Mining DeepOnion coins: is it profitable ?

5년 전

In 2017, mining Bitcoin has become very complex, so in most cases it is not convenient. But there are still better and more effective ways to invest in Bitcoin or in the crypto market .

One of the good alternatives is the Deeponion coin.

Deeponion is a new coin that unlike bitcoin is very easy to mine, and has also many cool features. I could talk aout the deepvault, the deepsend, the tor network (all aspects of this new coin), but i will focus on one technical detail: how to create Deeponions.

One possibility is, as i mentioned, mining, but there is another way of obtaining onions: stake. Yes, because the deeponion coin is an hybrid coin: proof of work and proof of stake. Which it means that it can be mined AND staked.
Staking basically means that you leave your wallet connected to the internet and the coins in yyour wallet will slowly generate new coins. Something like automatic compound interests. Pretty cool, uh?

But let's focus on the mining aspect, which is a little bit more technical.

It is no coincidence that server farms were created specifically designed to mine DeepOnions 24 hours a day, and that many of them sell a mining share in the cloud.
To mine, in fact, it is necessary that the computer is always connected to the network, so there are considerable costs in the medium / long term.

If you want to mine, rememeber that you wil lget the maximum profit only if you fulfill these 2 aspects:

  • You live in a country where the cost of electricity is really minimal;
  • You can take advantage of the electricity generated by the solar panels, so you do not pay the cost of electricity.

But, if you compare Deeponion mining to the old Bitocin mining, right now mining Deeponion with your home pc is the best option.

disclaimer: i am not a financial adviser and this is not a financial advice. Invest at your own risk, i'm just writing as a hobby!

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