So Bitcoin was a Scam. Now we shoot ourselves. Right?

4년 전

Bitcoin dropped about 2.000 Dollars over the past days.

Most other crypto-currencies suffered as well.

Panic much. For some.
The scam artists of the fiat fraud system (JPMorgan etc…) of course bang the drums, calling Bitcoin a SCAM (while working frantically on their own, useless, blockchain attempt, which will certainly be a scam).

Well? Now what?

So now we are scared shitless, waive white flags, sell at whatever price, and never touch crypto again, probably even head the old advice for Wallstreet banksters: “Jump, you fuckers!”


Did you look at the image I used for this post?

Look again.


We have come a long way.

Bitcoin ain’t no fucking tulips – and that story is BS anyways, by the way.

JPMorgan is a bunch of criminal creeps and clueless.

‘North Korean hackers targeting Bitcoin platforms’ is a psy-op, just like ‘Russian election hacking’.
BS to cover up other BS. Does not matter for BTC price action, at least not in the long run.

Yes, the Chinese and some other government cunts can’t leave anything alone that is actually working for the people, so meddling AKA 'regulation' will occur, here and there.

Prices will jump, up and down, for a long time still.

Ease your mind, be Zen as Fuck, trade up or down, or just don’t look at the charts for six months.

Crypto is not going anywhere.

And no, this is not where we shoot ourselves.

This is where we have a good cup of tea and then start riding the waves.
And again.
And again...

P.S.: I see the max consolidation level after the big rally of the past months at $2400
That is where I will buy more. But most likely we will not even hit that.

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Big players are manipulating the market, shaking the tree so we panic sell to drop the price, and they buy back in at a discount. Once BTC dropped below $3,000 earlier this morning, it rebounded about $600 in 6 hours.

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