Bitcoin (BTC) / Prizm (PZM)...2 different coins, 2 different odds...!!!

2개월 전

Dear steemian friends, after a price rally the correction came and now is the big opportunity to invest !!! Between the two cryptos, i prefer PRIZM !!!
The answer is because is doing miming inside my wallet and new coins are added to my wallet every time !!! This is amazing !!!

Moreover, the speed of transactions, the security and the potential to increase the production of new coins, is something unique and original !!!

Frankly, I have no immediate benefit whether you are engaged or not, and there are no commissions as in MLM companies .... PRIZM is even innovating here !!!
Download your prizm wallet for android from playstore, from here: Send me the address and the public key in my email: and I will send you 2 prizm to check out for free....!!!


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