Bitcoin, Deeponion and blockchain. My thoughts on that.

5년 전

In the beginning it was Bitcoin.
Everyone talked about it. Everyone wrote about it. Everyone knows him. The cryptocurrency that allows you to make economic transactions without going through bank intermediaries has immediately divided those who knew her in two factions: enthusiasts and detractors. And the latter are more.
Bitcoin does not enjoy a great reputation. Doubts have been advanced on who uses it, on the goods that can be bought with the coin (all, even illegal).

Yet the technology that allows its use is lighting up the enthusiasm of many in recent months. The protocol is called Blockchain.

But Bitcoin and Blockchain are not two different things. Many indeed use the two terms as synonyms. The enthusiasm that broke out in recent times is due to the fact that it has been discovered that the Blockchain has a range of applications that are basically infinite. It can allow any person, or group of people, to collaborate, to establish working, professional, contractual relationships, without having to appeal to a central authority that sanctions its validity. Imagine what Bitcoin does for payments of goods and services. Only the Blockchain can be applied to everything that needs a relationship, an exchange, to be guaranteed. I noticed. Institutions. Art experts. Intellectual property. Political elections. In short, everything that has to do with man in his relationships with other men.

But Bitcoin is now "history". I don't mean it's dead, but that it MADE history, and from history new technology are being born everyday.

Deeponion is one of those technology. It took up what bitcoin left unfinished.
What is that, you ask? SImple: the speed, the scalability, the smartcontract, the privacy, the anonymosity, the usability and the possibility of doing something more than being a simple mean of payments.

The new Deeponion coin is based on the TOR network (the "stuff" that makes the deepweb!), and this allows for the coin to be really anonymous. And i mean 100% untraceable, once the DeepSend features is integrated into the deeponion wallet.
This coin will soon support the use of smartcontracts on its blockchain, something that Ethereum does, but bitcoin does not.
And this coin is not just a coin. It has, for example, the DeepVault, a feature that allow people to validate and "set in stone" (or set in the blockchain lol) a file, to let it be unaltarable forever.

Many cool things will come along the new DeepOnion coin; we just have to hold and wait for 2018 :D

disclaimer: this is not a financial advice, i am not a fiancial adviser. invest at your own risk

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