Scam Alert #62 - Stay Away from Offer to get FREE BTC to withdraw it from Locked Exchange Account

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Respected Dear Community of Great People who believes in Future,

Blockchain and crypto are determined to give a slingshot in development but people who are mentally retarded or rejected by the community are trying to act like "Lices in Hair".

Person Approached me and tried to offer me to withdraw his bitcoin from an exchange and in return he was offering me 0.1 BTC,

as you can see he asked me to create an account on , but i know that this guy is totally scam and just want to busted it, i gave him fake email.

But this website of so called exchange is totally a dummy/replica of another leading exchange





Request to All of you please Never ever trust anyone who is offering you FREE Crypto or Bitcoins. There is no shortcut to earn it. Work Hard and Earn more . Always Help Others

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Yeah, I also got messages about this. I simply don't understand it though... Is it just the Email they want? How can your Email possibly be worth all the effort?


There are lot of things to do in this scam network.

Possibly they will collect:

  1. Customer's Data
  2. KYC Documents
  3. Initial Deposit to withdraw Fake BTC in Exchange Wallets.
  4. Suspicious installation during visit to website

Yeah I just figured that out. I just don't get it though. This requires a lot of effort and to make it worth it, a reasonable amount of people still has to be scammed by them. They use a minimum deposit of 0.01 BTC, so given the amount of effort they put into each victim, a fair percentage of their attempts has to succeed. Or they're just plain stupid/incapable to begin with.

Dear meaamir,

We highly appreciate your comment on this matter.

Our Support Team has reported this fake site to our Legal Department. Please rest assured that all needed measurements will be taken in the nearest time possible, so the other users would never get scammed.

Pay attention that such scam schemes currently are very popular, thus we kindly ask you to be careful and use only this link to our official site:

Thank you for your cooperation.


Thanks for contacting, this shows your interest for betterment of blockchain world.
Well We have to guide people that there is no free stuff, so that we can eliminate greed factor from this financial system which already third previous ones

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