Which Coins to Buy and Where ?

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Since i have over 27 000 people here following me and around 20 000 i keep getting emails and PMs about what to buy or where to buy.

Im not a genie so cant tell you what to buy, can only suggest but risk is on yourself, same as with - where to buy. Yet to communicate better with my followers i have made discord group lately which was shared just by word of mouth, i didnt promote it at all but i will in future. If you are smart enough you will find it sooner than this though ;)

So while its hard to chose coins as they may change daily here is where i mostly trade.

  • Binance - the obvious top vol exchange, has STEEM
  • KuCoin - i would call it younger brother of Binance with many NEO and ETH pairs
  • BiBox - amazing China exchange, similar to other two above with different coins
  • Huobi - used to be top volume BTC exchange, now has many great altcoins
  • CoinExchange - many ETH tokens and anon coins like ZEC XZC EXCL
  • COSS - many deals on ETH tokens for arbitrages
  • Cryptopia - some decent coins that others dont have and nice volumes
  • OpenLedger - decentralized exchange build on BTS, the older brother of STEEM
  • BitMex - Leverage trading of BTC, EOS and many others, superb liquidity
  • SimpleFX - Margin trading of stocks, forex and cryptocurrency

Most of this spots have their "in home" tokens ie BNB, KCS, BIX, HT, COSS, DOT, OBITS... So also look for them.

To me it seems coins bottomed now so if you got what you wanted (like ive said in past posts) or you will now - it seems a good deal. Of course i dont give financial advice. You need to decide yourself.

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Am I the only one wondering why BITTREX got no place on this exchange list ? Any specific reason for that ? And if is, is this so bad to make a complete ignorance for this exchange ? Just curious... May be I am missing something.


good point... bittrex is a great and very well known exchange.


Bittrex certainly should be there...........


I use bittrex all the time, no complaints, works well, responsive customer service, trust worthy

I sold/buy most of my coins in cryptopia but as I can see in your list, I'll try binance.


sir bull run is come 2 month letter plz hold you coin 3* profit must


  ·  4년 전

lost my ass in IOTA so far

i like binance's mobile app, but cryptopia is my favorite exchange. Love the selection there.

Bitmax 와 bitfinex 가 제일 좋음 http://goo.gl/YzW4X8

Same with the writer of the post. Am also confuse of what to choose.

Well, there is only one thing to say...

If you believe cryptos are the future of money, then today is the lowest price you will ever see. (comparitively, year on year ROI)

If you do not believe that cryptos are the future, than all i can say is that any crypto purchase is a gamble. Because no one can look at a chart and determine that MtGox trustee was going to dump bitcoin.

Binance is the most reliable and convenient one

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Thanks for the information. I have tried using bittrex but I don't really understand it.

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thanks for informing us its intresting

Thanks. I need advice on what to buy and where. I just joined your discord channel.

Upvoted and resteemed. Have a good day :)

현시점은 좀 불안해 보이는데요..어찌 결정해야 좋을까요??

You can never join enough exchanges

See ya in the discord!

My favorite is Kucoin exchange Nice information

Check out what Indian Finance Minister says about Crypto Currencies.

Follow us .. Thanks


Nice information

Good morning from Russia. Few days ago I've made a video explaining what we are going to see with the price of bitcoin this summer.Till now everything is going in direction of my prognose. Would you be so kind to check this out and share your opinion about it? It is very hard to promote my job in steem despite the efforts. https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@dunkan/why-bitcoin-will-not-drop-to-4k

Thank you very much in advance.

If you want to trade small price coins such as Dogecoin, then Cryptopia is the best exchange for you! Go check it out.

kings crown you are very good person just like your comment you let me know which exchange is very good and give us lot of money your followers and your friends do you have an ideaScreenshot_20170805-125035.png

Hi, Nice post....

Could you please give some glance on WCX coin.

hi friends if you are crypto lovers then you can belives these four exchange are below mention bittrex, poloniex. binance and cryptopiaScreenshot_20170805-125035.png

Binance is my no. 1 exchange to trade because of the high volume.

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For signals, airdrops, ico's, news, etc

yeah! binance is the topmost exchange .

Don't try to sell me any concoctions, I'm an indian

I think BNB is also good coin and coinburn event is near to happen plus Trx coin news which is on 21st June and coins like ONT and VEN they have mainnet event.

I have invested in EOS for the past couple of months it went to its high points but I held on even though it has fallen. What do you think of it’s potential

Stratis is crazy undervalued right now, solid project, so many releases now too

Binance is really a Good crypto exchange . Thanks for sharing bro.

I think EOS is going to rise in the next months as new Apps are built in the new platform.

I am using hitbtc and IDEX for buying and selling different altcoins and have good experience so far.

Quintric has an incredible service you should look out for. They're not out yet but definitely keep them in your peripheral. Stan is backing them!

Bittrex is quite an amazing exchange and is starting to introduce fiat pairing but it wasn't on your list. Why?

When you say coins bottomed now..... Do you suggest moving on from all the coins and sticking with the few trusted coins at the top. Most notably bitcoin?

I'll say we stick with the core coins for now till things start looking better again... I'm in with BTC, ETH, LTC & XRP, but also own a few of XLM, ADA & XVG

I think this is biggest deep and now time is buy all type coin

thanks to the information.
and it seems to me that for now steem will go up but thin possibly up to 0.0005 bitcoin more and my prediction can go up to price 0.00025 bitcoin -0.0003bitcoin and can go down another.
yes we can tarding with arbitraging techniques with the help of another place of exchange. can we see at https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/steem for artbitraging steem / btc, thanks

is there are reason why bittrex.com isnt mentioned?

Bitmex is not good... Once i was in profit and wanted to sell but for 3-4 hours it continously shows platform busy and then the price came down back to loss. So i would not suggest bitmex.

Binace is the best exchange it gave me 1Binance coin free when I traded on their exchange and that is worth of 15$ and i was happy with binance platform.

Kucoin is good because if you bought thier coin KCS then you will get every coin as a daily as a bonus from what they charge to its users.

Binance and Kucoin is the best option at all.
Specially in terms of Security and Safety.

Information good thanks but i am not ues bittrex. Com

i like kucoin and hardly work kucoin fully trusted and more safe exchang what you think give me your experience and follow me i follow you back

is simplefx.com reliable? there are some posts on reddit, saying its scam

I always use Binance, anytime or any day. Please upvote, comment and follow me as well. Thanks

Best coin to hold this time is digibyte (DGB)
This is the perfect time to buy dgb current price @388 Satoshi value

For trading crypto my favorite is bitfinex

Binance is my favorite crypto exchange. Still no any issue with them.

http://exar.cc/ref/cryptotcl free miner 200 free ghs………...withdarwl low......direct to coinpot.co free wallet

Great post I was just trying to find out which exchanges to start working with i really do appreciate it!

Nice post Kingscrown.
But i think you Bittrex is worthy to be included in your list as some steemiers here entioned. Bittrex is a nice platform known for handling one of the largest Bitcoin volumes out of all the crypto exchanges globally. It allows you to decide the trading rates, although, with a service fee of around 0.25%. Moreover, a lot of your time will be saved as the verification process in Bittrex is pretty fast which allows you to start the trading process without any major halt.
I think you should look at it again.

great post boss, i am going to be your fan.

bitcoin and good =)

just try bisq - a fully decentralized exchange! ;-)

Binance by far is the best exchange to use for laptop and desktop. Screenshot_20180620-175616.png

Quick navigation and easy to buy and sell. This is how it looks like on phone. I do all my trading here. Follow me for daily BTC updates


my favorite coin NEO coin i hold more the one year.

im in binance and hitbtc, gate.io

Binance, Cryptopia - this two I like very much

Why Bittrex is not listed in this list.
I used bittrex to buy Bitcoin. i think it must should be in list.

Also a nice resource on how to start investing in the blockchain space:

@kingscrown good information, i also experience that binance is way better than other exchanges, it's secure,it has mobile as well as desktop apps both work flawless.Furthermore it has low fees & referal program .