BTG ~ Bitcoin GOLD ~ Game Changer or just another AltCoin???

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Which Bitcoin will emerge as the KING BITCOIN???

I like Bitcoin Gold! This Chart Re- Enforces that..

What Bitcoin do YOU like???

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BITCOIN GOLD(BTG) : GdywZ6ysBNxYcoy8pdd6trQA7sJ5TyN1RX

BITCOIN(BTC) : 15UGyv2WnvRbVwNamfGt4VebgLGfPzPm2T

EOS Token(EOS)/OmiseGo(OMG)/Ethereum(ETH)/ SALT Token(SALT) : 0x7C121a514539cac3773A515e9da619869E7e3C2b

LiteCoin(LTC) : LaDV2jw1TCxbnaTYWpc9ibErHKEUXHc2XT

BitCoin Cash(BCH) : 1AEWo7P8UYagJ8gfrjDVx8ousK8GfvCDVv

DASH : XsuCizcJDSN4GzjtR5srGWd1ma7d7nWmW3


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Bitcoin is the real Bitcoin! Bitcoin Gold is just a fork wherefore I can't find another use case than as insurance on BTC. When something bad happens to BTC because of mining centralization, BTG could take its place.

I believe in markets and since the market values 1 to 2 percent of the total value to BTG I think the market expects that there is only 1 or 2 percent chance that this will happen.

Even in case of extreme miner centralization I think the chance that the code for another mining algorithm get forked into BTC is way bigger than the chance that BTG takes over.

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Bitcoin gold :)

bitcoine to the Moon and Beyond.great news.
the is the best treading is very good for us.
Yes am very happy because this is the first Good news I got this year..
I just hope this year is filled with so many good news
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cryptosare future

BTG just another alt that people will get confused with BTC!

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