Binance is back online!

3년 전

[Edit: My charts just started continually updating, where before they just updated once. I still can't load the site.

It's 5:22 am here (Eastern) and I'm off to bed, hope this helps!]

All my charts just updated.

Gentlemen, start your engines! :)

May your trading be profitable -- financially, spiritually, and emotionally.

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thanks for the post are the best man for new users like me... i respect you from my heart... 👍
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working nicely here too :)

Great news and lower fees on per transactions cool :)

These outages must really affect the crypto markets when everyone's hands are tied. Glad to hear its back online.

good luck @libertyteeth you have balls of Steele

yeah online my ass. The page will not load

Good news. All this hours being down started to smell fishy.

Yayyy Binance is back !!!

yea, yesterday it suspended withdraw and deposit, also trading, said they will be back 9am uct or so

what many users has been saying is that they were hacked, especially what is trading on Twitter, we won't know until the latter


Fortunately looks like not a hack!


yea, guess it was normal system maintenance or breakdown.

great post. i like it. thanks for sharing

site is being hammered. wont even load for me.


Yeah, me either. And the charts (TradingView) had updated before I sent this, but they've stopped. They got "to current" (from the 7th to the 9th) just before I posted this. Hopefully back soon...

bitcoin is one of the biggest opportunities since the invention of the internet itseif....great times to be around.................

thankyOu for your best wishes !!

Are you sure it's 100% up and running? It's still nothing for me. :/


Yeah, weird! The TradingView charts on the right monitor had just updated themselves, and I noticed the date changed from the 7th to the 9th so it was showing it was up-to-date.

But then after I posted this, I couldn't log in either. Figured it was just "the rush in the door" and I'd try again later.

But, now is later and I'm still getting "The connection has timed out."

At any rate, it's looking better, less likely they were hacked, from doing a search for "binance" on Twitter...


Yeah, after that I visited the us domain but I was hesitant to login. Even though I saw that Binance team posted it's legit. :D But now it's working perfectly again and users will get discounted fees too!

They handled this ddos pretty well imo.


YES! I did the same hesitation, because they included an image which said "verify you're only accessing" in it. Then I thought it through, and realized that nobody else can own, thus is safe to give my password to.

I also noticed another thing, when I sent coins out -- the 2FA worked fine, but then it sends an email confirmation link for you to click. That link includes "" and thus, after I clicked the link, it was just hanging. I noticed the "www." in the link visually, before it timed out, and changed that to "us." and it confirmed immediately.

Just in case that's still an issue, and you're trying to get coins out.

Not sure it was a DDoS, it seems they were doing an upgrade which took longer than planned. It could have been better announced -- but yeah, the reduced fees are nice.


Hah, yeah. :D That image was the main reason of my hesitance.

Yeah, it can only be theirs but still... :) I was like, I can wait another day, I don't really want to trade anyways.

For sure I will move out some money but I doubt they will have issues like BitGrail.

About the DDOS, this is the only thing I could find:


LOL, Twitter said "Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!"

Yeah that guy (BitGrail) seems to be in a world of hurt...

What an idea!!!