New site that fills your wallets with free cryptocurrencies every single day!!Sign me up!

3년 전

Hi Steemers!Check this site out!They give 21 free crypto coins every day!
look at the screenshot:

It sounds to good to be true,but it is true.
Im not sure how this site model works,and how are they making money,but free crypto is free crypto. :)
Here is one question copied from their FAQ:
Q:"How do you make money and how can you give away coins for free?"

A: "We realize that our business model isn't immediately apparent if you look at the website right now. However, rest assured that we have a comprehensive business plan."

They require only valid email address to sign up,so go ahead and collect your free coins,i did! :D


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hey Mirda, Such a bizarre concept that it has to be looked into. I have just opened they link and saved it to look at later. When did you sign up and has everything been OK? Cheers J


You can sign up,no problem.I searched all the site,and i could not find out how they are making money.I could not find deposit address,to deposit coins and earn percentage,nothing.They just give free coins,that's all i know.
Interesting site. :)

Thank you for this info. Joy