Your Opinion On Bitcoin: Are More Losses Ahead? Look At This Chart. By Gregory Mannarino

4년 전

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With Bitcoin now suffering losses of nearly 40% from it's high, the cryptocurrency is now at a critical juncture.

Below is a chart of Bitcoin from today 12/30/17. (Snapshot taken directly from my website: )

As can be seen, the trend line is clearly broken and Bitcoin is sitting at support.


The question is will new buyers step up or sell into the New Year..
What's your opinion?

Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."


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Money is moving into alts like Ripple. After a while people will buy back into BTC. Price was going too fast anyway.


@bart2305...Ripple is the coin of the banks. Be cautious.


I'm totally aware of that. It's fun to make some money from the banks for a change! :-)


@bart2305...sure for traders you have to ride the waves. Nothing against that. I check more the fundamentals.


I think Ripple and Monero are the next big coins to go main stream. Ripple just overtook Ethereum in market cap.


My guess is some of it finds its way into metals. ....and maybe it already is based on the last couple weeks


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@marketreport...I think, all coins will go upward, even Bitcoin. But Bitcoin has so many uncertainties, I wouldn't touch.

I think volatility is certainly in the future for bitcoin and other alt coins, but the general trend will continue to be upward going into the new year. I think after a breakout year, politicians will have their eye on cryptocurrencies, which will just add to their volatility.

Your trend line looks rational, but that support line seems arbitrary.

The price got out of hand and a correction was due, I doubt it is quite over yet but soon enough we will be looking back at this as a good buying opportunity.

Of course if the stock market crashes, all bets are off....I have no clue what might happen then.

Very good my friend

Your site may work fine in a Windows environment, but FYI is pure fail in an iOS environment.

Thanks for chart Gregory Mannarino Sir ...but i still believe in bitcoin ...let see what happen next...

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I am in Litecoin & Ethereum. on a small scale. Invested just enough, to make it interesting to follow, like a boxscore. upvoted and resteemed.

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Following Gregory's advise on being "BYOCB" I will not gamble on Bitcoin. I will gamble on $17 silver, though.

I’m sure it will recover in time, steem is doing very well at the moment thow , cheers and hope you have a good new year

Great analysis ! bitcoin is going to rise up , thanks for sharing a great post wit us ..

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Its funny but ever since I started mining my own Bitcoin ( I use BitClub - ), these U.S. dollar denominated price drops don't matter to me. I know I am mining new Bitcoin every single day and that is what I want to own.

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I think the only way to find out is to wait and see after New Year's when the big boys come back from their vacations.

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Bitcoin itself is a trash coin......too slow, too expensive, no anonymity. Smart money is dumping litecoin too, into Gen 3.0 coins that will have a purpose.


Well said. In my opinion some of the GEN 3.0 to look out for would be the token coins like ADA and EOS, both of which are working hard to be the first to fix the ETH problems. DASH is already a GEN 2.0 coin, and is still to release its new platform 'Evolution' the would make it a GEN 2.5. They never intended on being anything than a currency however, so will stand apart from EOS and ADA

Great analysis ! bitcoin is going to rise up , thanks for sharing a great post wit us ..


I hear Ripple will be interesting in 2018, I only own steem.

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buy, buy, and buy

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As Wallstreet can now manipulate bitcoin they will more than likely push it upwards again so as to get buyers back in before they lose them to other crypto's which is already starting to happen. They will continually do this until they decide to do otherwise.

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Below is a chart of Bitcoin from today.. i seen your: website: follwo you sir.
After a while people will buy back into BTC. Price was going too fast anyway.

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As for now I would wait until the sell off speeds up. Than I’m buyer.
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I am certainly glad I don't have any.

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To many cryptos out there now I think someone will try to regulate them in some way that remains to be seen until that time enjoy the ride as usual upvote and resteemed

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I think a lot of people who take advantage have sold some of it for a while in order to have a new year's holiday. and later when the new year party ends they will come back again with new friends to enliven the bitcoin market

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with this situation many people will stay at the point of safety for a while, but I still need to learn many things about Bitcoin Bitcoin, terimaksih already share @marketreport, posting a very pious, successful greetings.

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Important information @marketreport

Bitcoin shows a nice graph about us, suddenly, why the quality of Bitcoin decreased, I did not understand that its market rate might increase, give some ideas

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Bitcoin next future of coin,
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Wow nice information sir.Have a good moment on next year.

As for now I would wait until the sell off speeds up. Than I’m buyer.
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Extraordinary work Mr,Gregory Mannarino. you do this job very well and neatly, analyze and predict and even always update data.
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Up would be my expectation, but not until Tuesday or Wednesday. Thanks for all you do! Blessings for the new year. RTFOTM ("Rip the face...")

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Thanks for chart Gregory Mannarino Sir ...but i still believe in bitcoin ...let see what happen next...

The US dollar is toast. As such bitcoin will continue to rise over 6 month periods or less. The next bitcoin halving is in August 2020 so there will be a major surge before that. The next litecoin halving is in June 2019 so litecoin will jump dramatically before that. I predict $100,000-$1,000,000 bitcoin and $10,000-$250,000 Litecoin once the US dollar collapse kicks off.

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[Resteemed] Let's not forget the first mover effect that Bitcoin still enjoys. There are a lot of apps, products, and businesses that have already adopted Bitcoin. As well, Bitcoin gets all the press. I think it will continue to rise moving forward, though admittedly I think there is more potential in DASH and Monero for there speed and privacy features. Litecoin is hands down, going to be the most interesting coin of 2018, with its planned "full" implementation of the lightning network, seg-wit, and a future privacy feature as well.

The futures say it's heading up.


If Bitcoin price follows the futures it's headed up.

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Outstanding perfomance for bitcoin...
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this is great investing sir and thanks for sharing this, this is something new to me. Marry Christmas..

I hear it can fall to 8k $ , sir .

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Great report I love listening to your youtube channel and your advice on the cryptos and stocks.

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Great analysis,,,

Great chart Greg!
Seems like BTC is done. Much more downside to come.
Crypto investors noticed that Wallstreet ruined it. They are moving their money into Ripple now.
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I did move most of my BTC holdings to alts that I believe in. I even moved some into ripple at the right time even thou it is not something I believe in :) upvoted and resteemed

What do you think about demographic trends of people jumping in as investors? There was a massive wave of investing after Thanksgiving, when's the next wave come and who's that going to be? Will that get Bitcoin running back up or not?

I think some of the savvy young people who got money for Christmas may dip their toe into bitcoin as new buyers. But they will probably hedge their bets, buying at least one other crypto, too. This will probably raise the value of other cryptos more than that of bitcoin. So I say bitcoin goes down compared to one or more of the up and comers. Yet who knows what bitcoin "old money" will do? They tend to think outside the box.

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Thanks @marketreport ! Bitcoin gets back and then fast to 20000 $... For the most Newbies in the Cryptomarket > Bitcoin = Cryptocurrency

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Ripple is going to be big in 2018.

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A great wave of new bitcoin users are about to come into the market.
By February we will be into ATH territories.

Bitcoin has normally retraced 40%.
I feel this is just the way real markets move. (not like the fake Comex)

Bitcoin will see percentage moves like this year, next year.
Buy now, with any money you can get into the exchanges.

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I'm so excited
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I think the only way to find out is to wait and see after New Year's when the big boys come back from their vacations.
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The fundamental reason why bitcoin was attractive in the first place, was its potential to become a universal currency, that transcended all borders, and provide freedom from the control of governments and central banks, plus the blockchain technology provided not only security but anonymity.
This is no longer the case.
Governments and banks from all over the world are now taking action against crypto currencies, Bitcoin in particular, because it is the most outstanding example to date.
Bitcoin will continue to fluctuate, as every other asset does on the stock market, for sole purpose that every other asset fluctuates.
New money fill flow into Bitcoin and Existing Monies in Bitcoin will also flow out.

The important thing to note is that the so called "TRUE" value of all crypto currencies, lies not in the currency itself, but in the technology that is behind it.

The Block chain technology is what is truly valuable, and the establishment recognizes this.
That is why Visa, MasterCard, Banks and a growing list of companies are working to incorporate this technology.

The future is undoubtedly cashless, the currency will be crypto, but none that is currently available. It will be enforced and controlled.

Bitcoin will be manipulated up for profit, and down for profit also. The magnitude of those fluctuations however is purely speculative.
This will be the fate of any other crypto currency, that dares to challenge the establishment.

Happy New Year.

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From the outside looking in, Bitcoin is hurting and the world of cryptocurrency is in trouble. But from a seasoned crypto trader, the price of BTC is not as important as the overall crypto marketcap. Yes, BTC has a 24hr low at $12,780 (on Bittrex) and currently trading at just over $13,000 but the total marketcap is still around $600 Billion. This means, the money from Bitcoin is STILL in the market. Its just been moved to another place.


📊 Bitcoin dominance (38%) is lowest its been since the only other time BTC had such a weak grip on the crypto market. And the market/traders are reacting the same way.

🗓 April 2017, people talked about Ethereum "flippining" and taking over BTC dominance. This time, its Ripple, which currently has over 1/3rd the market cap of Bitcoin. What happened the last time we were in this position? Ripple went on an amazing bullrun from under 1000 sats to a high of 24,000 satoshi. Altcoin season was the craze as every cryptocurrency seemed to be doing 10-20x. New ATH's were being hit daily and there was a new rush of fresh money in the world of crypto.

Now, we have new money, Ripple pumping, alt season and low BTC dominance.

The response from Bitcoin was a move from around $2000-$2700 to almost $20,000. Altcoins slowly bled out as all the money went back into bitcoin and all new money went into bitcoin and we eventually reached a BTC dominance of 67%.

🚨 Whether or not the cycle will repeat remains to be seen. But the real indicator of the market is in the marketcap. If you wake up and see 150 Billion left the market, there is a much different conversation than if Bitcoin price drops but the overall market cap remains relatively the same.

Keep an eye on the market cap. It should tell you if you want to hold your alts, sell back into BTC etc.

I think the only way to find out is to wait and see after New Year's when the big boys come back from their vacations

With countries cracking down on exchanges, that may scare off investors/speculators to Bitcoin. Perhaps the money is in alt coins for now.

I think most people have moved on from BTC, it's not where the action is anymore.

It seems to me that nobody really knows what's happening in the financial world - my motto - be prepared for a crisis because whether it be economic or some other type of crisis - it is coming!

Based on what has happened in the past with these big run ups far past the previous all time high, I expect that it will keep going down. At least to $9,000 USD/BTC and possibly even to $5,000 USD. Just my guess, but I did correctly call the current downturn before it happened. Didn't post it publicly, unfortunately.

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The market is going down. Is it a time to investing! Your valuable opinion please. Following you and upvoted. Thanks for sharing such a good post

Outstanding perfomance for bitcoin...
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I think after coinbase adds new coins it'll take a hit but with retail & other industries catching on & adding btc & coinbase & exchanges get their act together with these errors it'll pop again. Upvoted & resteemed

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A lot of the major exchanges are backed up with new accounts trying to put their Christmas money to work, some have had 2 week delays. I think once they get caught up there will be a new wave of buying.

losing a bit my trust in btc lately every time i got to pay 20€ fee on transactions...

I am with those that think the banks want us to get used to bitcoins and crypts for their own benefit. And now with bc being in the futures market its a whole new ball game. I think you should not care what bc does

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Yes there are more losses ahead. Depends on your timeframe tho. The smaller H&S that i noted confirmed and the MM missed by 500 points, stopping at support. Almost dead nuts on. But I am still wanting to see if that Friday INV H&S that not only showed in the Price Action but in the RSI as well will post gains. This is difficult to chart when one chart runs true 24/7 and the other charts are limited to holidays and timeframes.

Still thinking there is a good chance to recover the 3500ish points to 16000

Amazing post sir.Thanks for sharing.

I invest in cryptos, but I agree that wall street has it's hooks in Bitcoin and is manipulating it through the futures market. I still like altcoins and hope they can stay clear of the central bankers. I think Bitcoin is a psyop to get people used to a global digital currency.

I always wait for your post and your posts are always exceptions.
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I for one would like to see it keep going higher. Where it is going in dollar terms I have no idea. But the present monetary system is broken! (U/R)

wonderful post thanks for sharing

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Hi Mr. Mannarino,
Congratulations on your analysis.
Now I think that bitcoin will be able to resume its growth only when the dynamic resistance that I have indicated in the following chart is broken. What do you think about it?


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Jan.1 new tax law, for every swap or trade you have to pay a tax not just capital gains.

Good Shot bro keep it up.......

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Money is moving into alts like Ripple. After a while people will buy back into BTC. Price was going too fast anyway.But peopleare fell so happy after knowing that.......

thanks for sharing a great post wit us ..

I believe we are going into the new year with great optimism. Money will poor into the cryptos...Maybe major "pumping", but regardless...Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, and so many more are going to reach new highs. At some point, there will be a correction, or "dumping"(profit taking). But riding the wave of hysteria will be the way to go....for me any ways. Happy New Year...and Be blessed!

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Thanks greg..your work is of the very best. have followed you well over a year. Just began my first endeavor as "Yankee-Statman" on steemit...If you love baseball and follow'll love it.

Still unknown,Cant say will it go up now or latter.
@upvoted and @resteemed

Thanks for another insightful post, Gregory. So glad I discovered your Steemit/YouTube posts.

Bitcoin hanging in at this level for now. Steem looking good.

I feel bitcoin will become like a savings account where people will park there fiat and the alt coins will be the fast transaction accounts. When current system blows up. Bitcoin will have to go up.

nice post upvoted and reestemed thanks

Money is moving into alts like Ripple. After a while people will buy back into BTC. Price was going too fast anyway.

Is any technical analysis valid in this market that is totally rigged? The fix is in on bitcoin now as Greg has noted with futures market manipulation. The support line on this chart seems rather arbitrary. Bitcoin is just one more ponzie scheme that was pumped and dumped by the inventors. Just ask yourself why pundits like Max Keiser started pumping bitcoin several years ago!

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at this rate bitcoin will loss it's favor and can be damage for good.
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Wish you and your family a joyful, bright, healthy, prosperous and happiest new year ahead! Happy New Year!

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I don't really see head and shoulders yet, I would love to see BTC fall a bit further between 10 and 12 thousand, looks like a buying opportunity.

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I hope crypto give us an alt to fiat.....
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