Big sell on Bitshares exchange!3500 BTC!

3년 전

Someone put order to sell 126 million of Bitshares,worth around of 3522 Bitcoin!The big sell of has started.I guess the best thing to do is to sell your holdings.This guy (or guys) probably know what they are doing.Maybe someone tip them or they have some insights on what will happen in near future.probably big crash.
I don't have much,sold most of it when BTS was around 4000 satoshi.I guess it's a good time to sell.


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It's easy for everyone to pull out. Personally, I feel like the hodl will bring rewards sure enough.


True.But what if BTS gets back to his regular price of 1000 satoshi or less?If you sell now,you can buy 3 times more of BTS when it crashes big.This 126 million of BTS could turn in 356 million easy.


Personally. I feel alot safer staying invested, with the knowledge that it will bounce back. Everyone feeling g defeated... Will cause that panic to spread.

That is a margin call. It is forced, not voluntary.