Should You Invest In Bitcoin Or Not?

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Should You Invest In Bitcoin Or Not?

Bitcoin is raising its value tremendously!


Bitcoin is in the highlight for the past seven years among other cryptocurrencies, going uptrend from zero to almost 2700$. I started using bitcoin in the mid of 2015 and price only ranges from $300 - $400, I stop for some reason and when I came back this year to check on its price I was surprised, If I only knew it will be this high, I could have hold my bitcoins for some time. Wasted thoughts, now I want to start new and not to think twice of investing again not only in bitcoin but also other cryptocurrencies.
Steem being my priority.

Accourding to the pioneer investor of Snapchat, Jeremy Liew and the CEO of Blockchain, Peter Smith, Bitcoin is not at its climax just yet. The two gave their projection for Bitcoin to raise up to $500,000.00 by 2030.

Will you wait or act now?
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Wow 500,000! Buy and Hold!!


I know right! ✊

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