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As soon as Ethereum foundation became successful, many people began to think of an era where poverty could be combatted with the benefits of blockchain technology. Ideas like banking the unbanked and tokenising real assets began to emerge. Much of that fervor has become a lot more restrained now as people are beginning to understand the complexity of the proposed concepts.

The idea of banking the unbanked is still in the works but most projects have made little to no progress. However, tokenisation of assets is a different case altogether. It is quite possible to tokenise anything tangible such as properties and make investing easy and accessible to thousands or even millions of tokenholders. The concept of tokenising real assets and property is being applied by a new blockchain project called IAToken.

Instant Asset Token is a startup blockchain company that will tokenise the real estate industry in the Philippines. Investors will be able to buy IAT tokens which are backed by the fiat value (NIAT) of the real estate of the native currency of the country. While it is not possible for tens of thousands of people to live in the tokenized real estate, they can share the profits by buying property through the IAToken platform.

The token holders are quite like the shareholders of the tokenized real estate. IAToken tokenized real estate portfolio will start in the Philippines, but there aren't any limits as the company will eventually spread its wings to other countries around the world. With enough token holders, the company could make investment in real estate very easy while also eliminating the traditional methods of processing real estate transactions. The company will leverage the distributed ledger technology of blockchain to make the recording of transactions very transparent. IAToken property investment will include anything from island resorts to an airport, and token holders will be like the shareholders of each of the tokenized real estate assets, collectively enjoying the money made by the real estate.

SWOT analysis sheds light on the potential of a project.


The recent rise of digital currencies has shown that people actively seek an alternate investment channel. While most people are able to fulfill the task of effectively managing small personal portfolios, their day to day tasks do not allow them the time required to actively manage and diversify a large portfolio into very lucrative markets

Instant Assets Token (IAToken) is restructuring the way the real estate market works. Despite the ambitious nature of the product to disrupt the long-existing domination of traditional centralised companies, the product is aligned with something the public is already prepared for.


IAToken is trying to completely eliminate all associated intermediaries and middlemen service in the real estate transactions. To achieve that, the company is developing its own platform anchored on the blockchain.

IAToken is targeting real estate investors and this, along with its usage of blockchain on its platform, is its key strength. Usually, penetrating the market with a revolutionary concept with respect to anything in the teal estate can be difficult. However, investors are willing to utilize a new platform for a more transparent dealings in the property investment market.

Instant Asset Token (IAToken) has a team with decades of experience in the business and real estate industries. This heavy experience will help them to build an important network that any start-up would envy.


Instant Asset Token (IAToken) is a very ambitious project. It is cored on building a platform on the blockchain that focuses on tokenizing real estate and making investment in the real estate market accessible to everybody — it will also be utilizing its own currency (IAT).

While the real estate market is ripe for blockchain disruption and IAToken's ambitious goals are admirable, the company might run its resource a bit thin. However, given the experience of the team and the powerful collection of advisors IAToken has assembled; ranging from executives at large business corporations to developers at leading blockchain projects, the pool of experience and manpower supporting this ambitious mission has the abilities to deliver a project as powerful as IAToken.


Many investors in Asia have found the real estate market in the Philippines as the most attractive and promising, this is because the gross yield for property investment in the Philippines is the highest in the whole of the continent. Also, the real estate industry across the world is worth trillions of dollars, it’s only necessary to be part of a massive and lucrative industry such as this. However the industry is dominated by centralised companies who are cashing out massive returns annually with only few individuals sharing in this huge profit. Centralised industry giants have made the opportunity of investment available to only very few individuals. Instant Asset Token (IAToken) is changing this rigid structure through blockchain technology and making value-additive infrastructure where anyone has the opportunity to benefit from the entire real estate industry. IAToken could become the leading company for all real estate services as it could have the largest base of value-additive services within a single platform.

Moreover, IAToken is aiming towards the future of real estate industry and intends to build a platform that can capitalize on the development of a tokenized real estate on the blockchain. This product can capture current market demands as-well-as future market demands.


Majority of the developments in the real estate market are currently controlled by a few giant centralised companies such as AirBnB. Blockchains projects targeting the real estate industry are a disruptive force that give cryptocurrency community and individual investors the opportunity to invest in tokenized real estate on the blockchain. What IAToken is proposing can exceed the value offering by large, centralized entities already leading the real estate industry


However, awareness about tokenised real estate is still very low — this is because large portion of the masses are used to and only know about the traditional methods of property investments. Thus, there isn't such a large pool of interest targeting such an ambition at present. While the small-tier participants that are knowledgeable about blockchain and tokenisation of real estate sector are certainly there, IAToken has to-do massive promotions and partnerships to encourage people to jump onboard their ship



IAToken is heading out on a cleared path that eases its ability to penetrate the market with a revolutionary product that will tokenise properties and assets in the real estate market. It’s pursuing a massive opportunity and its organizational power should be sufficient to handle the challenges that come its way.


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Great news for people in the housing industry and crypto enthusiasts in general

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Yes @fredkese, IAToken is structured to disrupt the real estate industry. Thanks for your reply

The IAToken project is a great idea. There are many garbage projects. The future of the IATokrn project is very bright. I'm seriously considering investing in him. I think it will revolutionize real estate.


You are correct @sipahikara. The project is a good side. The second round of IEO will go live on probit. First round sold out in December. BTW thanks for the resteem. I appreciate

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