Whats Traded on Top Volume Exchanges Now?

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Before Binance went so big i have been telling people to join it early for all bonuses. Currently, constantly it has top1 volume spot and only gets better.

Lets base some thoughts on their volume

Top10 Markets

ETH and LTC are surely looking for a move. TRX and XVG wee super pumped from really low sides and still look for raise, volumes just mean people exiting for now. DGD is interesting in all this raises.

Interesting to see that OKeX is top2 now and Korean Upbit top3 in volumes.

They put more notice on ADA, BCH, XRP and EOS from the top one.

We can expect that soon traders will start looking for different blockchains not just ETH tokens. The best exchange with those is Bittrex for now, having most different blockchains listed.

I also trade leverage on BitMEX but its not listed in ranks due to system its using.

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Our Papa Bitcoin it will be always first one ;)


True, and it’s an old dog learning new tricks!



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It is just incredible what binance has achieved in this short time. People who referred users very early made a lot of money.
I referred only two members and from one member I earned. 015 BTC.


Waw That is nice @suf1an. I look for another opportunity like Binance again and i think its not too late to invest in binance.


NEW Exchange! Opens in a few days! The next Binance! http://upcoin.com/?ID=ce32d476


Yes, it is not too late. Still you can get 20 per cent so it is not that bad.
The thing is if you have missed this opportunity, there will be more. It is just a game of time and patience.


Notice that Tether is in 4 of the top 10 pairs. That should be a sign of the potential scope of a Tether collapse.


Yes Tether may become a problem...



Cardano is a good coin and can bring good profit!! Guide how to buy Cardano


Ahaha Cardano token. Not touch it with a ten foot pole!


This way of investing only creates a bubble...


Yeah there early bonuses were good, its not easy to know which is next


Hi @kingscrown its very good and awesome iformation about cryptorurrency and bitcoin


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I have to agree with you!!! Binance is awesome and I wish I would have referred more peeps... however I did get .03 bitcoin...

I feel sad for NEM, ever since that exchange got hacked for NEM it's been a freefall and It's not NEMS fault!

Binance is great. They are kicking butt...

May Steem to be the top 20 forever...

Long live Bitcoin!

Good article thank you for sharing

bitcoin always the king


I don't consider Bitcoin to be the king, but the Gold.


considerarlo oro es decir in comodite es como tener una LAMBo y solo usarlo para llevar tu chamo al colegio, es solo una forma de usarlo pero hay muchas mas y sobre todo las divertidas otras posibilidades que brinda el blockchain

What are these bonuses you speak of? Are they simply referral bonuses where you get a percentage of their trading fees?


Yes, these are bonuses for trades the referred users are performing. Take it with a grain of salt though. The premium was 50% initially and has been reduced to 20% some time ago.

If you have an account there, go to the account page and click on the related banner, there you will find a link. If anybody uses that to register, you will receive commissions for any trade.

Right now there are over 7 Mio. Users on Binance, so still some potential here I assume.​

Btw. if you have no account yet, clicking on a link in above post will guide you to binance. I will also be happy to assist ;-)

Hopefully we will see steem up there one day

Interesting, thanks you

ETC is close to callisto!

I am work bittrex . Thanks for the informative post.

I am work bittrex . Thanks for the informative post.


Are you completely unaware of what is going on in the crypto space? The new projects? The on-going projects? Or are you just being a troll?


Your English is flawless.

Any chance you could do or have done a write up on leveraged trading? I’d be interested in trying it but I’d have no idea what I’m doing and I know you can really lose big with leverage.

OKEX - the volume of some coins and tokens here is very big. I have opened an account with it but haven’t used yet. For now I’m using these, in order of frequency and value: Bittrex, Binance and Poloniex.

Each has its strengths and issues. The fee charged for withdrawing to my own wallet is an important consideration. Generally Bittrex tends to have the lowest, especially for ERC20 tokens. But not for Bitcoin (at 0.001 BTC) - it’s half that at Poloniex.

Binance withdrawal fees tend to be the highest, especially for ERC20 tokens. However, it has more coins and tokens listed and often tighter spreads between Buy and Sell.

Thanks for the informative post.
More interestingly, when will we see new all-time-high vs USD in Litecoin? :)

I like Binance a lot..... it’s my main exchange site. Kuccoins is second on my list.


Same for me. I think that in the long run, KuCoin will either be shut down completely by Chinese government (unlikely) or it will outperform Binance. Regarding the number of coins and their bonus program, they make an attractive alternative.


Like Binance, Kucoin will relocate if China go stupid.... highly unlikely.

how to play trade in cryptocurrency ???
like trade bitcoin ?


@nabilah48 Here you can trade.... its the best !!!
if you have any questions just ask :-)


Thank you for your information.


Did you come up with this post in your own? Or just copy and paste it from some other No-Coiner?

I was sad to learn that Bitfinex does not let the little guy trade as they require 10000 equity and BitMex is not for US residents

I am making a survey:

Do you play Cryptogames?

Share your opinion! (Strawpoll link in my article)


wow...its greet...i got interest on this thanks....

Very nice info .

Great post

can someone suggest me a good ICO to invest ??

in these days i think every exchange in good stand all exchanges have enough volume but thanks for shareing profitable info like that like it !

Coins mentioned in post:

Name #CoinsPrice (USD)📉 24h📈 20.02.2018
BTCBitcoin$11 543,904,93%
BCCBitcoin Cash$1 525-0.50%

For more Analysis to @a-blockchain

as i think binance will hold all coin marketts soon just for best options and new era of stratagy they will gain there traders trust and got Boom. After reading your views about it @kingscrown i must follow u and upvote for this post and yes for all next posts. welcome dude you made my day.

Good to have this type of unfiltered information for my research and cryto trading. I am always looking for great data. Much appreciated and I am following you too.

amigo necesito ayuda, puedes contactarme? help please

It looks bitcoin is still winning market

nice post

A really wonderful story and an excellent sketch well made choice my friend

waiting for that XVG move, so I can get out and take my profits. I think the alts are gonna be looking to move here soon, coupled to a BTC move of course. Great post, per usual, thanks for sharing

regards from @conradsuperb

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wow Etherium is really on the rise

I am very impressed your crypto knowledge very well
I am also do trading in crypto
I will tell everyone and any time in which altcoins invest you
U earn easily 5X to 10X in some time..

Good post

Thanks for information of bitcoin, nice post and good sharing

Also interesting to see Tron drips amogn firs positioners!

When is TRX pumping again??? Justin please more partnership! LOL

wow,,. thanks for information

Bittrex better,... good post @kingscrown

Nice to see the big coins having good days and great volume. That sneaky little Tron is having some small positive growth. I’m thinking there are more than a few people looking to see Tron get back over the $0.10 mark. Although I’m sure there are lots of people are waiting in a lot of Alts to move up.

Thank you so much for this information,
The problem is that i dont know how to sign up for it.

It's really very informative post you uploaded here on "Traded on Top Volume Exchanges ".
Bitcoin are king in market.💪💪

Thanks for your valuable and Didactive post about crypto & so on.
We can gather/take out a lot of information by your post.
By dint of we can increase our skill that is beneficial for all steemians.
I will always visit your site & wait for your upcoming post.
Thanks .
@Resteem & follow has done.


Asians have been buying the fuck out of crypto currency for the last year.

all of your post is always so informative,so i regularly follow your blog. love to read it....

Thank you so much for your informative post..

really informative post dear...thanks for sharing...resteemit done...

To the moon!

Binance & Bittrex its great :D

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There are really some interesting coins that made it into the most traded list. I wonder what the list will look like a year from now or so. There are many good coins right now that have proven to stand the test of time.

Please which platform is hitting it next

nice post, thanks

I am always wondering if there is a relation between Binance and KuCoin since their marketing, especially banners, look so equal. It is fascinating how quickly all of those exchanges are popping up; I honestly wonder where those IT and Security resources are coming from. They are pulling a lot of capacity from traditional markets.​

Very helpful... Thanks @kingscrown

Good Post thanks @kingscrow upvote and resteem

Thanks a lot for the update. I am sure that XRP will rise like crazy in 2018. I believe it will hit $100 by the end of 2018.

  ·  4년 전

it is just a matter of time when binance gets hacked - if they already havent been (weird 2 days downtime recently).
keep your coins in your wallets (that said I keep ADA on Binance lol).

Bitcoin: The Big Crash to $2000.

NEW Exchange! Opens in a few days! The next Binance! http://upcoin.com/?ID=ce32d476

Get in Early!

Oh....great. I think they extend their services to Africa. Some of the local exchanges are monopolies such as bitpesa in East Africa.they do have a high and sometimes discourages people to invest or transact in cryptos.

We are in the earlier stage in cryptos. We do manual exchange to make cryptos transactions.
I believe if these exchanges bittrex, binance and others could focus on Africa since more people are now excited to invest and transact with cryptos


Bittrex doesn't allow users from your country? I use Bittrex, Binance and so many other exchanges yet I'm Kenyan. As far as I'm concerned, CoinBase is the one with that issue: in Asia and Africa.

Thanks for sharing the crypto stats.

Awesome information.

Tron still up there,

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Awesome information! Thanks for sharing.

@kingscrown - thanks for the quality content. I always learn about crypto-issues from you. #1 source for crypto-news on Steemit is @kingscrown. Keep up the great work- upvoted this post! #cryptocurrency #cryptocurrencies #coinexchanges

BTC is having some good volume now, which is being reflected also in the price.

I´m a little bit surprised with the amount of Verge (XVG) transacted.

Great post
As you mentioned binance is at tops and maintaining its level.There are two reasons for it the one it is fast and light weight the other their interface and mobile app works efficient unlike poloniex and bittrex they are too laggy also they have not their apps ready untill now which is a big sad back for crypto world

Trading on volume alone is profitable so appreciate the post :)

Great info, thanks!

Hopefully we will see steem up there one day

you smart people understand about this program, I am amazed at you, hopefully I can be like you, your writing is very good

Thanks for this post. Always god to get some clear information about what is happening. Sometimes details are hard to locate.

Are you playing market maker? i.e are you lending btc to traders?


very nice news..
thanks for sharing..

yes binance is the best crypto trading platform in the world

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Yesss... Binance is the King of Volume!

thanks for the post man.

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Thanks for your articel.

I trade on Remitano, super fast exchange received my ETH, transfer direct to Binance, to buy my favourite cryptos. You can use the following link to Remitano: https://remitano.com/my?ref=awesome2727
I buy and keep my Neo at Binance Exchange. I'm waiting to buy ICO NEX. Anyone know when?

Investing on litcoin will more profitable. thanks for the informative post.

Thank you so much for the updates about the crypto caurrencies like bitcom am happy how would i have known the different changes occuring in the rates of the crypoto currencies at different time inetrvals please keep up the good work am happy

I joined binance early on and love the airdrops they give ::)

greatstuff!!! :):):)

resteemed :)