Wearing cryptocurrency apparel is cool, right? - No, it´s not.

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general got a lot of attention lately. Broad media coverage, everybody is talking about prices and gains and bubbles. Of course everybody is trying to make money out of it, not just by actually purchasing bitcoins but also for example by providing the appropriate "nerd-wear".

If you own bitcoin and you´re proud of it, why not wear a nice bitcoin millionaire shirt?

Like this one right here;

So now everybody knows that you probably have bitcoins, why else would you wear such a stupid shirt. Also since everybody knows how much a bitcoin goes for these days you are telling everybody how much you are worth.

This one is even better:

It is like running around in the streets with a clip of hundred dollar bills in your raised hand, yelling: "EVERYBODY! LOOK HOW MUCH MONEY I HAVE IN MY HAND!"

Your financials should be kept secret.
DO NOT tell ANYONE about your financial situation.
DO NOT wear those stupid shirts.
DO NOT make yourself an easy target for bad people.

All they need to get to your wallet is a 5$ wrench.

Stay safe.

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Why is it any different from driving a nice car or wearing an Armani suit or a Rolex to show your wealth?


It is different because although these items you mentioned also show that you are probably very wealthy, they are "everday" items. Everybody has a car (some people drive nice cars, some drive junk cars), everybody has clothes that are more or less expensive.
The problem I see with the shirts I mentioned is that they are "in your face". The visibility is just far greater than cars, because we are so used to them, even the fancy expensive ones.


I'm not wealthy at all, I don't own a car and never have, nor an Armani suit or Rolex, I hate wearing a watch I find them uncomfortable anyway. But, I do live in a big city and see people with those types of status symbols everywhere.