btc is so down- investors goes panic.

8개월 전

Bitcoin (BTC)

$3,746.52 USD (-7.50%)

1.00000000 BTC (0.00%)

this figure will down into 2k probably end of November.

we all pray that BTC will go back on the right track

this is not good, this is not healthy with old investors.

but luckily on new investor due to the low price when investing.

Bad news all coins are down at the low price.

hence the price is low, its time to invest more in profitable coins

on the exchange site many buyers buying more coins in their digital wallet assets.

the system economy of the digital crypto world is trembling but the good news it has high pick buying status signals, ># new investors come in buying more stocks of crypto coins while the price is low.

Hope this will give you the idea.

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