My Bitcoin Price Prediction Came True a Month Early

8개월 전

Bitcoin is hard to predict, a month ago I did this video, where I speculated the price of Bitcoin and we have already seen these levels, though we did drop from them temporarily (hopefully).

Strange how much happened within this month and there's literally zero people speaking about the Bitcoin ETF right now. This just proves my theory that news doesn't matter. News are only there to form the narrative, but for every price move, you can find some positive news and some negative.

You might say well, this drop is because of Trump tweet and the hearing on Libra, but the time when Trump tweeted the price of Bitcoin even went up and only latter it started dropping, well maybe it was lag and the hearing didn't seem to be negative, mostly neutral in my eyes.

So, where will the price go in August, I don't even dare to guess. If we continue the moves up, then it should be more than $12k.

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