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Welcome to your training resources in which you are encouraged to read / watch and definitely learn.

I am developing this material myself so please be patient until I write the content and develop a video where necessary.

Similar material with probably lower quality or useless information is being sold elsewhere on the internet and some of them are quite highly priced.

I got fed up with scams so here is all my knowledge that I have gained throughout my trading experience. Hope you will find it useful.

I am sure you will!


You may find two courses below, a course for complete beginners and I am also creating a detailed technical analysis course.

Forex for Beginners Course:
This 18 lesson course is aimed for complete beginners.
You will learn the most important things to become a real trader in clear simple way with examples.
You will learn all what is needed to know on the Forex Market in general, most important currency pair, which and what time a currency pair should be traded, price quotes, bid and ask prices, lots, pips, leverage and a lot more.

Technical Analysis Course:
This is where things starts getting interesting.
This is an in depth course on technical analysis were we go through the tools that you need to master to become successful.
How to find support /resistance lines, how to draw proper trend lines, pivot points and lots more is covered in the course.

In the next 18 articles will speak about Forex for Beginners Course.

Below you can find the list with all the posts of Forex Education Center:

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