Snapshot of the past and future! | Let see!

2년 전

I’ve looked up the snapshot of a year ago of how many coins and token their was. Since I am somewhat new to this I was blown away of how many they had then to what we have now. There was 766 different coins and tokens that were available 1 year ago today. A market cap of?!?! A mind blown 55.16 Billion!

Now fast forward to the present time and there is 1593 available with a market cap of 439.84 Billion! So we got more coins and tokens with more capital. Think about the market cap we have now with only 766. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoins prices would be out of this world! But it’s not so buy the dip! Hahaha

Let get the bulls running!

Note* I’m not responsible if it dips after you buy the dip. Be smart!

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