very usefull tips.i will try to do it

Good guide here for those interested in mining XMR

@kingscrown thank you for this! I've been following ethereum for a while on the fence about it

What a coincidence! I'm about to mine some coins in my available PC. Thank you mr poster. :)

thank you for the post @kingscrown! please post more like this, the community needs this!

One day in the future, when all of society is using crypto as currency, what if we could all mine with our cell phones?

Some great tips for beginners like myself here. I tried both nicehash and minergate and both are very straight foward. I prefer to use nice hash and mine a bit even though I only get 50H/s on my cpu and gpu

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After reading the leaked KW Crypto Report I switched from ZEN to ETC and mainly SIGT again.
Let's see if their predictions hold true.


Here's my analysis: Leaked KW Report

i think its useful

13 rigs x 13 GPU = 1 eth... Very Powerful! :D

But my coins are showing token expired, what does that mean, what should i do now?


I was getting the same token expired issue in the MinerGate Application and I was searching the web for the solutions. I came across this article It helped me resolve that token expired issue. I hope it will be useful for you.


Same here, did you ever find an answer?


I was getting the same token expired issue in the MinerGate Application and I was searching the web for the solutions. I came across this article It helped me resolve that token expired issue. I hope it will be useful for you.

I was thinking... is it worth mining Litecoins?

You are awesome for sharing this! Followed and resteemed!!!

keep up the work!!! ;-)

steemit 4 life!

Great information!! Thanks for posting

Currently I am mining for sumokoin and jsecoin.

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Good stuff. With this I try minergate. Thanks

I'm currently mining Ethereum. Are you suggesting I should get on ZCash? :O

mining is a creative matter.

nice to see that mining is still alive and somewhat profitable

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Good info! I did a little more research and just started mining ZEC tonight. With my GPU it only amounts to $40/month minus power costs... but maybe if I did some more math and scaled up with more cards it could be substantial...

Is it profitable to mine on the new macbook pro?

Very helpfull post !

what the best GPU card for mining right now ???

Hey @kingscrown

I would like to know is they any cloud coin mining where we get good return on investment? and which is legit?

Guys, I'm new here on steemit, I'm a ecommerce and marketing expert who would like to bring some nice topics here over to steemit, please check out my first post, thanks!

Well, great info fear

mine vertcoin!

you are a good friend who support me. the best friend's in this esetim. please you please i love my poetry. i accept your suggestion

Very helpful article Sir! Looks like us "peasants" can still mine / farm coins! Yea!


Any possibility to mine bitcoin? Would I require to purchase some really expensive GPU/ motherboard. Any suggestions?

thanks for Info. Resteemed

Mining is a speculative endeavor. You are banking on an investment making returns. You use current and expected future prices to determine an expected gross value and you use mining difficulty and likely of successfully mining a block to determine expected costs. Together these provide expected profit, if you're interested in mining look at calculators for this.

The problem is that all of these variables change and are related. If price goes up, more people mine, and the mining difficulty goes up and you are less likely to be the person who wins the block. That means that if people want to win, they need to mine smarter. So they don't use cpus, they use gpus and Asics. These are more powerful than cpus per dollar and therefore win on average. For bitcoin or litecoin, you're not going to make money without multiple Asics. For ethereum and everything else that doesn't have asics, you're not going to make money without multiple gpus. And even if you do everything right, you may never make enough to recoup your investment on hardware.

So if you want to mine with a CPU you need to mine something nobody else thinks is worth mining, and be right. Which you probably won't be.

You would be better off investing your money that you would spend on power and electricity in currency you believe will go up in value.

Guys, my name is Leo I'm new here on steemit, I'm an ecommerce and marketing expert would love to bring some of my stuff over to steemit in the future, so please check out my profile, thanks!

nice .. now bockoin is a human target.

Thanks for the info

thank you for the information
god bless

nice article.

@kingscrown really nice article bro.. I've just started mining a week ago with my GTX 1070. I am thinking of investing into another GPU (1070 or 1080 TI) solely for mining purpose. Just want to know about your thoughts with mining with 2 gpu's at current difficulty.

Thanks & Keep up your great work bro...

I am new to the cryptocurrency. I'll keep reading you and others to learn as much as I can. Thanks for the post.

Valuable post! Followed you.

Great post. I look forward to reading more of your content @kingscrown

Thanks for the info!

BiblePay (BBP) is a new CPU only charity cryptocurrency:
10% of mined coins go to Charity, the project is already funding 175+ Orphans monthly!

BiblePay is a fork of DASH (governance model)
with ASIC Resistance (CPU Only mining) like Vertcoin

Masternodes (Sanctuaries) are going live this December 2017,
by owning one you become a part owner and can vote on the direction of the project!

Launch Thread:

Love one another,
be a good Samaritan,
help those in distress (orphans & widows),
and spread the gospel

I would actually mine SiaCoin with my laptop ahah I made like $10 but it was interesting, wasnt worth it tho...


Was it the electricity costs that made it not worth it?


15 cents per KWH, so god damn high!


Yeah that's nuts. I would never mine with those costs. You were better off cloud mining with a crapload of referrals.

Thank you for this article! I had trouble looking for an easy way to mine on my computer but this has helped a lot!

it seems good method i use those free website mining

This list of coins changes daily and it does so quite dramatically. Lots of these coins change 20%-30% easily. UBIQ is a prime example, which frequently was in noted top coin next to Monero in the last weeks. If someone is going to use this site, better check it at least daily ;)

Gone are the days when you could mine bitcoin on your laptop, I just missed it joining the scene the end of 2013 and thinking I could mine some Litecoin which was a failure.

I quickly found out that there were many other coins and how the mining process worked, this led to me discovering that if you get in early enough on newly launched coins you can make some profit.

Miningrigrentals for me was and is the easiest site to rent hash rate from, I found as an occasional miner it works out cheaper just to rent some hash as and when required, I tried to use Nicehash which can work out cheaper but is too time consuming, with Miningrigrentals you pay for the time and hash in one go and that's it done.

Recently it seems that a lot of the newly created coins are now tokens and released on platforms like ETH, this will have an effect on miners and companies like Nicehash and Miningrigrentals, it also floods the scene with a lot of useless coins as it is easier to create a token then to create a coin.

Hopefully we can get back to solid coin creation with new algos.

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