Our Online Store Accepts CRYPTO!

2년 전

Does anyone know if there is a website that lists all the online retailers that accept crypto currencies? I'd like to be added to that we can sell our products to a wider audience.

We just sold another shirt this week and the customer completed the checkout with Ethereum. COOL! Purchases can be made with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Steem!


  • Smoked Salt! YUM!
  • Garden Seeds For Spring
  • Smoke House Building Plans
  • Other stuff...

Check out some of our best selling smoked salt. It provides smoked flavor for anything you put it on. I especially love it on salads and fried eggs!


SALT LINK: https://anamericanhomestead.com/product/smoked-salt-maple-wood/

Garden Seeds

SEEDS LINK: https://anamericanhomestead.com/product-category/homestead-store/homestead-seeds/

All of our products are available for purchase with CRYPTO.
Again, if you know or an online repository where we can list our website among other sites that accept crypto, I would appreciate a comment below.

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Excellent news! So glad to see this! We just opened shop with the @homesteaderscoop, and you might want to become a vendor there too, just to have a broader reach. If you got approved as a vendors, you've just have to fill in the blanks and you'd be up and running.

I'll see you (online) later tonight!

That is good timing! I'm just working on another edition of the Steem Commerce Weekly Roundup post.

I will feature your site in the new edition as you now take STEEM.

Will be it be okay to include an image from your site for the feature?

Do you take SBD and STEEM or just STEEM?

Are you using WooCommerce? Which plugin are you using for the STEEM payments?

I haven't looked too deeply but I have not found an obvious or up to date site that lists businesses taking crypto payments.

Coinpayments.net is a useful starting point perhaps.


Yes, we use coinpayments.net to process the transactions with a wordpress plugin. It works pretty good. We've had a number of crypto sales since we started using it last year. The site takes Bitcoin, ETH and Steem. Not SBD. And yes, WooCommerce. Let me know when you post it so I can share!

Sweet deal...haven't you been accepting it for a while now?