Whats Up Today ? [23/06/2018]

2년 전

Our (almost) weekly series where you can shill your coins in comments.
Lets check markets first though.

Up on Top100 Caps

Strange coins on this dump mostly but a few cool ones from Binance and its BNB are up.

Smaller Caps

I know some of this coins but dont hold too much of any, and loads of those i dont have at all. DYOR.

Top 24h Vol Exchange

Binance wins and notice how EOS, ETH, BNB and TRX drive the volume. So its obvious to watch those, mostly for spikes in price despite a lot of EOS shorts on BitMEX now.

And what are you buying or selling now and why?

Write in comments!

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Thank you for continue sharing this type of informations

Waiting for bigger BTC crash to buy cheaper.

I would not worry too much about it. First of all, mining prices vary around the world.
Secondly, there's going to be many reasons for this and that in crypto, but sometimes the market doesn't follow reason. There's arguments for everything.

When things go down, people say its manipulated, when it goes up, suddenly it's growth. When it goes up 5% after going down 10% people proclaim bottom has been reached. When it goes down, some people say what a blessing it is to be able to accumulate at these cheap prices.

I think the only question you should ask, is the price of the coin I'm going to buy going to be higher in the future than now? If yes buy, if no, don't buy. YOu choose your own time scale. If you think you can get a better deal then wait.

i doubled down on btc to buy kcs and steem. Neo and eos are both looking very attractive at the momment. I also like bco and coss check them out!


Coss has soo much potential and the fee split is amazing. Watching this on closely.

BTC price movement will remain sideways until December 2019, I believe. We might not see a drastic upward movement as predicted by most of the crypto analysts.

I dont think we should be counting tether that stuffs crazyyyy besides that I have seen Kin come up pretty often im going to have to research that one

Right now I'm just holding what I got and watching the news of powerhouses. My goup that I'm looking out for is DGB, BAT, BTC, and ECC. I'm hoping to get into cardano soon

good info......thanks

I am not trading anything today but it's good to know that BNB and KMD are atleast up.

I also heard that Steem wallets on poloniex are now working...not sure but maybe somebody can confirm it?

I'm trying to buy etc as much as possible.

Hope steem price can rise within a month @kingscrown to $5


that i doubt unless BTC makes super run ;)


Yeah only if bitcoin can make that

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Not only steem , everything will be up even before you realize. This is such an unpredictable market. Just happens with the blink of an eye. So just wait and watch

Binance coin keeps doing well but isn't it only on binance exchange? they could be using fake trade bots to keep price up. Mt Gox was doing that...