bitcoin is so down-

6개월 전

Bitcoin (BTC)
$3,762.09 USD (-4.86%)
1.00000000 BTC (0.00%)

Some people say that BTC will continue to decline down to 2k.

this is very alarming at it will cause more panic on the investors.

the frequency status of the graph is so down.

the crypto world is so down because BTC has the big rule of the coins.

we all pray that BTC will recover and rise again with vengeance.


the steem coin is currently down also!!

with the price of Steem (STEEM)
$0.294050 USD (-8.73%)
0.00007810 BTC (-4.34%)

Steem Dollars (SBD)
$0.753228 USD (-5.98%)
0.00020003 BTC (-1.47%)

some say it's not time to get more investment in crypto.
it is not profitable anymore.
but I still believe in the cryptocurrency world that will change my financial aspect and growth.

let have cross finger on it

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Indeed the moment now is not fit to invest, but to be vigilant and just wait for the right moment to buy.


yes, i agree with you @discernente, it is very alarming. :-<


the calm before the storm is always alarming ... crypto is future . norway and sweden soon to go cashless , 90% of people pay with cards and internet ... mean crypto will be used even more and more... and yet the financial market crash is two minutes away ... cryptocurency will rise up like never before and then will hold ;)


for now, we will hold on our coins.. never to sell with the lower price... yes, crypto is the future of ecosystem on digital assets, blockchain makes more transactions easy and secure.


exactly ! lets not forget that is also anonymous transactions . In Norway all you earn is well known by the goverment and banks . People dont want goverment to just tax them higher and higher just because they earn more ...


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